Everything's a joke
Until you're prone to
Lose it all
How do relationships end?
Someone wakes up
Until that moment
It's frivolous acts
Sex abounds perhaps
Feelings are taken
For granted
Kiss him
Kiss her
Never mind the
Face or past
Then someone wakes up
Realizes something's wrong
They're probably more guilty
Than their foolish lover
They say it's
Time to end it
You never loved me
(But neither I, you)
That's how it ends
It was just a title
A body to freely grope
Was it ever real?
Won't anyone
Wake up?
If you cared before
How would it ever
Fall to this?
Can you answer that?
Why won't the
Kisses stop?
When will the
Random fondling end?
This is how
Relationships end
Open your eyes
To the truth