A long time ago, ages before Earth was ever named two worlds exsisted on one plain. The God of this particular plain, Allah was the Gods' name divded and created two world that could live together in harmony. She named on Rune and gave the First people the gifts of magic and sorcery, but at a price. The price that each person who was given this gift would not be given permission to teach it to nobody else. For Allah gave this gift to people who were pure of heart did not have any evil in them. To the other world, which she named Avima she gave the gifts of soul seeing and taming of wild creature, but Allah gave Avima a curse, she placed good creatures and people, but a lot of them she crested were evil, so evil that she created an invisible barrier, a gate making Avima invisible and prevented the evil creatures from entering, Allah also gave them the gift of magic but to people who would be worthy of having such a powerful gift and would not abuse the power given to them.

In Rune, the people who were given the Gift of magic were very intelligent people. Thet specialized in many different things. Magicians and Sorceresses had the ability to heal, to speak numerous languages and they had hey ability to create anything they wished. They were very wise people who lived on an island and studied the Book of Allah, which is the book of myths and rules that Allah had left for them. You see, in order for the magicians and sorceresses to create something it would first appear in Avima and then they had to give it a name in order to appear in Rune, and the language in which Allah wrote this book was very ancient and so they relied on guesses and their wisdon of what Allah had given them.

Amongst these magicians, sorceresses, healers and protectors there lived a powerful wizard, but did not know Allah had given him. For Allah had a plan for this young man, ones that would either destroy both worlds or restore peace in the invisible world. The young man's name was Rain and he lived in a little house near the Isle of Magic as it was called then. He lived alone in peace and since his parents died when he was a little boy, he relied on what his mother and father were able to teach him before their souls left him in Rune. After the death of his parents he was found by an old kind man with infinite patience. His name was Nataku and he was one of the most powerful magicans ever. He felt sorry for the boy and took him in. The only mistake that Nataku ever made was break the sacred law of Allah. He started teaching the boy magic, even though Rain possessed magic himself yet did not know it, Nataku saw that he had that little grren liquid living deep in his soul. The gift of magic. The other magicians disagreed with this but since Nataku was the higest magician ever, they kept quiet, hoping that Allah would punish him. What they didn't know was tht Nataku was Allah's messenge and was instucted by Allah to teach the boy.

Years passed by quickly and since Rain was a fast learner he learn everything that Nataku could possibly teach him, plus more he learned through the Book of Allah, you see for some strange reson he had the ability to read and understand the ancient language of Allah. It wasn't long before Nataku realized he was growing old and Allagh had other plans for the old man, or so Allah told him so he knew it wouldn't be long before Allah moved him elsewhere. Rain was a tad bit disappointed after hearing this but he knew that nothing could be done, Allah word was command.

"Do you know when?" Rain asked curiously one day while they were both practising some healing and barrier techniques.

"Very soon, perhaps in a week or so perhaps the next moon," Was the simple answer. Rain didn't like it at all, but respected the answer. The next moon was tomorrow. Rain was a kind young man of sixteen when his only friend left him, so that very night he decided to give the old man a gift before his departure. He set out to give him a pet to keep him company. By that time Rain had become wice as powerful as Nataku but he always held back, for Rain was afraid that he might make a mistake that might alter the peace of Avima and Rune. So that night he made sure that Nataku was asleep and set out to create a pet for his friend. first he created the body giving it a magnificent coat of gold feathers which were very long at the end of the tail. Then Rain gave it a gift, becasue every creature in Rune has a gift of it's own.

"I think the gift of song and fire should be worthy of such a magnificent creature" The young man whispered to himself as he brushed away some of his wispy blue-black hair away from his face. His black eyes concentrated on the task at hand and he added another part to the magnificent creature. Rain then whispered the word in Allah's ancient tongue and it disappeared. The next step was finding it a name worthy and suitable for the creature that he just created.

"Phoenix" He whispered after an hour or so later. Almost instantly a bright light and the creature, now known as Phoenix, surrounded him. It appeared from Avima and into his arms. A little stunned at first that his creation actually worked and the phoenix began to make a purring noise.

