An experiment was conducted, one that was to bring about a great change in mankind. It was to bring aid to the weak, strengthen the strong, allow for a greater society, and bring about such forces in warfare that it would be the end of war as we knew it. It was an experiment to fortify a man physically, mentally, spiritually, mortally and more. Sixty long years had passed until there was a final success. It was dubbed the Thirelle Experiment, after the lead scientist of the project, Vincent Thirelle.

I happened to be honoured in participating in the experiment. Unfortunately, I was not the subject, but rather, an observer. I took upon the responsibility of relaying the information gained through the observation for the media, allowing it to become accessible to the public.

When I first arrived at Thirelle Laboratories, the location in which the experiment was taking place, I was instantly in awe the moment I stepped into the large reinforced steel doors to the experimentation room.

Many large machines bordered the room, decorated with flickering lights or red, green, yellow and blue. So large were these machines, they dwarfed even the most colossal of men. Their metallic shine and the impeccable d├ęcor of the room gave off a sense that the moment one stepped through the door they were entering a room much further ahead in time than that of the primitive hallways that adorned the building.

Clicks and ticks and hums and whistles flowed through the air, churned out by the instruments of the experiment. So quiet they were, yet so full of life.

A group of us were led by an assistant to the back of the laboratory where the host was preparing his presentation. He stood silent for a great deal of time, his back towards us as he concentrated on a console of dials and buttons and a clipboard at his side. After several moments of idling, he turned, removed his glasses, and addressed us.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Dr. Vincent Thirelle, as many of you may already be aware. You have all been specially invited to one of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific history regarding the human species.

"For sixty long years, I, and my father before me, have been conducting experiments to alter the genetic and biological structure of our species in an attempt to create a better life for us all.

"The study focuses on the improvements in several areas such as strength, health, intellect, speed, response, the immune system, as well as pain tolerance. Some of these improvements are rather controversial and have been questioned many times as to why we would develop methods for improving them. We feel that all of these improvements are necessary for what we are aiming for here: a superhuman.

"The most asked question about this is of course 'why?'. To close the gaps of our current limitations would open us up to greater possibilities. Things that we only dreamed of will become reality. We would reach out farther, become greater, and unlock the true potential of the human species. We have it now. We have that potential. These experiments are only being conducted to release what has been locked away for so long. In a sense, it would be wrong to consider the final product of these experiments to be superhuman, but rather the true human.

"There are many approaches I took to this experiment. What is being handed out to all of you now is a folder containing files listing all of the experiments that were conducted in an attempt to achieve the status of superhuman. They are all failures; all 59 of them. You will notice that some of the approaches we took are very different from each other. We tried the saturation of molecular structure which only resulted in dense useless masses. We tried the expansion of cellular structure and the injection of experimental chemicals in order to strengthen these cells, only creating rather large unfortunately messes. We experimented mostly on the reconstruction of genetics and DNA, pinpointing the sources of strength, intelligence, speed, and the likes, only to create rather deformed and mutated masses. Currently we are continuing development in that area in a separate department as it may lead us to alternate discoveries. Although we use much genetic studies in our current operations, what we found most successful was a little thing that some of you might be aware of: evolution. Yes, evolution.

"This concept was in development for the bulk of the experimental process. It has been our priority to study it for the past forty years. Somehow, we stumbled upon a goldmine of information during our genetics research. We found a fascinating trigger found only in a unique and endangered cave rat's genetic structure. This trigger, when in contact with a specific combination of electrons, encourages the process of evolution at an amazingly accelerated speed. Many of the later experiments, as you can see, failed due to our inability to control the state of evolution. In one case we somehow stumbled upon the ability to reverse the affect and we experienced an accelerated form of de-evolution in one of our subjects. Further experimentation on the reversal of evolution is now being handled in a separate department.

"Finally, only a couple years ago, we managed to control the speed of evolution through the manipulation of the trigger, allowing us to start and then stop the evolution process. We are not currently able to start the process again after it has been stopped, nor are we able to reverse the evolutionary effects once they are conducted.

"Our most recent experimentations in various animals have proven to be a success. We have accelerated the evolutionary processes of a house cat, a dog, a rat, and a chimpanzee, thus far. Perhaps you would like to take a look? This way, please."

