Autumn was on the stage of her school's auditorium. She was singing out to the people, her classmates. Sensing something wrong she turned to her left. She gasped. Standing three feet away from her was a black figure. The figure absorbed light and looked exactly like autumn. Taking a step back she sensed something else. Turning around quickly. She smiled. A white figure stood two feet from her. This figure emitted light and yet again looked exactly like autumn. Figuring this was light and dark, she walked towards the white figure only to see it step back. She was worried. Why would good back away from her. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She took another step foward. The white figure took a step back. Frightened tears fell from her eyes. She took a step back.

The black figure ran up to her. Autumn didn't even have a chance to turn around. The black figure jumped into her body. It's evil surged through her's. She couldn't think straight. All she new was she was now evil. No, she was Dark.

Looking down she saw her outfit had changed. Instead of her casual clothes she saw a tight black webbed dress. She gasped, but there was no sound to it. She was getting worried. Then the darkness consumed her mind. Now completly dark she laughed.

A power surged through her. She raised her hand to her face. Seeing black running through her veins. Dark pointed out to the crowd. A stream of black lightning came from her index finger. The lightning hit a male in the crowd. The male quickly died. Smirking Dark continued to kill. Each strike in tune with the forgotten music.

The number of death was increasing quickly when a white light shot through Dark's stomach. Dark turned around to see the white figure from early standing there. Smirking, she slowly dragged her hand across the wound. Black blood covering her hand. Slowly raising the bloody hand to her mouth. She flicked her tongue across the blood that settled on the tip of her index finger. Tasting it's sourness she smirked even further.

Turning the bloody hand towards the white figure she glared. A black stream of power came from the hand. It's intensity knocked the white figure to the floor. Dark smiled and turned to the frightened crowd. She needed energy.

Crossing her fingers Dark pointed with them to someone in the audiance. Immediately their heart came flying toward her. Dark licked up the hearts length before sending it whole down her throat. A blackness glowed around Dark. She aimed at someone in the crowd again. But this someone was Autumn's friend Sarah. Sarah's heart didn't come flying towards Dark.

Autumn was struggling inside the darkness. She saw Dark's target and wouldn't let her kill Sarah.

Dark felt the struggling in her and decided she needed to bring this person closer to her. Sarah was pulled out of her seat by some force. The force pulled her so she was standing infront of Dark.

Dark raised her arm and pointed at Sarah's chest. Focusing on the pumping heart inside. This is when it should have come out. But it didn't. Dark looked down at her arm to see Autumn's arm beside it. Transparent but still there. Dark jumped back a bit. This wasn't supposed to happen. She felt her and Autumn spliting.

Autumn was fighting with new found strength. She leaned forward. From the waist up she appeared. Transparent leaning out of Dark. Sarah was in shock. Autumn could see that. Autumn tried to get the rest of her free but found she couldn't.

Bright light filled her and pushed her out of Dark. Turning she saw the black figure laying on the ground and the white figure kneeling behind it. As much as she was glad she was free. Autumn was pissed off.

She pointed at the black figure. Red light coming from her finger. The light pushed the black figure back to where the white figure was. Walking towards them Autumn grabs each of them by the throat. Lifting them off the ground. Glaring at each of them she turned and slammed them down on to the stage.

Autumn focused on the power she felt. Pointing her palms to the ground she let the power flow. She walked between the two figures slowly. The red energy slowly discinigrating them. At last the heads disappeared. Autumn looked up slyly. Sarah was staring at her.

Autumn's arms crossed in an X then swiped down. She changed. She was wearing a long sleeved blood red dress. Rippling fabric dangled from her hand to the floor. A pair of blood red angel wings finished it. She was now the Red Angel.