A Visit
By Lexxie

Uh...hey. Did — did you miss me?
I know I usually come for your...um,
Your anniversary,
But I got to thinking how you'd probably
Yell at me for doing that.
So I'm gonna visit you on your birthday
From now on, 'kay?
That way, it'll seem happier — even though
It's still kinda sad for me...
But, anyway, I just wanted to tell you —
I'm rambling, aren't I? Heh — um,
Sorry, there...about rambling, I mean.

...Oh! Uh — flowers!
I brought you some, see?
And look — they're white.
White roses...you see, I remembered.
You liked them so much...remember
Carrie's wedding? Her bouquet —
All white roses. And you practically
Mowed down her cousins to catch the
Thing when she tossed it...and your skirt
Flew up in the air, and you toppled forward
And I had to catch you to keep you
From falling into the buffet table. Heh...
That was fun. And then that night
We danced every dance until
You got tired of me stepping on your
Toes. So we sat down and talked...
Oh, sorry. There I go again. Rambling.

I'll just...I'll just leave them here.
I'll find a rock, or something, so
They won't fly away, all right?

So, um...well, I've been doing just...
Just fine. Yeah, and I, uh, got a job
Now, and I got a new place. I may even
Get a dog soon, once I have a talk with
The landlord. So, yeah...I'm doing
Pretty good. All things considered...

Well, so...that's about it for me.
Nothing too exciting — but then,
I've never been that exciting, haven't I?
Yeah, I can just see you shaking your
Head, like you do. Heh — nope, not me.
I'm just a regular Joe Shmoe. But
Anyway...sorry about not having anything
New to...um...talk about. You must get
Tired, hearing the same thing from me
Year after year. Oh, I know you'd never
Say so, but...I wish — I just wish...
Never mind.

So I guess...I guess it's time for me to go
Now, huh? It's starting to rain a little, and,
Well, my flight's at ten. So, um, well —
Good-bye. Again. I'll...I'll see you next year,
Okay? And...and I'll bring you flowers again.
They'll be white roses, like always. Don't worry,
I could never forget that...
Well, so, I'm just gonna — gonna go...

I'll miss you, okay? Please — please
Don't forget me, all right...?

Okay — um...well, good-bye.
I...I love you.
...Happy — happy birthday.