Seeking Justice: Prologue

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a best friend that was male? Every girl has probably thought about, wished, or even prayed for a close male companion. There's just something about the opposite gender that's enticing, mysterious, and refreshing. Whether it's the eyes, smile… or body, there's something about guys that makes them peaceful, relieving, or even safe. That feeling of being safe without commitment is the reason why girls often seek male buddies.

So, you get your guy friend, and he's the best thing that ever happened to you. You can tell him anything: secrets, fears, and even dreams, without fear of embarrassment (well, most of the time). Life is going great. But what do you do, when that fairytale friendship takes a turn for the worst?

Picture this: it's May, final exams are over, and it's the end of the year. To accompany the best year of your life, the biggest party of your life is right around the corner. You go and have a great time, dancing and flirting with your male acquaintance. But what do you say, when he's gotten a little bit drunk and starts making advances towards you? What happens when he forces and pressures you… to do things you'd never dream of doing? What would you do if he got away with his crime?

Would you laugh? Cry? Seek revenge? Would you report him, only to be denied for lack of evidence? Would you tell your family and friends, the ones who care about you, about the mishaps of that one, treacherous night where he betrayed you, only for a few minutes worth of pleasure? How would you tell them the results of these mishaps? What would happen if the one thing you've been dreading was confirmed to be true? Would you run to his house, demanding he give utter support? Would you cry, if he laughed in your face and said it wasn't his?

What would you do if your anger was so overwhelming, so powerful, that it erupted? What if it was so overpowering, that it made you do the unthinkable? Who would listen to you then, other than yourself? Would you freak? Run home, only to be rejected? Would you turn yourself in? What if life was becoming more complicated as every second, minute, and hour passed? Would you bring yourself to commit the unspeakable?

Welcome to my life. My name is Camile Robinson, and this is my story. I was raped by my best friend, Jake. The previous questions were asked in an attempt to bring you to an alternate reality. My reality. I hope you will allow me to bring you there, to experience everything: the love, hate, and tears of my shattered life. Become me: cry when I cry, get angry when I've been wronged, pray for my safety. Hold my hand as I walk through the shadow of death and return, only to be doomed to a disgraceful downfall. The quest that I commenced was all in an attempt to seek justice; to make Jake pay for his misdeeds. Please have the honor of taking my hand and following me on this quest. The thoughts are real, the feelings are real. This is my story, endure what you can.