Killer Lesbian Vampire Seduction

Scene One

The scene opens in a typical high schoolish bedroom. There's pictures on every wall, music is playing and the tv is on Various pieces of furniture with dents and tears on it. We move to the bed where a couple sits side by side with one leaning slightly on the other. It's two girls, Both girls are about 16. Girl # 1 looks up suddenly

Elizabeth: What time is it?

Jessica: Moving back in for the kiss MMM?

Elizabeth: Time…the time you-

Jessica: Interrupts Ummm…checks VCR which has a clock. Eight

Elizabeth: Shit! I was supposed to be home an hour ago! You were supposed to let me know. You know my moms going to kick my ass.

Jessica: Sorry…kind of got lost in the moment

Elizabeth: That's you…Puts on her shoes and gets up to find her purse. You're always so spaced out…I don't know WHY I put up with you…

Jessica: Ooh, ooh…can I take a guess? Raises a hand

Elizabeth: No, you're not allowed to vote looks outside fuck I can't believe I have to hike back

Jessica: When do you get your car back?

Elizabeth: Tomorrow…

Elizabeth: At any rate…I'll call you when I get home and my

moms finished yelling at me

Jessica: I don't like your mother

Elizabeth: I don't think anyone does…she hates you though…thinks you're a bad influence

Jessica: Me?

Elizabeth: I know…it's so unlikely…hey do you know anything about that new guy?

Jessica: For the last time no! And I don't feel like finding anything about him either…why do you keeping asking me in that little subtle way? Like I'd forget that you've already asked me a half dozen times this week…do you like him or something?

Elizabeth: quickly no…no way…I've just never met anyone like him before…I've had the chance to get to know him cause we share a study hall together…you don't get a whole lot of diversity in this town Jessica you know that

Jessica: Yeah well…I'm getting sick of talking about him…

Elizabeth: Don't worry I'm not going to leave you and run off with him smiles

Jessica: smiling despite her annoyance Better not…I'd fuck yo ass up

Elizabeth: And I would love to see you try…please don't worry about him…he just seems like a cool guy and god knows there's a shortage of those around here

Jessica: As far as I'm concerned there's a good shortage of decent guys PERIOD

Elizabeth: You be quiet…you're just bitter

Jessica: And you're just lipstick

Elizabeth: look I'll talk to you later leans down to kiss Jessica. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips… love ya duck

Jessica: sarcastic I guess I love you too…I dunno though… smiles hey be careful…they still haven't caught whoever's been killing those teenagers

Elizabeth leaves…Jessica puts in another CD and stretches out in her bed, smiling warmly. It's obvious she loves Elizabeth too despite the nuances of highschool cruelty towards anything above the norm

Scene Two

Opens with Elizabeth walking down the road with a thumb stretched out…obviously she is trying to hitch her way back home. A car appears to be slowing down but when it gets to her, it speeds up again and soon disappears up the road.

Elizabeth: yelling Fucking hillbilly! Mutters god damn rednecks

Continues to walk with thumb out, hoping for a ride soon as the sun is nearly gone. A car comes into view and immediately begins to slow down. Elizabeth is hopeful but a little weary based on what just happened. The car pulls in slightly ahead of her and she runs up to it, peering into the window.

Elizabeth: Oh Jesus Christ…

Manan: Hello Beth

Elizabeth: Don't fucking call me that

Manan: Awww…bad luck hiking?

Elizabeth: What do you think?

Manan: I can give you a ride…

Elizabeth: To where?

Manan: smiling Wherever you wanna go baby

Elizabeth: Rolls eyes and sighs No

Manan: Sure?

Elizabeth: Very

Manan: Okayyyyy…see you at school Bethy

Drives away

Elizabeth: The day that won't fucking die…sighs again and sticks thumb out

A minute or so goes by before another car pulls into view. Elizabeth is now extremely weary but keeps her thumb out. She waits until the cars comes to a stop and walks over to see who it is. She immediately recognizes the person in the car. A striking young man that just moved to Elizabeth's school.