"You're the perfect companion," He said as he stoked the creatures' back with his fingers.

As he dreaded, morning came and Nataku was awake and alert. Allah had given him a message through a dreamland they talked.

/As much I hate to disappoint Rain I must return to Allah/ He thought as he made his way to the door.

As Nataku was about to open the door, Rain beat him to it and knocked politely, the phoenix looking at him with bright red eyes. Nataku was surprised to see the young man at the door at such an early hour but smiled anyway, Rain quickly looked at him and tried to hold back the sadness that wanted to come out into the open. He quietly handed the phoenix to the stunned old man, who looked at it, making him even more surprised than he already was.

"I had a feeling you would be leaving today" Rain said sadly. "But I wish you well and may you always be protected by Allah and this Phoenix"

"Thank you for giving me such a magnificent creature for a companion, you have no idea how much this means to me" Nataku then embraced his friend and the phoenix gracefully flew on Nataku's shoulder. Rain then had his final breakfast with his old friendand he then saw that he was on his way. Although he was sad, he knew that Allah had a purpose for the kind ol man and respected it.

* * * * * * *

A while passed since Nataku's departure and Rain was feeling lonely, so one day he decided to create a companion of his own. Since for a long while he was all alone and sad that he lost his only friend and that he had almost completed his studies he decided to make himself a fellow person to whom he could pass his knowledge onto. Rain prepared himself just as he did before, but this time for some strange reason, he felt different and very nervous. While he was saying th magic spell required, he started trembling and made a mistake in saying a word. When a spell is said wrong, or incorrectly something bad always appears from that what was supposed to be good.

Rain tried to reverse what he had just said but it was too late. The magician was surrounded in a light so bright that he felt pain all over. Try as he might Rain couldn't move and he had to watch in horror as what he summoned up ripped a hole in thin air and the creature that Rain had summoned up stepped out...

The creature stepped out and the force, which pushed up against Rain, was overwhelming and the young man was pushed against a wall. It hurt a lot and Rain winced in pain as he stared at the creature he had created for the first time. The creature was tall and had pale white skin, with blue-black hair, and black wings spread from his back. The creature smiled evilly, revealing sharp pointy teeth that looked as though they could bite through anything. Then Rain realized and was scared at what he created...the name popped into his head, as though the creature was in his mind. The creature was a Vampyre, and they preyed on humans.

/You finally accept and realize what I am/ The low male voice echoed in Rains' head. /I thank you for creating me. It is true that I am a Vampyre, a human eater, the only one of my kind and all thanks to you/

"No...What have I done?" Rain whispered to himself, trying to keep his body from trembling. The Vampyre was coming towards him. Closer and closer he strode. Rain could not help but stare into his cold black eyes. Again Rain felt himself unable to move. The Vampyre attacked and try as he might, Rain could not evade the creature that was upon him in a flash. Rain's mind raced, but although he was petrified at what was happening to him, one question kept appearing amongst his thoughts.

/Heh, first time being attacked by a Vampyre and you wish to know my true name?/ The Vampyre taunted as he scarred Rain's face. /That you'll have to figure out for yourself/ Once that was said the Vampyre disappeared leaving Rain all beaten and in pain. His face had several wounds on one side, and his eyes wouldn't stay open. Rain gathered up what little strength he possessed and got up. All he wanted was a companion; he was one of the most powerful magicians in all of Rune. How could he have made mistake that people of his intelligence would never make in their entire lives?

Rain walked out of the spell room and walked to the Healers' ward, for he didn't have enough strength to heal himself, because the wounds, which the Vampyre inflicted upon him, were getting worse. Each step he took was agonizing and gave Rain a lot of pain. He just opened the gate between both worlds, now every creature unimaginable could escape and put everyone in danger. It was entirely his fault. As he made his way to the Healers' ward, a sorceress spotted him just as he was about to pass out and carried him there using a simple carrying spell.

"Do not will be fine," She said to him softly. Then everything went dark.

