Bus Stop Drama

Yayzz! I wrote something original! It's so nice not having to write disclaimers!

It's a dark, cold, stormy night. The moon is full and the werewolves are closing in on a group of students. The bus finally pulls up to take a group of about twenty five kids on a long and drama filled journey that would eventually lead to their respective homes. This is a story about that journey.

I have the unfortunate curse of being on the last stop, so I have 1 ½ hours to take a nap after a long, 8 hour day. But it is made apparent that sleep will be a very hard thing to achieve after about five minutes. As the driver, Bob makes an effort to run over every single speed bump and pothole in the road, Dan jumps over five seats and lands on Nikki and starts pounding her.

Dan: You made Britney break up with me! * punch*

Nikki: I did not! * kick*

Dan: Yes you did! I saw you two going at it in the girl's bathroom!

Nikki: Then why didn't you do anything then?

Dan: You mean like join in?

Meanwhile, Bob starts one of his infamous rants, even though no one is listening. Bob: You know, everything is too violent! TV, radio, everything! At least you kids don't do that! (not realizing the irony of two freshmen beating the living crap out of each other in the backseat) And when he finally does look back.

Bob: Hey! KNOCK IT OFF! * stops the bus abruptly as Dan and Nikki go flying through the window shield, out onto the road. He then runs over them repeatedly * Bob: Problem solved! * keeps driving as the living are stunned into silence * Tod: * wakes up from his nap* How am I supposed to sleep when it's so dark and quiet?! Everyone: Shut up!

I finally loosen my death grip on the seat as the bus pulls up to my stop at 3:00 a.m. Only to pick me up again two hours later.