Thom: Well hello there…smiles

Elizabeth: Oh hey! Immediately blushes slightly Thom…

Thom: What are you walking down this highway for?

Elizabeth: Hitchhiking

Thom: Well I KNOW that but why? Don't you have a piece of tin to call your own?

Elizabeth: Yeah but my parents took it away

Thom: Ah…aren't parents wonderful?

Elizabeth: Oh yeah…smiles

Thom: Want a ride?

Elizabeth: Do you know where I live?

Thom: Indeed I do…hop in

Elizabeth gets in and the car speeds away but slows down as it reaches the top of the hill

Scene Three

Elizabeth and Thom are sitting side by side in the car. Elizabeth is unsure of what to say. Thom seems almost unconcerned that Elizabeth is even in his car. He still speaks a moment later.

Thom: So, how long have you been living in this wonderful little hole of human waste anyway? I know you told me before…

Elizabeth: smiles slightly most of my life sadly to say…I hate it here soooo fucking much

Thom: I don't really like it much myself…and I've only been here for a couple weeks

Elizabeth: So why are you here?

Thom: Good question…laughs just kind of passing through I guess

Elizabeth: Ah…I could think of a million better places to just pass through

Thom: I don't doubt it…mind lighting me a cigarette?

Elizabeth: Sure…she does so…Thom takes it and takes a short drag

Thom: Thanks…you're really pretty you know that?

Elizabeth: Fuck offfff

Thom: No I swear to god…I've been meaning to tell you since we met

Elizabeth: Thanks…I guess

Thom: Being a smidgen too forward aren't I?

Elizabeth: nah…just not used to guys saying that is all

Thom: You're kidding…your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen

Elizabeth: Okay…now your just being a liar

Thom: Not me…so you really don't have guys hitting on you all the time?

Elizabeth: I did for awhile until I met Jessica…now guys pretty much leave me alone…

Thom: Yeah…I heard something about that

Elizabeth: Really? What?

Thom: That you're a bitter rugmunching dyke and that I have zero chance of fucking you…fortunately that's not my aim so I didn't take it too seriously…you've told me a lot about Jessica and you two seem happy given all the shit you have to deal with it so I won't worry about it

Elizabeth: Wow…

Thom: What'd I say now?

Elizabeth: I'm just not used to anyone saying something like that is all

Thom: Well that's fucked up

Elizabeth: If you say so…I'm too burned to argue…turn here

Thom does not turn here

Elizabeth: Thom didn't you hear me?

Thom: Yeah…don't worry this way's shorter

Elizabeth: No it's not…it leads to a dead end

Thom: Don't worry about it

Elizabeth is getting scared

Elizabeth: Come on Thom…we can just go somewhere else if you wanted to hang out for awhile

Thom; Rather not

Elizabeth: Thom I'm getting freaked please stop the car

Thom: I can't do that

Elizabeth: getting a little more frantic Stop the fucking car Thom!

Thom continues to drive despite Elizabeth continuing to yell at him…finally after one particularly violent scream, Thom screeches the car to a halt, Elizabeth makes a move to leave but Thom stops her with little effort.

Thom: To be honest I can't believe the risk I'm taking here

Elizabeth: What the hell are you talking about? Scared

Thom: I've only been here a short amount of time yet…I see you as being the girl I've been looking for all this time…I don't even know why I feel this way…might be "love at first site" who knows? Only one way to find out…leans forward, Elizabeth screams and makes an attempt to fight back but Thom keeps her in her place once again…he goes straight for her neck and it's clear what he's doing the moment Elizabeth's eye's widen and she screams, she struggles franticly but can not move, finally she stops screaming and lays unmoving…though she is still breathing. Thom sits up and takes a deep breath, he wipes the blood away from his mouth and looks down at Elizabeth smiling. He moves back to the drivers seat and pulls away, disappearing into the night.

Scene Four

Jessica is seen waiting outside with her book bag. She paces back and forth in the driveway of her home, she glances back to her house then again to the road, no one drives by. A car appears and offers hope but goes right by her. Annoyed, she storms back inside her house and into the kitchen where her mother is getting coffee.

Jessica: What time is it?