* * * * * * * *

Rain woke up to see the sight of a healer placing some herbs on his wounds. He winced, and moved all of his hair that was in his face.

"So you're finally awake," A smooth feminine voice said. Rain tried to get up but he couldn't.

"Where am I?" Rain asked weakly; he felt dizzy from trying to get up. He looked around and the healer was occupying herself with the wound on his face.

"You're at the Healer's ward. You've been here for the past month." Rain stared at her open mouthed.

"A month?" Rain repeated and the healer nodded. He tried once again to get up out of bed but his efforts were in vain. The healer looked at him, her chestnut eyes looking contemplative. She then turned her back on him and went to one of the cupboards, opened it and placed the herbs that she had used on Rain back into it. Rain laid back and stared at the ceiling for some time before the healer broke the silence.

"Over the last month, creatures from Avima have been set free and are now in Rune," She said gravely and Rain turned his gaze over to her, "Some so horrible that evil is spreading and the balance is now in favour of darkness." Rain lowered his head and pictured all the horrors that she mentioned and felt distraught.

She looked at him sadly, her chestnut eyes full of pity and regret at what she had just told him. Rain was trying not reveal any emotions, despite the mixed ones that he felt all at once. The Healer, whose name was Jannina just looked at him, not knowing what else to say. Another long silent moment followed.

Rain then got out of his bed and held onto the bed post and looked at the young Healer in the eye and whispered "What about the Nameless creature, the Vampyre?"

"The scars on your face will not heal, they have been marked with the Dark Blood, as with the other wounds that have been inflicted on you. That creature that you created, only you must destroy. Find his true name, and close the gate," Jannina said hopefully.

Jannina approached the young mage and touched Rains' warm forehead. Rain closed his eyes and saw a pool of violet, which was the colour of Jannina's magic, enter him and slowly ease of all his pain. He then tried to help her, because he knew how strenuous it could be to use magic. He grabbed some of his magic and mixed it with hers, giving her more strength. Moments later he felt better, with much more strength and with knowing he helped someone after his past error. He thanked Jannina and left.

/I will go and find this Vampyre and will destroy it/ He thought as he packed his things and left for his journey.

Time passed by so quickly for Rain. He traveled to many lands but could not find the Name of the Vampyre or the Vampyre himself and he had been searching for months. Poor Rain was exhausted and was about to give up. He had been traveling alone and looked like a vagabond. It was a beautiful sunny day, but Rain was in deep thought so he didn't notice at all.

"Oh Allah, please give me a guide or a path into where the Vampyre lies. Please," He begged to the heavens. A silent reply was returned from Rains' plea. He sighed and continued walking along, hoping to find something that would lead him to the Vampyre so he could undo what he had released.

Nighttime fell and Rain thought that it would be a good time to find a little inn and rest for the night. He stopped at the nearest village. It was a little one, not too rich and not too poor, and the inn was comfortable, just as Rain wanted. He had a quick dinner and had some ale to drink while he talked to some friendly villagers, then he paid the owner and was on his way to put his belongings in his room.

"One should greet everybody in the room, so that if one of them is an old friend you would know it," A familiar voice said behind him.

Rain took one look around and saw was surprised at who it was. It was Nataku, his old friend! Instantly he wet up to him and embraced him. "It has been a while, how is the phoenix old friend?" Rain said and walked with Nataku to his room.

"The phoenix has made a great companion for a person such as myself. Rain, you must listen me because I do not have too much time." Rain nodded and Nataku continued, "Allah sent me here to guide you. He heard your prayer and saw how hard you had been trying to find the Vampyre."

Rain nodded. He could see that Nataku knew what his intentions were when he made the spell. Rain looked at him expectantly, waiting for Nataku to show him where he could find the Vampyre.

/I am to show you images of where you are to go, because Allah forbade it for me to be a direct guide. You have to do that on your own/

Rain nodded and at once images entered his mind. He saw various places around Rune and he felt as if he was flying through, when really it was his mind that was traveling temporarily. After a while, the images stopped at a place that Rain recognized almost immediately.

