A Rurouni's Breakfast

Random Quotes from the Anime- Translated by Mooky and his Jedi friend Yoda

"You do not eat Lucky Charms cereal! You dishonour family! You are shunned forever!"- Ano's grandfather, ep. 1

"You are no more than barn hill scum!"- Ano's grandfather, ep. 1

"The path is set... Now I must walk it."- Ano Mireuchi, ep. 1

"Do not forget it to eat... RAISIN BRA-A-A-AN!"- Ano's mother, ep. 1

"If you do not walk on the path, it will walk on you."- Ano Mireuchi, ep. 2

"The town is now in progress... Keep step of way, for without it you will never again encounter that spiritual solitude without which nobody can live without. Thus they say. And do not refuse CHEERIOS or FRUIT LOOPS, for that is your path!"- Local wiseman, ep. 2

"Eeeeeeck... Mumble... Chooooobit..."- Monk, ep. 2

"I shall fight with mighty and true battle!"- Ano, ep. 2

"I shall fight with cereal bloxes!" -Monk, ep. 3

"Ano... You cannot forsooth slay thy monk..."- Anabelle, ep. 3


"Geeef me yer money..."- Toothless bald guy, ep. 4

"You shall hear the bells ring with my attack of CORN POP cereal!"- Monk, ep. 4

"You are inexpensive fighter!"- Ano, ep. 4

"You shall die without hearing the pearly white gates of that place!"- Monk, ep. 4

"This corrupted shell is no more use to me than a five of teeth!"- Ano over the monk's body, ep. 4

"The fan has opened widespreadth a hundredfold... I must follow the wind it will take me there, or I will surely never meet those people around the bend of horizon."- Ano to Anabelle, end of ep. 4

"Ahh! The sun! Tis a nobility served only to those awake enough to see it!"- Ano, almost coherent, ep. 5

"Fall is bad!"-Ano to girl, ep. 5

"GYAAAAAAAAAAH!"- Ano at the sight of girl's FROSTED SHREDDIES, ep. 5

"No more, little one, for you see it is that which has killed me that made me stronger!"- Ano, ep. 5