Mother: Good morning to you too…

Jessica: Fine, good morning…now what time is it?

Mother: checks coffee machine 8:40

Jessica: Damn it…Elizabeth didn't come by to pick me up

Mother: Her parents gave her back her car?

Jessica: Yeah…can you drive me to school?

Mother: Can't…I've got another one of those god damn migranes

Jessica: Couldn't imagine where that came from

Mother: suddenly angry You watch it…I'm not in the mood

Jessica: Look I can't help if you go out and get so fucking wasted you can't see straight

Mother: You might want to shut your fucking mouth while you have a chance

Jessica:Or what? You'll ground me? That works so well

Mother: Get the hell out

Jessica says nothing and leaves, going up to her room and slamming the door. She throws her book bag on the ground and mutters.

Scene Five

It is later on in the day. Jessica goes into the bathroom and closes the door, she is about to pick up the phone when it rings. She picks it up.

Jessica: Hello?

Voice: Jessica? This is Mrs. Moritz….Elizabeth's mother

Jessica: What's going on?

Mrs. Moritz: Is Elizabeth there?

Jessica: No…why? Is something wrong? She didn't pick me up for school today

Mrs. Moritz: She hasn't come home since she left yesterday to go to your house

Jessica: mouths the word shit Well where else could she be?

Mrs. Moritz: I don't know…you're the only person she's ever with…I'm going to call the police…you may hear from them

Jessica: Um…okay…bye

Jessica hangs up. Jessica's mother walks by holding a bottle of tequila

Mother: Who was that?

Jessica: Elizabeth's mother…she said Jessica hasn't come home since she was here yesterday

Scene Six

Elizabeth awakens in a dimly lit room, she opens her eyes slowly and groans rolling over in the bed and holds her forehead, the door opens and Thom walks in

Thom: Awake at last…didn't know when you'd wake up…here drink this

Elizabeth: Still very groggy, accepts the cup extended to her and drinks its contents. W-where am I?

Thom: My humble home…nice eh?

Elizabeth: finally waking up at the sound of Thom's voice Oh shit! Rolls out of bed and tries to go for the door only to be stopped by Thom

Thom: Calm down now…you're safe…

Elizabeth suddenly stops struggling and clutches her stomach Oh…what the hell is wrong with me…puts a hand on her forehead

Thom: Just going through the motions…it'll pass

Elizabeth: what will pass? What the fuck are you talking about Thom? Why the hell are you doing this to me shakes and collapses against a wall. Ugh…fuck…I can barely breath…I need to get out…gets to her feet and promptly falls back down again at the foot of the bed. Rolling over onto the floor. Thom watches all this with an amused look on his face. He finally reaches down and picks up Elizabeth, putting her back in the bed and tucking her in, he leans down and kisses her forehead

Thom: Tomorrow…we'll see

Turns off the light and closes the door

Scene Seven

The phone rings, Jessica's mother mutters and turns off the bath, answering it.

Mother: Hello? Yeah…she's here…JESSICA!

Jessica: slowly walking down the stairs looking throughly annoyed What?

Mother: Phone call

Jessica: Rolls her eyes and picks up the phone Hi Gabe…of course I knew it was you…who else has a life so much sadder then mine that they call me? No I'm not doing alright…of course I'm fucking worried about her. Yeah the police talked to me…you? Nah…didn't think so. Can't…because I don't fucking feel like it that's why. Rubs her eyes with her free hand No, no…I'm sorry…I'm just in a really pissy mood. Yeah…I'll call you later. Bye. Hangs up and sighs. Gets up and walks out of the bathroom

Mother: Walking back in Certainly took you long enough

Jessica: Yeah I know…walks away muttering I'm such a fucking chatterbox

Scene Eight

Once again, Elizabeth wakes up in Thom's room with Thom sitting beside her. She sits up with a jolt and begins to frantically look around the room.

Thom: You're surroundings haven't changed so please stop doing that

Elizabeth tries to get up but is stopped by Thom

Thom: That's not a good idea either

Elizabeth: Why do I feel like I'm about the throw up…groans and holds her stomach

Thom: You're still changing

Elizabeth: Changing? To what?

