" Five!"

The runners had their mind focusing only on one thing – their finishing line.

" Four!"

All cheerleaders had their eyes focusing only on one thing – the runners.

" Three!"

The runners were getting ready to make their dash.

" Two!"
The cheerleaders were getting ready to cheer on.

" One!"




Runner 001 - Robbie Cutler

" Robbie! Breakfast is ready!" Laura Cutler called out from the kitchen after putting a plate stacked with four layers of pancake on the table. The pancakes were coated with a thin layer of melt cheese instead of butter because it was the way Robbie wanted.

" You will kill him with all these fatty food." James Cutler warned when a familiar aroma had gotten into his nostrils.

" Good morning, darling!" Laura quickly flew towards her loving husband and gave him a quick peck on one of his rosy cheeks.

" Wow! Cheesy panky! My favourite!" Robbie exclaimed with his hands clapping as he managed to bounce his way into the kitchen, and for an overweighed boy, that was considered an achievement.

" Good morning, my little piggy." Laura turned her attention towards her only son and was about to give him a quick hug. Unfortunately, Robbie was more interested in the food rather than a motherly hug. Laura lost her balance when she realised she was hugging the air instead of her precious son. She would fall, if not for James' quick reflection.

" Robbie, that's very rude." James lectured as he helped his beloved wife back to her seat.

" Cheesy panky is delicious." Robbie said in between his munches, with total disregards of what his father had just said.

" Robbie!" James was standing behind, fuming.

" Its okay, darling. He is just hungry." Laura tried to calm him down, whereas Robbie was still happily concentrating on his cheesy panky.

" He is always hungry and it is NOT OKAY!" James snapped back, his hands up with exasperation.

" ROBBIE!" James called out again, his eyes hovering over his son.

" Yes dad?" Finally, there was at least some normal reaction from their son when the last piece was on its way to Robbie's digestive system.

" Look at me, son!" James quickly pulled out the chair that Robbie was sitting on and turned it around with much effort.

" Did I do anything wrong?" Robbie asked as he gazed up innocently into his father's eyes. James couldn't help but frowned upon looking at this ten-year-old boy.

There were traced of melted cheese and honey around his mouth and he was in fact using his fingers to wipe them off so that he could clean his fingers by putting them back into his mouth.

" Are you sure he is MY SON?" James questioned his wife.

" James!" Laura immediately shot him a murderous glare, " That is a rude thing to say to your wife!" Laura stood up and had both her hands on the sides of her hip.

" Look at him!" James demanded with a sigh, " We are human, for goodness sake. Not Pigs! If he continued growing at this rate, he would never cross that finishing line." James cried out in frustration, " No! Even pigs would run faster than him!"

" Yeah dad! You are right. I have watched Babe and boy can it run!" Robbie chorused, not catching his father's sarcasm.

" Oh…running huh?" Laura stuttered upon one realization and quickly took a quick glance at the wall calendar. She couldn't blame her husband for getting so edgy all the sudden because the town's annual 'Race Day' was coming soon.

To be continued…