Free Verse—Taffeta and Feather Boa's

Twirling, whirling,

Skipping, prancing,

Mirror Mirror on the wall—

Whose the fairest?

Me Me Me!

A little voice cries out.

She can't play,

Another one calls

Can too!

Mom! Tell her she can't play!

But she will. She always does.

Oh well, she's not that bad.

Dresses and hats,

Shoes too big for stubby little toes

Feathers are itchy,

But the dress always poufs out when it is twirled,

Mirror Mirror on the wall—

You said that already!

Mom! She's annoying me!

But she's not, not really.

It's nice to have someone to play with everyonce in a while.

I wish she just wouldn't keep trying on my boa!