Thom: Come on…think about it for a second…

Elizabeth says nothing

Thom: Jesus Christ…come here Grabs her by the wrist and brings her to a mirror, he forcefully turns her neck so that the left side of her neck is facing the mirror. Look…

Elizabeth: looks and sees a fresh bite mark Oh my god…you son of a bitch! Elbows him in the stomach and runs for the door, Thom recovers instantly and meets her at the door, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her back on the bed…he leans down and scowls

Thom: I would rather not have to restrain you to the bed so I recommend that you fucking stop that

Elizabeth: On the verge of tears What the hell is wrong with you?

Thom: Well my balls itch

Elizabeth: I'm SERIOUS! You fucking psychopath…Jesus fucking Christ…holds her stomach with one arm and rocks herself back and forth

Thom: You'll get through this trust me…

Elizabeth: Well what the hell is this thing on my stomach

Thom: What thing?

Elizabeth: This, come here…its like a fucking wart or something (lifts her shirt a little)

Thom moves close enough for Elizabeth to hit him with a clock radio, Thom falls to the floor and Elizabeth leaps up…but is overwhelmed by her pain in seconds and barely makes it out the door, she turns around and screams the second before Thom is upon her, he tackles her to the floor and holds her down by her hair.

Thom: Well don't I feel a smidgen foolish for allowing myself to fall for that Pulls Elizabeth up by her hair and throws her into his room, he pokes his head inside I'll be back in later to see if your still having Vampiric menopause

Elizabeth: Muttering I'm too young for menopause you fucking assclown

Thom smiles but slams the door, so hard that it doesn't close all the way, Elizabeth hears the door in the living room shut and lays there for a moment, saying and doing nothing at all. Finally, she gets up and still holding her side, walks slowly to the door and creaks it open slowly. She walks into the living room and looks around. The living room could belong to any family in North America. There is nothing to suggest that a vampire lives in it. Her eyes widen slightly at the sight of a phone laying on the couch and she runs over and grabs it. Logic would dictate that she would call the police or even her mother but she dials a different number instead, it rings several times before Jessica picks up.

Scene Nine

Jessica: Hello? Elizabeth! Where the hell are you? Who? Thom? What the hell are you doing there? What's wrong? I said what's wrong? You…you sound like you can't even breathe. He what? Get the fuck out of there…I..Jessica? JESSICA? Waits before slamming the phone down furiously

Scene Ten

Elizabeth is lying on the floor, Thom is standing over her.

Thom: This is beginning to get old…Still…it was my stupidity to not make sure the door was closed. I don't make for a very bright villain Oh well…back you go. Picks her up and brings her back to the room, laying her down on the bed and standing upright to look over her. He offers a thin smile before leaning down and kissing her Hopefully this will not be the fullest extent of our future relationship… walks out

We FADE TO BLACK and reopen with Jessica at the phone

Jessica: Hello Police? I-I know where Elizabeth Moritz is…

Scene Eleven

Jessica is walking alone through an empty hallway of the school, her book bag is slung over her shoulder and a note is in her hand. It is obvious that she is on her way out of the school. She is looking straight ahead and doesn't notice Thom coming around the corner directly behind her. Not until he speaks to her

Thom: Skipping school?

Jessica: Whirls around What do you want?

Thom: Very cute to call the police…

Jessica: They came to your house?

Thom: Certainly…but they didn't find anything…

Jessica: What the hell else do you want?

Thom: To talk? That okay?

Jessica: Only if you want to talk about Elizabeth

Thom: I do…lets go for a ride

Jessica: How about not?

Thom: You sure?

Jessica: Very

Thom: Then I guess you don't want to hear what happened to her Begins to walk away

Jessica: Mutters under her breath and calls out Wait..

Scene Twelve

Jessica: This is a really shitty car

Thom: Tell me about it

Jessica: You know…I could call the cops…and I fucking should

Thom: That wouldn't do anything

Jessica: You don't think so?

