Beauty surrounds
Spinning round and round.
High enough
To reach the sky.
Inject some more
Cure the undying pain.
Answered the desperate prayer.
Dreamt about
Dreams becoming reality.
The solution
Is for everyone to enjoy.
But illusions
Surely ain't enough.
Surely will destruct.
Pay a price
To get high.
Worthless happiness
Does not equal a life.
Time's up
Crash back into your own cruelty.

A/N: What you have just read was inspired by a book. It's called "Go Ask Alice", author anonymous. It's a diary of a drug-addict; very powerful, very scary, very real. I personally think my poem sucks; I wrote it when I was 13, and most of the stuff written by the 13-year-old me deserve to be placed in the trash can. But I truly believe in the things I said in this little poem. I only hope there are people out there who feel the same way.