Mel closed her eyes and breathed in the heavy pine scent of the trees. Keeping her eyes closed, she continued to breathe in and out, calming herself down and meditating on nothing. When she opened her eyes, she found herself staring back in the mirror. Her breath caught as she felt a smile form on her face. The dress she wore was perfect for this late spring/early summer wedding. Her long, black hair had been cut away for a more mature look, and it suited her well. It was now stylishly swept back, behind her ears. She turned her head slightly, allowing herself the pleasure of seeing how her necklace and earrings glittered brightly in the light.

The door behind her opened and shut quietly. She knew even before fully turning around who it was. The smile on her face grew even wider as she saw her best friend coming closer. "Is everything set?"

"Of course. You guys planned this out perfectly."

She laughed. "Just because it's all planned perfectly doesn't mean it will go that way."

"Don't worry about it, Mel. It's time your dreams came true. Everything will turn out wonderful, you'll see."

"I hope so, Brenda."

"Stop doubting it. After all you've gone through in the past with that no good excuse of a man Richard, you deserve and have definitely earned the best. Don has been the best thing to come into your life."

"Besides you," Mel teased.

"Of course." The two laughed a bit. "Now come on. We don't want you to be late. Let's get this veil on you."

Mel's best friend and bridesmaid Brenda came to where she sat in front of the mirror to help her pin the headpiece to her head. The two stared back into the mirror and smiled, Brenda giving her friend a hug before dragging her out of the chair. The two walked over to the entranceway to the rustic church set inside Yosemite's boundaries.

As the procession began to make its way inside, accompanied by the music of an old organ, Mel once again closed her eyes to relax and reflect. Today was perfect indeed. Gathered inside that small church were her dearest friends and family, all of whom supported this long awaited marriage. Standing there, she felt the forest vibrate with Energy and harmony, a wonderful look as to what life had been like long time ago and what she herself hoped to help restore.

Her father signaled her that it was time and slowly, the two made their way down the aisle. Bending over, she kissed her father's cheek and squeezed his hand before going up the final step to halt beside Don. She smiled nervously at Don but soon found comfort. Mel's nerves were calmed as she found herself being drawn in by the tender affection in his eyes. Glancing up at the priest, she saw the man smile gently down at her, relaxing her even more.

The priest's soothing voice washed over the small crowd before him, going through the necessary rituals and rites to officially declare the two a married couple. Mel's heart stirred happily, and she felt herself becoming complete as Don slipped the thin band of gold around her finger. As Don gently raised her veil to allow him access to her face, Mel couldn't help but smile. This was how things should be. There was nothing to hide from anymore, nothing to haunt her as she tipped her head up for a sweet kiss. Mel had found her bit of happiness in this otherwise crazy world and she was determined to keep things that way.