Thom: No…I could hide her…simple as that…I have some wonderful hiding places in my house…they could tear my house apart and I could promise they would never find it

Jessica: Why are you doing this?

Thom: It's rather hard to explain…would you like the long version or the short?

Jessica: Whatever

Thom: lights a cigarette as he drives…I am a vampire roughly 40 years in age though I am only 17…I have been spending the last 20 of those years searching for someone to spend the rest of my life with and I believe Elizabeth is the one for that…

Jessica: Jesus…Why did I even fucking ask?

Thom: You don't believe me?

Jessica: Of course not

Thom: Well then that's your loss…Elizabeth is turning into one as we speak…in fact…I may go so far as to say the transformation is nearly complete…

Jessica: You're kidding

Thom: Nope

Jessica is silent

Jessica: Why Elizabeth? You barely know her

Thom: I have known her long enough to come to this conclusion…she sees something in me too…I can feel it

Jessica: This is such bullshit

Thom: Still don't believe me? Okay…I'll show you…I had plans for you anyway

They drive a little more before arriving at the same place Thom had taken Elizabeth. Thom brings the car to a stop and looks down for a moment before rising up to show off his fangs

Jessica: Oh my god…

Thom: Do I have your belief yet?

Jessica: I…

Thom: Once Elizabeth undergoes the complete transformation…she will be mine…even if she is reluctant at first I have guarantees of ensuring her love

Jessica: S-such as?

Thom: Well as she grows farther and farther into her new form…she will feel a newfound affection for the one who turned her…that being me

Jessica: Silence

Thom: It's rather fortunate that you found this out when you did…you see…I had plans to take you as well?

Jessica: N-no…why?

Thom: Because Elizabeth will miss you too much…she still loves you a great deal and I know if I have you under my power as well I won't have to worry about old memories undoing any of my hard work

Jessica: You're fucking insane

Thom: I thought I was a Pisces,...hold still…this will be over soon Leans forward

Jessica: Get the fuck away from me! Begins to fight back but with little luck She reaches behind her and manages to unlock the door and open it falling out. She flips over to her feet and turns to run, Thom does not make a move to catch her. He merely smiles

Thom: Going so soon? Ah well…Sits up in the drivers seat and waits until Jessica is gone before turning and driving out

Scene Thirteen

Thom steps into his room, Elizabeth is sitting on the bed wearing a new change of clothes

Thom: Ah I see you're wearing the outfit I left for you…I'm not much of a clothing shopper so I wasn't sure if you'd like it

Elizabeth: It's…fine…Strangely calm

Thom: How are you feeling?

Elizabeth: Better…but there's this…horrible pain in my stomach…I ate the food you left for me…but it's not going away…it's like I'm hungry and no matter what I do…ugh…

Thom: Ah good…then you're ready for your first meal

Elizabeth: What?

Thom: Come on…let's go for a ride

Elizabeth: To where?

Thom: We'll see…you seem…smirks calm

Elizabeth: Yeah…I'm fucking scared…and I want to hurt you so much…but…I can't…it's been fucking me over all day…

Thom: I expected as much…shall we go?

Elizabeth: What makes you think I won't make a run for it?

Thom: A hunch

Scene Fourteen

Thom and Elizabeth are driving along in the dead of night…neither one saying anything…soon they come to the entrance to where she had been turned. Thom stops the car

Elizabeth: Why are we stopping here?

Thom: Well…it's Friday night and there's usually some couple down here fucking their brains out…they'll do

Elizabeth: I…I can't fucking do this!

Thom: Ah so you've figured it out

Elizabeth: Of course I have…I can't…drink someones blood…and kill them

Thom: Well first of all…you'd probably be killing them first and then drinking their blood…second…once it's there…you will go for it…trust me…now let's go see if we can find anything

The two get out and begin to walk…they soon come to a parked car in the same era they had parked…Ah good…I knew there'd be something here They continue to walk…Thom stops her when they are near a couple making out on a blanket…the girls shirt if off and she's wearing a bra. The guy is on top of her with her hand on her chest and is making out with her intensely.

Thom: Let me get them to the point where they won't be a problem for you…you're too fresh to make your own kills

Thom holds her back with one arm and disappears.

