Blank Verse—Ophelia's Song

She tests the grim murky waters corners,

Relishing, Relaxing, Remembering,

The world is one large muddy black hole in

The ground, hands covered in grim reaching up,

Beckoning her to join their hollow bones,

She turns, in pain, horror, and disbelief,

And feels the power of her fated life,

She loves like the rest, and cries and does mourn,

But she must remain calm and cool, even

As the world that wraps itself around her

Shoulders continues to hurt and scorn her,

Ignoring the sounds of her weeping cry.

She slips her foot into the water twice,

Slowly moving deeper and deeper,

Her dress becomes heavy and soaken,

As she lowers her body into it.

Kissing the world goodbye, Ophelia's song,

Has been silenced for the final time.