Here's another bit from way back in 8th grade. 1998, man. I never thought then that I would've graduated now. *sigh* Oh well. Please review!

Owl, Owl

The Owl glides the night away,

Searching for his next victim, his prey

The Owl is strong, old and wise

His wisdom is from our own lowly eyes

The stranger in front of Owl cries,

"Tell me, Owl, what do you see?

Do you see visions of capturing me?"

"Sit down, stand up, stay where you are.

I see thee have traveled thus far.

I disappoint thee now for I do not see thee in my head.

I have seen your bride to whom you are wed.

She is who I see,

Not he who is staring up at me

Hath she not died

In the bed where she lied?

The spot where you wept?

The place where you slept?

Go to her that has yet to die

Go to her now, don't ask me why.

She is not sick, not sick in her bed

She is up and about, the one you love, the one you wed

Sleep comes to thee, good sir

Harm will not come to her."

Sleep came to him and the Owl flew.

I know not where, I say to you,

But somewhere he is watching down

On them, all those who cry

So, ask me no more.

I am the Owl; the Owl is I.