Guy: Are you gonna finish undressing or what?

Girl: I told you…this is as far as I'm going

Guy: We'll see…Continues kissing

Thom: Standing over them Ah the dangers of pre marital sex…

Guy: The fuck? Gets up quickly Who the hell are you?

Thom: That really doesn't matter..

Guy: Yeah whatever…all I can say motherfucker is that your ass got TWO FUCKING SECONDS to get the fuck away from here…one..

Thom: Grabs him and knees him in the stomach then grabs his chest and squeezes as he is doubled over. The guy yells and falls to the ground. The girl is now screaming and pleading, leaping to her feet without a bra and trying to run away. Thom is on her in an instant, grabbing her by the neck and driving his fangs into her neck. Sucking for a long time before throwing her back. The girl would have fallen back but is caught by Elizabeth who grabs her spins her around and claws her face open, the girl falls back and Elizabeth is upon her, acting so unlike herself and she begins to drink rather messily, tearing skin as she moves through her, Thom smiles and walks over to the man, leaning down and making his kill as well. The two feed in silence.

Scene Fifteen

Elizabeth is coughing and throwing up.

Elizabeth: What the fuck have I done?

Thom: Assisted in the murder of two horny teenagers and drank their blood

Elizabeth: hacks I fucking know that! I…ugh…I don't know anymore

Thom: I imagine…well…we better be on our merry way…unless you want to do that thing where you run into the woods in a dazed, hysterical frenzy and I have to chase after you…I'd rather not though because I have a treefucker of a headache

Elizabeth: Just…get me out of here

Thom: Will do…

Helps her up and the two leave…Elizabeth wraps her arm around Thom's waist and gives it a squeeze

Scene Sixteen

Elizabeth and Thom step into the house…Thom throws his keys aside and walks into the living room. Elizabeth is close behind.

Thom: Feel any better?

Elizabeth: No…

Thom: It'll pass…

Elizabeth: softly I know

Thom: What's that?

The two walk into the living room where Thom turns around to face Elizabeth. He opens his door and steps in without taking his eyes off her.

Elizabeth: I know it'll pass…I don't know why…I just do…I..I don't feel any remorse for what we just did. I just don't fucking know what I'm feeling anymore…I don't know who I am…but…

Thom: Yes?

Elizabeth: There is one thing I'm sure of…and the thing is…I don't know how it got there but it's there and it seems to be the only thing that makes sense

Thom: What's that?

Elizabeth: That you're…the only person I can come to…the only person that matters

Thom: Really? Dryly

Elizabeth: Yeah…except…

Thom: Jessica…

Elizabeth: Yeah…I can't forget about her…it's like…everything I used to think before…is slipping away from the point it was at before when I cared about it…and that's okay…but Jessica…I..I still love her…

Scene Sixteen

Jessica is standing at someone's door…she knocks and no one answers…she grumbles and knocks again

Jessica: Jesus Christ on a motherfucking bicycle…stands back GABE! OPEN YOUR FUCKING DOOR!

Silence for several moments before Gabe comes to the door and opens it

Gabe: Ooh…a visiter…better not let it get out to the angry lesbian nation you're visiting a man

Jessica: Let me in

Scene Seventeen

The two are in Gabes room…

Gabe: So what brings you to my sad little corner?

Jessica: I need some information

Gabe: Ah…well I'm not very well informed on things that matter…

Jessica: Vampires?

Gabe: That would be one of those things that do not matter…why?

Jessica: Promise not to laugh?

Gabe: No

Jessica: There is a vampire living here in Sussex County

Gabe is silent

Jessica: You're not laughing

Gabe: Because I'm not surprised…

Jessica: You're not?

Gabe: No…let me guess…Thom Hosier…that new guy

Jessica: Holy shit…how did you know?

Gabe: A hunch…these little murders didn't pop up until Robert Smith Jr. showed up…and since we don't exactly have a large immigration rate to our little rural nightmare…I drew my own conclusions

Jessica: I always thought they hung out at night and shit

Gabe: Well they do…except

Jessica: What?

