January 5, 2003

If you need a shoulder to cry on
Or when darkness is all that you see
When the silence is scary
And shadows are near
Don't fear, just call for me

If it's money or presents you need
Or smiles and warmth that you seek
When no one will listen
And no one will speak
Don't worry, you're safe here with me

If the whole world is turned upside down
Or if you're finally tired of the fight
When nothing is worth it
And no one is left
Don't lose faith, in me, you'll find light

I promise, it'll all be alright

I still have some qualms about this one~ it seems finished enough, but it strayed a lot from my original purpose. I suppose I should be grateful enough that I was even able to complete it though, this writer's block is getting bad.

If you read this far, please PLEASE review it and tell me if this seems complete- I really wanted to go into a whole nother issue after the second stanza, and I'm wondering whether or not I should rewrite it.

Thank you! I hope you guys had a great holiday season/may this year be a good one. ^_^