One Drip

By: Nitedreamer (January 2, 2003)

Warning! Jacking off and wet dreams mentioned.~!

I waited impatiently at the bus stop. Rain was pouring down violently, the wind blowing ferociously, and the mud splattering on to my pants and shoes irritated me. Not only was the weather bad, a lot of people were waiting with me. That only meant one thing: the bus would be crowded.

Eventually, the bus came and we all crowded into the small bus. The only good thing was that the heater was on. By the time we arrived to Judah (it's a street), I managed to grab a seat. I started dozing off from boredom. My friend, Argin, already stepped off the bus, and John was spacing out. I glanced at him. He's boring..I'm me..

A few seats in front of me, a group of guys started a conversation that caught my ears. I started eavesdropping. Technically it's rude, but then again they are on public transportation.'s not wrong. Is it?

"Dreams…night…nasty…" were random words I heard. Eventually I concluded what they were talking about. Jacking off.

"What? Is it wrong to jack off in bed?" a guy with spiked hair exclaimed. I raised my eyebrow. Interesting.

"No, but man...doesn't it get messy?" another guy questioned. You know..that's right…I wonder too..

"eh? No man, it gets on me not the bed." The guy replied nonchalantly.

"What the fuck?! That is not fucking possible. Do you only have like..what…one drip? One drip?" a guy with highlighted blonds tips commented. Ehehhe…one drip. I could feel my lips curl into a giggle.

"No, not one drip.." the guy said in attempt to defend himself.

"How is it possible then? One drip." His friend snorted. Teehee. Molded, man. I was laughing uncontrollably inside.

"Well, at least I don't have wet dreams," the guy shot back, "How the fuck you get cum without touching yourself?" man..What a dumbass..Jeezus..Even females know why.

"Hey! At least I don't have drips..wait…no…one drip," his friend emphasized.

I just started giggling. I tried to stop, but drip…Just the mere thought of one drip brought another fit of giggles. The spiked hair guy continued to try to defend himself while his other friends mocked him. The situation was hopeless. As soon as they left, I could stifle my giggles no more. I just burst out roaring with laughter.

a/n: okay..was that entertaining? Or was my humor just wacked out? Lol. Yes I found that hilarious..blame my crazed brain. Tee hee.