Not that girl with the blonde hair
or the bright blue eyes
The girl people think they know
because I put up a disguise.

I got my front up
no one can hurt me now
I wanna be true to myself
but I wanna know how?

How can I be
what I'm feeling inside
when what everyone wants
is someone who dont cry.

How can I be
something I'm not
for all eternity
plus, give all I got?

I'm not gonna bend
I'm at the breaking point
Couldnt change anymore
I can't do it, ok?

I have to be
only what I am
be true and for real
like I know I can.

The one who sings
in the mirror every night
the girl who likes happiness
and doesnt like fights

The one who tries
the best she ever could
and to be the best person
she knows she should.

Just the girl with dark hair
dark eyes as could be
who I want everyone to know
is the real, true me.