A place of great bliss, Is a place that I miss. It's full of my music, A great place to lose it!

Everyday there would be a concert, Where everyone would hang with the pervert. People would climb above and crowd surf, And one guy on stage would look like a smurf.

The mosh would be roaring with fun, But we all would know it had just begun. People would punch and kick. And others would get really sick.

As the concert would be in full swing, No other joins but Martin Luther King! He gets up on stage and would scream, "Guess what you guys, I had a dream!"

The people would rage on till the bands end, They would all go and find their best friend. They would go home with sweat down their cheek, As the groups ramble home they see people streak.

They would smile and walk, as nothing was wrong, They would stroll to their bedroom, where they belong. They would curl in the bed sheets of satin weave, And think of whom would be performing next eve.