Dr. Thirelle led us along the eastern wall where there was yet another reinforced metal door. Upon entering it, there was a thin hallway with another door at the end. On each wall were many cages containing animals of various sorts. Dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, mice, squirrels, and many more were housed in separate compartments. They all appeared to be normal, untouched, and not used in any evolutionary experiments, although it was most likely that they were scheduled for some in the near future. As the next door slowly swung open with a dull metallic creak, the hallway opened up into a large chamber with five glass cases, four of them containing a subject of the evolutionary experiments. The room was large and it echoed with each step taken. The air was constantly filled with noise as many scientists walked about, notepads in hands, inspecting each of the specimens.

Dr. Thirelle snapped to get our attention and led us over to the first subject. It was a cat, but oddly enough, it was crouched in a position much like a man is capable of, or more accurately described as a common position that a chimpanzee could be found in. Its muscles were greatly enlarged, its claws were lengthy representing the large blade of a sickle, and its tail was thick and held great power within it as a large thud could be heard through the thick glass with each wag. What came most surprising of the subject was that it was approximately measured close to six feet tall.

"This cat was our first successful experiment," Dr. Thirelle began, "but you must be wondering why it takes on characteristics of other creatures. Certainly, a cat would not evolve to obtain this type of posture. No, no. Experiments prior to this one did succeed in a sense, but when the evolutionary process was initiated, there was little to no advancement in any aspects of the subject. Therefore, we claimed them as failures. We then experimented with further genetic reconstruction as we added in characteristics from other creatures, such as chimpanzees, dogs and mice. Once placed into the genetic structure, we began the evolutionary process, allowing these creatures to grow into these new characteristics.

"If you look around at the other creatures, many of them have the same characteristics, save for a few noticeable features they retained from their original state. Their posture, their muscles, claws, tails, and physique are all quite similar to one another. Their intelligence is greatly developed as well. As a matter of fact, that dog over there is separating those blocks by shape and colour. Colour blind, you say? Not anymore!" Dr. Thirelle amused himself with a small chuckle then brought us back into the main experimentation laboratory.

"Now, it is time for you all to experience the greatest moment in scientific history. Subject 60 of the Thirelle Experiment is about to commence the evolutionary process."

Dr. Thirelle removed a large white sheet to reveal a large, cylindrical chamber with many wires and consoles upon its top and bottom. Within it was a man, smiling and waving at us. I felt sympathetic for the man as he risked his life for such an awkward experiment, yet also felt proud as he will forever be known as the first. He was strapped to a large metal slab, raised up in a position so that the man was vertical and facing us.

"One thing I must say," Dr. Thirelle noted, "it must be understood that our experimentation on this subject is a little different than the past five. This is to be a superhuman, not a superhumandog or a superhumancat or superhumanmonkey, so the levels of characteristics that will be added into this man's genetic structure will be significantly less. We will definitely be adding characteristics into him from other species since we are much weaker and slower than some other creatures of our world. What may seem to be a problem is the development of intellect as we are the most developed in this area, but upon close study we feel that combined intellects with other creatures will ultimately cause a reaction for an increased intelligence. We found it successful in a few other subjects, so it should work with this one."

Dr. Thirelle walked up some steps to the main console and began pushing some buttons, "And if you're wondering, yes this man is quite crazy to be volunteering for such an experiment". I briefly noticed the man nodding and smiling before the lights went out as all power was directed toward the machine.

Nothing could be seen but long, thin, green electric sparks that jolted and jittered inside the cylindrical capsule. For several moments this continued until the capsule began to emit a blue glow. It maintained this glow for several moments before fading and giving off a hollow thud. On again came the blue glow, this time followed with a thin, tinny thud. Short moments passed before it went off again, once again making a hollow thud. On and off it went, slowly illuminating the room in a blue hue, and then engulfing it in blackness. Like the pacing of a heart, it filled the room with a beat that I felt driving into the depths of my stomach. It slowly picked up speed, the light continuing its blue flash until it became quick, short flashes, as though evenly paced lightning bolts were illuminating the room.

