David and Nick, both friends since the third grade, just came back from a great Taco Bell dinner. Once they got to the gymnasium for track practice they felt their stomachs rumble. "Oh No!" David said. They both careered towards the restroom. Both of them looked at each other when they noticed there was only one stall! "I will battle you for it!" Nick said temperedly, while brandishing a ballpoint pen from his shirt pocket. David nodded in approval and drew out his newly whetted pencil. They both stood there and mauled each other, cautiously trying not to touch the urinal with pee at rest in it. Finally David pierced Nick's thumb.

"OUCH!" Nick screeched in horrifying pain as David dove into the stall. He stood there for a several seconds overwhelmed by the burnished throne till his stomach rumbled yet again. He hastily unbuttoned his pants and in one rapid movement threw them to his ankles and sat down. In a solitary forceful blow he defiled the toilet. "Ahh!" David sighed in relief as he rended the toilet paper and cleansed himself. Once he had opened the door, Nick lying on the floor in anguish, looked up at David as he said, "Grovel at my feet you knave, and beg for the throne!" "David please I need to go!" Nick implored.

"Ok here ya go," David, said showing his friend the entrance to the lavatory.

After both friends washed their hands they went back to track practice an immense deal happier.