Gabe: Well…it's never been really worth going to until now…but…Gets a book and begins to flip through it…Ah…I found this awhile back and didn't think much of it until I was working through my ideas about Thom. About 120 years ago…a fairly nameless man named Louis Deniere wrote of a supposed encounter with a vampire before the night had gone down…the information doesn't really go beyond that because of the obscurity of the information…it's a miracle I found this much…I only kept it because I just do that with any information I find…the site in which I found it theorized that it was possible that the vampire was the offspring of a human and a vampire…nothing has been written on the idea but the theory suggests that they gain this but are weaker in other vampire areas like immortality and strength. Of course this is circumstantial evidence at it's farthest stretching point…the idea of such a vampire is contradicted by everything…even the movies..lights a cigarette…well except John Carpenters Vampires but that was different

Jessica: What if it's true?

Gabe: I'm beginning to think it is…that is if he's a vampire

Jessica: He might not be?

Gabe: Of course not…he could just be some fruit loop with a vampirism fetish…that's usually the case with any modern day vampire cases

Jessica: Do you know where he lives?

Gabe: Well…chances are he's at the old Ricard place…that's the only house up for sale in town…well was up for sale

Scene Eighteen

Jessica storms out of Gabe's house with Gabe in tow

Gabe: Waitwaitwait…you're going to what?

Jessica: I'm going to find the fucker and take Elizabeth back…since no one else will help me

Gabe: The police?

Jessica: Around here?

Gabe: Good point…how do you plan on getting there

Scene Nineteen

Jessica: I can only imagine why you're driving me…

Gabe: This is my fist opportunity to check out any of my abstract hobbies…except for those stupid haunted houses

Jessica: What if he is a vampire?

Gabe: Well that's why I went back into the house…to get these…produces three stakes…If he is a vampire…we'll need to combat him somehow and this is the only way I know of that actually works beyond sunlight which may end up being useless anyway if the theory is right

Jessica: What about Elizabeth?

Gabe: Yeah…lights a cigarette…Well…She may be able to be reverted if we kill Thom…

Jessica: And if we can't?

Gabe: Then we'll have to kill her…

Jessica: Silence

Gabe: Let's not worry about that just yet

Jessica: What about you? What if you get killed?

Gabe: It'll be for the best…I'm dissatisfied with my life anyway

Jessica: Really?

Gabe: Well look at me…

Jessica: True…let's go

Gabe: Yeah…

Pulls out and drives away…

Scene Twenty

Jessica and Gabe pull up to Thom's house. They get out…Gabe throws aside his cigarette and hands Jessica one of the stakes

Gabe: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Jessica: I…yes

Gabe: There's no going back once we go in there

Jessica: I know

Gabe: We may be entering a terrifying void of darkness from which there will be no-

Jessica: Can we just go in the fucking house?!

Gabe: Sorry…

The two walk to the door…

Jessica: So…do we knock?

Gabe: Dammed if I know…

Jessica: Knocks

Silence for a moment then the door creaks open, Jessica and Gabe raise their stakes and see that no one is standing there

Gabe: Figures…Begins to walk in with Jessica behind him…they walk into the hallway and stop when the door slams…Thom is standing at the door…smiling

Thom: I knew you'd be back…and you brought Gabe how sweet…

Gabe: You know me?

Thom: I've heard things about you…mostly in debates about who else is gay in school

Gabe: No surprise there…

Thom: I also know you're quite the supernatural fanatic

Gabe: Pretty common knowledge

Thom: And I imagine you'd like some proof…though it looks as if you're drawing up conclusions already…Motions to the stakes

Gabe: It'd be nice…

Thom: Well then…how's this? Walks in closer with both backing up…he opens his mouth to reveal his fangs…

Gabe: Holy shit…you really are a vampire!

Thom: Noooo…really?!

Gabe charges at Thom with the stake and a brief struggle ensues…Gabe brings the stake close to Thom's chest but Thom knocks it to the floor and wraps his arm around Gabe's throat. Choking him as hard as he can…he drags him into his room and slams the door…crashing and screaming can be heard. Jessica makes a turn to run for it but sees Elizabeth blocking her path.