Several minutes passed before the dramatic presentation came to an abrupt halt. The console began to light up once more as power returned to them. It was silent and peaceful for a few very short moments until the air was pierced by a disturbing violent tremor.

"Hold! Hold! No! Wait! Not yet! Hold it!" I heard Dr. Thirelle cry out in a bitter yelp. Blackness engulfed us all so no one was aware of the recent turn of events. It all came clear to us shortly after, however.

Like a violent wind pushing up against a pain glass window, the capsule gave off the sound of a heavy shudder. It shuddered once, then twice, then a third time. Each time becoming more violent then the last; it shuddered a fourth, then a fifth time. Quicker and quicker they got until it gave out little cries as it cracked and squeaked; its bindings wailing as they buckled under a great forced. Then the glass came crashing down.

"Oh, God!"

Sparks from the capsules exploded throughout the room, blinding me and forcing me backwards as it seared my skin. The room of blackness filled with screams of terror from the other invitees and they ran for cover to protect themselves from the thing we all briefly saw during the short illumination.

It was a beast, nearly twelve feet tall by my estimate. It was no longer human, not even superhuman. The thing was coated in thin fur, equip with colossal muscles, had piercing yellow eyes, flailed a tail that smashed the remains of the capsule into pieces, and revealed large, jagged claws that tore through the walls.

We were given a brief moment of silence in the darkness until it was pieced with a deep growl and a bone chilling scream. Sparks exploded throughout the room again, illuminating it just long enough for me to spot the creature with Dr. Thirelle in its grasp.

" 're crazy!" He cried out, only for the creature to respond with a vile grin and a nod. The final embers went out and the room was dark again when I heard Victor Thirelle's final blood-filled cry and his body slumping to the ground. The rampage had begun.

In the darkness the thing raged on. I could not see where it was; only hear the havoc that it was wreaking. The bodies of men and women were violently being thrown into walls and consoles. Every once and a while, when sparks would fly, it would illuminate the room just enough for me to spot the fear stricken faces of the scientists as they pleaded for help.

I could do nothing, because I knew I was next. There was no possibility to hide from a creature with the night vision of a cat. To run would be suicide; to stand still would be suicide. Then it came, the blunt of the creature's tail smashed into the side of me, sending me into some trays and knocking me unconscious.

Fortunately, I did not perish in the incident. When I came to, I realized that the power was back on. The emergency back ups must have finally kicked in. I was surprised to find myself alive after such an incident. I wasn't the only fortunate one, though. Several others managed to escape the wrath of the super-beast.

The room was in great disarray. Tables were busted, consoles were smashed, dust and debris carpeted the floor, the capsule was smashed to oblivion, and many unfortunate souls littered the ground in heaping piles of flesh. Torn by the beast's claws, and smashed by its tail, many fell victim to its chaotic rampage; a rampage that continued on.

"It has left the premises." An assistant moved up beside me, clutching an arm that was most likely broken. "It has made its way to the streets. It will continue its rampage. It will take much to bring that one down. Its pain tolerance is great and its hide is thick."

We both looked toward a large hole in the southern wall that it had created to make its escape. The power put behind the force to knock down the wall was so great that it could have take out the whole other half of the building, had another beast like it had assisted.

Such an amazing creature it is, though; a scientific wonder. Yet, perhaps it was a step too far; a step not meant to be unveiled. It was a defiance of nature and the natural order which has been entrusted to us. Only chaos has come of it. We have tampered with laws meant to be unbreakable, and for it we shall pay a desperate price. But, we can right the wrongs.

"Let us hope his rampage ends shortly." I said, in hopes to boost up some of the morale lost in the tragedy. "Military forces will move in and drop the creature in due time."

"Perhaps," Responded the assistant, "But his speed will be great. His strength shall take him far. His tolerance to pain and his thick hide might allow him to survive. He has evolved into quite a fantastic specimen. Survival of the fittest, right?"

"Yeah, but even if he is not caught, time will eventually take him out. Let us hope that is not his killer, though. By that time, his rage may have ended us all." I said.

"Yes, if we are lucky this will end soon," The assistant lowered his head and his voice gave off a desperate sense of fear, "but he can reproduce."