"The city of the night," Rain whispered, "Is the place where the gate was opened?"

/Yes/ Was the short reply in his mind

Rain opened his eyes in shock, all the creatures were there; they had destroyed everything and turned the quite City of Night into an evil place. Rain clenched his fist and turned to Nataku. The old magician noticed that his eyes were filled with pain but a small hint of determination was within them.

"Tomorrow I leave for the City of Night, and I will follow the trail which Allah has told me to follow," Rain said to Nataku who was looking at the stars through the small window and nodded. Nataku turned and said a few words in the ancient language and in the palm of his hand was an odd looking creature, which was very small. She had wings and long shiny black hair with a flower on it. The little creature glowed a crimson colour.

Rain was stunned at seeing such a small person; especially ones that had wings. Nataku nudged the little creature and grudgingly she flew over to Rain and sat on his shoulder. Rain was a bit stunned but smile at her while she looked away.

"Her name is Alanna and she is one of the Good creatures that came from Avima. She will come with you on this journey," Nataku said. "She might seem reluctant at first but give her some time and she'll be friendly and helpful because she possess magic as well."

Before Rain had a chance to ask any more questions, Nataku whispered goodbye and disappeared.

Rain sighed heavily and Alanna flew from his shoulder to the windowsill. He went to her, patted her little head, crawled into bed and in moments he was fast asleep. The next morning was a dark one; Rain woke up early to find it raining. He gently woke Alanna up and she flew over to his shoulder. Once Rain stepped outside, he discovered that it was too windy, so he figured that a storm was coming on. He said some quick words in the ancient language and created a barrier that would protect both of them from the storm. They then set out.

* * * * * * * *

It was quite a long time before the two companions made their way to the City of the Night. They had become friends quite quickly and since the journey was long and boring, they had a lot to talk about. Alanna was an interesting little creature that enjoyed having debates about history and Allah and the way the world works. It wasn't long on that particular day that the happened to meet the end of their journey, or the beginning of it rather. The two companions looked on that what was to come.

The Vampyre was watching them, not far away and smiled evilly. He then looked around his surroundings. There were creatures big and small of everything imaginable floating, flying or walking around. He then smiled as a plan was formulating itself in his evil mind.

/This is perfect/ The Vampyre thought to himself before calling on a few of the creatures and sending them out with orders to follow

The two companions had just passed the gate into the dark city when a bunch of flying creatures attacked them both. Rain and Alanna were able to evade their first attack but the second one they weren't as lucky. The creatures had flying and ice abilities, so Rain was required to make a quick shield that was strong enough to defend. Rain quickly brushed some stands of hair away from his face; Alanna was watching at the creatures, expecting them to make a mistake of some sort. The creatures continued sending ice blasts. Rain decided it was enough. He and Alanna looked at each other and as if they read each other's minds. They closed their eyes in unison and looked within themselves for the pool of magic and combined green with red and unleashed it at the creatures.

Some of the creatures vanished instantly but there were still a lot of them attacking. Alanna started to make a squeaking noise in her language, which only Rain understood. Rain nodded and smiled wryly. The magic blasts and the shield was draining a lot of his energy and Alanna knew he needed to keep his strength in order to defeat the Vampyre, so the little Fairy dove out of the shield and the glow around her brightened and Rain felt a tremendous force of power all around. The creatures were not used to such light, it paralyzed them and so it turned all the creatures around into dust. Rain stood there, his mouth wide open, and saw that the little fairy had fallen to the ground. Rain disabled the shield and ran as fast as he could to where his friend had fallen. She was very weak and her magic was disappearing fast. Alanna grinned weakly.

/I had to do something/ The tiny voice said in his mind. /I couldn't let one of my friends get hurt so easily. Defeat the Vampyre and I can return to Allah in peace/ With that said, she used the last of her strength and gave Rain a tiny kiss on the cheek then disappeared in his hands. Rain was sad at the loss of his friend, but he put all sorrow and sadness away and walked through the City of The Night where standing on the top, the Vampyre stood looking at him with an evil smirk.