Jessica: Elizabeth…

Elizabeth: Hi…

Jessica: Come on, we're getting the fuck out of here tries to grab Elizabeth's arm but Elizabeth pulls away. Elizabeth? What the fuck are you doing?

Jessica: I'm not going

Jessica: Why not?! You have to come with me…this isn't you…I can save you!

Elizabeth: You wouldn't understand…at least not yet.

Jessica: W-what does that mean?

Elizabeth: I can make you understand Jessica…I can make you the way I am…you'll love it…and we'll be together again…

Jessica: I…

Elizabeth: Puts an arm on her shoulder and leans forward to kiss her Please don't be afraid

Jessica: Almost allows Elizabeth to kiss her when she pushes her away…No! I..I can't…I can't be a part of this

Thom: Suddenly appearing with his mouth covered in blood…That's what you say now

Jessica: Gabe…oh no

Thom: I wouldn't put too much thought in Gabe anymore…he's done for the night

Jessica: You cocksucker! Runs at him with the stake and then ducks down and tackles Thom to the ground, wrestling him down and grabbing the stake and trying to drive it into Thom's chest, Thom knocks it aside and wrestles her down too…he goes for he neck but Jessica knee's him in the balls and leaps up, Thom reovers quickly and grabs her by the back of her hair, whipping her to the couch in the living room. Jessica gets up and is slapped down by Thom. Thom knows he has her, he moves in and has his fangs an inch from her throat

Thom: Now you will feel…perfect…

The exact moment before his teeth puncture her neck, Thom jerks upright and turns around, showing there is a stake in his back…we see Elizabeth standing before him looking confused…

Thom: You…

Elizabeth: Sorry Thom…

Thom takes one staggering foot forward before falling face down.

Jessica comes to and sees what happened…she looks up at Elizabeth. Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Let's get out of here…Helps her up and the two leave

Scene Twenty Two

The two are outside, Jessica makes a beeline for Gabe's (her car now?) car…she's just about to get in when Elizabeth spins her around…

Jessica: Elizabeth what is it? We gotta get the fuck out of here now!
Elizabeth: I love you

Jessica: I love you t-ah!

Elizabeth leans down and drives her fangs into Jessica's neck…Jessica tries to fight it off but to no avail. Soon her entire body goes limp and she falls to the ground. Elizabeth is standing over her when Thom appears. He kisses her…she seems proud of herself

Thom: Excellent work

Elizabeth: Thank you…sweetly

Thom: Now comes my end of it…

Kneels down to the fallen Jessica as we fade to black

Scene Twenty Three

It is a few days later. We open to Elizabeth standing on the highway with her thumb out…a car stops and we see that it is once again Manan…

Manan: Elizabeth?!

Elizabeth: Smiling Yep

Manan: When did you get back?

Elizabeth: A couple days ago

Manan: I haven't seen you at school…

Elizabeth: Yeah…I'm sort of recovering from everything…

Manan: I bet…so…you want a riddddeeee?

Elizabeth: You bet

Elizabeth gets in…Manan can hardly believe it. The two sit in silence as they drive along…

Elizabeth: You know…I've been watching you for a really long time…and I was wondering…are you single?

Manan: Oh yeah…

Elizabeth: You want to get together then?

Manan: Are you serious?

Elizabeth: Of course I am…pull in here

Manan pulls into the same area used before…

Elizabeth: I was always mean to you because I didn't want Jessica to get mad at me for talking to guys…really bitter dyke ya know?

Manan: You two broke up?

Elizabeth: Oh yea…begins to move closer to Manan I couldn't fucking stand to be around her anymore.

Elizabeth is just about to kiss Manan when the door opens and Manan is pulled out and lands on his ass. He looks up to see Thom and Jessica standing over him

Thom: You got Manan? The Chinese guy?

Manan: Indian!

Thom: Whatever…he'll do I guess…

Elizabeth hops out of the car and kisses both of them He damn well better

The three close in on Manan as we pull back..hearing him scream and we fade to black and cue the credits.