A Challenge

10 sec…10 sec…Randy kept reciting the figure inside his head as he strode his way out of the classroom after his last lesson had ended. It was a Monday and he was having one lesson more than Samson and Robbie. He was taking an extra language lesson – French. How did he do it? Randy wondered out loud when he had learned about Sam's latest running record during their lunch.

" Yoo Hoo! Over here!" As usual, Samson was standing on top of one oak-tree made bench situated in school's garden as he waved profusely at Randy in order to get his attention. Robbie was busy munching away the chocolate bar that he had just brought from the café.

Intuitively, Randy's glance shifted toward their direction and traveled down to Samson's legs – strong and lanky. Then, Randy brought his glance back to his own, indeed, they were as lanky as Samson's but strong they might not be. In fact, they looked like two matchsticks sticking out from the tunnel of his shorts.

Randy let out a long sigh, " Maybe that's the reason."

" Hey dude! What took you so long? The lesson should end ten minutes ago." Samson grumbled.

" Don't you know the classroom is located at the end of that dreadful long stretch of corridor?" Randy rebuked, his lips puckered at both sides.

" Gosh! Don't tell me you need a full ten minute just walk from the classroom to here?" Samson remarked as his eyes widened in disbelief.

" I am not a road runner." Randy muttered softly under his breath but Samson had heard him.

" Beep! Beep!" Samson did an imitation of the cartoon character and dashed off from where he stood. " Come on, what are you two waiting for?" Samson beckoned the rest to follow while he headed toward the school gate in full speed.

" How I wish I can be as cute as Porky the pig." Robbie remarked out as he lazily picked up his school bag. " Let's go, FLOWER boy." Robbie teased out.

" STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Randy warned as he followed behind.

" FLOWER BOY! FLOWER BOY!" Robbie chorused out and tried his best to run when he realised that Randy might be making a chase. Unfortunately, he did not try to see where he was running.

" Look out!" Randy screamed out but it was too late.


Randy froze almost immediately and stood rooted to the ground as he witnessed his friend crashing carelessly into Jack Nelson, one of their seniors. " YOU THIS…" Jack bellowed out as he shoved Robbie off his body.

Robbie wanted to get away as fast as he could but he knew his action would never be fast enough. Like a prediction came true, Robbie soon felt a tug from behind and once again, he was once again on the ground.

" How dare you!" Jack glared down at Robbie, who could only gaped helplessly at the overgrown kid, who happened to be the infamous school bully. Just as Jack was about to strike down his fist, he felt a tap on his shoulder. " Pick someone your own size."

" Oh yeah?" Jack smirked as he turned to see who the foolhardy was and he saw a boy who was one-head shorter than he was standing firmly in front of him. " So, you think you are my size huh? Do you think you can fight very well?" Jack questioned in a daring tone while he had both his fists balled up.

Randy took Jack's momentary distraction as a good opportunity to run over and pulled the already stunned Robbie safely away from Jack. When Samson noticed both Robbie and Randy were already in a safe distance away from them, he returned Jack's glare. " Let's see if you are able to outrun me first."

With that, Samson quickly turned and made a dash towards the direction of the school gate. Of course, Jack was hot on his heels, but no matter how fast Jack tried to run, he was unable to go near his prey.

" Damn you! Stop now or you will suffer later!" Jack warned though his panting breath.

They ran and ran and ran until Jack finally stopped. Samson stopped too, but he kept a distant away from his pursuer. Jack was panting like he had never panted before, trying hard to catch his own breath.

" You…you…" Jack stammered out.

" You may fight well, but I bet your legs would start wobbling after running less than 1 km. Hahaha!" Samson teased out loud, unable to control his laughter.

" SAMSON LONGCHAMP!" Jack finally shouted out after gathering the remaining air in his lung. " I SHALL CHALLENGE YOU IN THE COMING RACE DAY!"

" Oh…" Suddenly, Samson's eyes perked up with interest, with a smile pinned on his face.

To be continued…