Bad set

By Gabriel Ricard

I have to admit, this is a good idea. At least in my book. Sadly, it is not my idea. My English teacher gave it to me. Another end of it, came to me from a short film I saw on IFC involving a doll house. So, here is a combination of things. Let's hope they come together as they should.

"I guess I should be glad he's not trying to help," Elizabeth calmed herself down. There was no reason to get upset. She had just moved into this gorgeous new house with her son. To add to good fortunes, she had a fiancé who would be arriving at their new home tomorrow night. She wanted to have the house ready for him so she had to get back to work. She had decided to set up the living room first. She walked over to the TV, the only thing in the room unpacked besides the couch and a couple of chairs, and switched it on. She was glad to see there were several channels already available. This would keep her son Tom busy until she could finish unpacking.

"Tom, I have the TV working, do you want to come watch cartoons?"

The seven year old poked his head in the door, "No, I want you to play a board game with me."

'I can't honey," she put her hands on her waist then motioned towards the unopened boxes, "I've got all this stuff to unpack before Daddy gets home."

Tom's eyes widened then grew sharp, "He's not my Dad."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, she knew she had just made an error in judgment. "Tom, I'm not going to argue with you right now." She picked up her voice in hopes that it would sway her sons sudden mood, "Cartoons are on, do you wanna watch?"

"No, I hate it here. Why can't we go home?"

"Honey you know that can't happen right now. Please, just let me get some of this stuff unpacked and then I'll play any game you want to."

Tom growled loudly and seemed poised to kick the wall, but he did nothing, only pointing at his mother. "I hate you! You never do what I want to do. I hate this stupid house." He turned and ran from the doorway.

Elizabeth had made a weak effort to reach for him, but stopped when he began to run. Sighing, and lighting a cigarette, she reached into an open box and shifted things around, before finding an ashtray and placing it on top of the TV. No idea where to start she tried to ease the grim thoughts out of her mind and go back to attempting to relax.

Tommy kicked something at last, but it wasn't the doorway to the living room but the basement door. It flung open with his attack and her peered in. Trying to see through the darkness, he noticed a light switch next to the door and reached over, flicking it on. He was greeted with a dim glow, but it was enough to make it safe for exploring. He looked behind him to see if his mom was behind him before stepping slowly through the door.

Each step beneath seemed to be already on the verge of collapse, worsening with each step. He began to grow afraid one of the wooden steps would break under his fall. And he would be lost under a pile of rubble, unable to scream and he would never be found.

He made it to the concrete floor and took a deep breath. He was surprised to have made it down here alive. The basement wasn't as large as he had hoped, but there was still a lot to explore.

Reaching over to two stacked boxes, he opened the one at neck level and peered in, dismissing it's contents as he saw nothing but fishing gear. The box was too heavy to push away in favor of the next one so he moved on to another area.

He was in the process of trying to wrestle a taped up box open but stopped, his hand still absently digging at the ancient masking tape, he let go and wandered to the far end of the room. Tom brushed away the dust and abandoned spider webs and stared for a long time at the TV. It was about the same size as the one they had, except it's case was made out of wood and the buttons were on the right side. He liked the way it looked, much more than the other one. He didn't think it would work, if it was even plugged in but pressed his palm against POWER.

He breathed in sharply, surprised to be greeted by a dull flash and a exercise show. There was one woman, running from one end of the screen to the other and throwing one hand in the air, then the other, and repeating.

Elizabeth dropped the books while wondering why her TV had suddenly come on to a exercise show, leather-bound, expensive editions her fiancé collected, her entire body felt as if it wasn't there. She couldn't feel her arms, or legs. Her eyes widened as her legs began to move, slowly at first, beginning a light jog before she picked up speed and ran to the other side of the living room. Her arms sprung towards the ceiling, dropping down slightly, seeming to be prepared for a fight before the left arm shot back up, it came back down and the other one did the same. She continued to run around the living room, wanting to scream.

"This show's stupid," Tom muttered 'stupid' twice more before pressing up. "Wrestling!" he laughed and scooted himself even closer, realizing that no one was around to tell him to sit back. He was elated farther when he saw that it was one of his favorite wrestlers, Dr. Hogan putting the finishing moves on The Sadistic Sheik. Hogan whipped Sheik to the ropes, catching him with a clothesline as he came back. He watched, Hogan leaping into the air, preparing to drive his elbow upon the villain.

Elizabeth didn't feel the pain in her throat until she had crashed to the ground. It had happened too quickly to react properly. She didn't even consider trying to get up, she held her throat with both hands, softly, trying somehow to force air out of her body. She let out a scream when she felt a weight hit her face, she knew there was nothing with her in the room, but that didn't stop pain disappearing from her neck temporarily and covering her face. She realized that something actually was covering her face, tears barely acknowledged, she brushed the top of her forehead and saw blood across every finger. She didn't have time to give it any more thought, she felt a push on her body, briefly.

Tom grinned, he never doubted that Hogan would win. He wished he had found this earlier so he could have seen the entire match. Shrugging the regret off, he changed the channel again. A killer zombie movie? At this hour? He couldn't believe it. Usually he had to sneak out of his room late at night to be able to see movies like this. He watched, hoping his fear wouldn't force him to change the channel. The human, the only one alive it seemed, jumped out of a room and slammed the door. Shotgun poised to handle the oncoming chaos. Tom could tell dozens of zombies were going to try and tear that door down.

Elizabeth's legs straightened and brought her upright. She now felt herself crying because it had intensified, not from the pain but due to confusion. Her arms took on a position as well, they looked like they were holding something.

"Oh, is he going to die," Tom whispered. The zombies had broken through and were surrounding the lone survivor. he opened fire, putting two down but was forced against the wall before he could shoot anymore. The zombies wasted little time in their goal. The one closest to him bite into the side of his neck and tore out as much skin as he could. The others took to his neck and remaining arm. Tom watched and finally reacted, turning off the TV.

Elizabeth screamed again, she could see all around her with blurred, frantic eyes the blood and flesh which exploded off her body and fell against the walls and floor. She managed to stumble two steps forward and fell.

Tom thought his mom had just called him and used that as an excuse to go back upstairs. He was certain he'd come back down here later to explore the rest. He ran up the stairs, wanting to see his mom. Not even concerned about them as he had been earlier. He even remembered to turn the light off and shut the door. Though mostly doing that so as not to get yelled at later.

Coming into the living room, he stared, puzzled at the red stuff all over the walls. He looked all around and saw that mom was gone. He called her three times and began to feel his fear from the movie rising up again. He walked through the living room, still trying to determine what the red stuff was. He thought it was blood but couldn't imagine how it would have got there.

He smiled finding his mom standing in the kitchen. His smile disappeared, seeing the blood which ran down her body in several thin, continuous streams.

"Mom? What happened?"

Elizabeth didn't respond. She began to walk towards Tom.


A little silly I admit, but if I went with the other ending (Mom dies either way) it would have been even more so a rip off of other peoples ideas and I wanted to at least have something of my own in this. As bad as that might be. Thanks for reading, and be nice in reviewing, I am well aware this is a stupid story.