The Vampyre then flew down to where Rain was standing. Anger filled his every thought, because this was his fault, and now he saw the tear through thin air and the creatures that were coming out. The evil was spreading quickly so that didn't give Rain enough time to defeat what he had created. The Vampyre landed not far from Rains' face and smiled.

"It will be a pleasure defeating an enemy that has been searching for me all this time," He whispered. Rain looked at him with hatred.

"I will defeat you" Rain said each word slowly, clenching his fists tightly. /If I only knew his name.../ He thought to himself.

The Vampyre smiled, flashing his white pointy teeth at the young Mage. The Vampyre had read his mind. Then without warning he attacked, and threw Rain on the ground, Rain tried to counter attack but was unable to, the Vampyre had stopped his attacks, and returned then to Rain. Rain got up quickly and tried a number of attacks, all to be returned back to him. He fell to the ground, barely able to move. He had almost used all of his strength. The Vampyre walked over to him and placed his foot on his chest, all the time smiling.

/Your end is near, and I will comply with your final whish, you know...My True Name?/ Rain coughed hoarsely, he couldn't breathe, all he could do is stare at the Vampyre's cold eyes.

/Truth of the matter is, I have no name. I am nameless, but I'm a Vampyre and it was nice defeating you, you have put a big smile on my face./ Rain gasped in shock at the realization of what the Vampyre had said.

/Nameless.../ Rain thought as he realized something. The Vampyre was taking some steps back, preparing for the final attack. Or so he thought. Rain used a quick healing spell on all of his serious wounds, giving him some strength, or enough for his plan. He got up quickly and used another spell to teleport Rain to be right behind the Vampyre. He then grabbed him and used a lock spell to keep him from moving anywhere.

"You are Nanashi," Rain said weakly. Then he looked at the sky, raised his arms in the air while Nanashi stared, trying to frantically escape from the lock spell. Rain then started to chant in the ancient language. He said every word with confidence and with all the skill that Nataku had taught him. The Vampyre started to scream as Rain said every word. The sky was filled with a bright beam that hone down on Nanashi and after a long while it disappeared along with all the creatures and Nanashi himself. Rain was left alone.

Rain felt so weak all of a sudden that he fell to the ground. He had finally closed the gate and destroyed all the creatures that escaped from Avima and he swore that the gate wouldn't be opened again unless it was Allah herself that opened it. His journey was over, and he had finally fixed what he had done. He stared at the bright stars that filled the sky and smiled. Then he fell asleep.

* * * * * * * *

When Rain woke up he found himself in a different surroundings, and that an unfamiliar person was smiling down at him. The woman had long hair that seemed to have no end; she had blue eyes that sparkled and a long dress. He felt different, so at once his hand flew to his cheek where all the unhealed scars were gone. Rain almost jumped for joy and was then greeted by his old friend, Nataku and his companion, the Phoenix who was perched on his shoulder. Rain got up and embraced Nataku but there were many questions he wanted to ask, but decided to wait. The woman smiled and touched his shoulder in a motherly manner.

/Every question has an answer and you will receive yours soon/ She said in a smooth voice. With that said she touched his head and he was filled with so much knowledge and realization that he could not help but gasp.

"Allah..." He whispered, and both Nataku and Allah nodded. Rain was speechless.

/You are quick. I know I put you through a lot and I apologize for it but you were destined for this journey and now it is over/ Allah said embracing him. /You have made me proud and because you prevailed in your quest, you have been rewarded/

Rain was confused for a moment before he spoke up. "Oh Great Allah, I do not deserve a reward," He said with a bow. Allah nodded her head.

"You have been made guardian of Avima. In other words, you have been made immortal. Allah has also given you something else," Nataku said pointing behind him. He turned around and noticed Alanna flying there with a big smile on her face. Rain was really happy and embraced the young fairy. Allah then said her goodbye and sent him to Avima, to watch over and balance the world with Alanna, making sure that Vampyres were not to be evil creatures again. He also kept the gate between both worlds guarded and as all great stories end...

They lived Happily Ever After.