Runner 003 – Samson Longchamp

Faster! Faster! Samson Longchamp was practically screaming in his mind even though his legs had almost lifted him off the ground as he sped his way towards the line. His targeted time - ten seconds.

" 11.2 sec!" Melanie Longchamp informed her brother the moment he touched the finishing line.

" What?" Samson groaned in frustration, his fists pounding hard and repeatedly into the dirt.

" 11.2 sec!"

" Damn you! Stop repeating it!" Samson growled in frustration.

" Opps." Melanie stopped her track because she knew Samson might explode in any moment, like a time bomb. All the sudden, the air was filled with nothing but Samson's heavy panting. Even the sparrows had chosen to continue their chirping on trees located a distance away from the duo as though sensing the tension in the air. Ironically or should it be fortunately, the bomb did not explode.

" One more time." Samson informed her and quickly got back to his feet.

" But…" Melanie hesitated.

" One more time!" Samson insisted while he walked pass his sister, who was one year younger.

" We are going to be late for school if we don't go now." Melanie meekly pointed out because she did not want to miss school on Mondays.

" You can go if you want!" Samson shot a threatening glare at his sister. Melanie swallowed. " Its Monday. I have practice after school." Melanie stuttered in fear, her head hanging down.

" Oh…" Samson sighed upon the realization. He knew how Mondays were very important to his sister. " Go on then. I will catch up with you after another lap. Give me the stop watch." Samson said as he waved her off. Melanie let out a delighted grin as she passed the stopwatch to her brother and happily skipped her way back home.

" Ten seconds!" Samson declared out as he made another attempt with the uttermost determination in breaking the record, which he had set in the previous 'Race Day' – 10.5 seconds.

" Robbie Cutler!"

" Yes!"

" Randy Flowers!"

" Yes!"

" Samson Longchamp." No response given. Mrs. Dune looked up from the attendance booklet and took a quick glance at the class. Much to her expectation, the seat at the left corner was empty. As she was about a make a cross on the column beside Samson's name, she heard a commotion at the doorway.

" Sorry! I am late!" Samson called out in an almost breathless voice.

" Come in." Mrs. Dune instructed.

" Samson Longchamp, this is the fifth time you are late for school in the past two weeks and I demand a good reason from you."

Samson knew it wasn't an appropriate time to express his emotion, however, he just didn't seem to be able to contain his inner excitement because everyone, even Mrs. Dune could notice that he was trying very hard to muffle his laughter.

" That's it, Longchamp. You have had your chance in explaining and you lost it." Mrs. Dune said as she opened up another book on the table, which most students fear, except, perhaps not Samson Longchamp.

" You will be getting a two-hour detention after school. Now go back to your seat." Mrs. Dune instructed as she made a marking in one of the pages. Samson shrugged and stuck his tongue out at his classmate the moment he turned his head away from his teacher. In fact, he was somehow relieved that he had gotten away with just detention and not a parents-meeting session, which he feared the most.

As he passed by Robbie and Randy, he quickly formed a 'V' sign with his fingers and his lips seemed to be mouthing something, but none of them could really understand what message he was trying to convey to them. It's okay. I will have to tell them during lunch.

To be continued…