Cat Poetry

Haikus about my kitty, MoonUnit...

My cat is stupid
She runs into walls daily
And falls off the couch

Darting into the
Kitchen, she complains like a
Whiny lil baby

I translate "meow":
"I am very pitiful,
please feel sorry!"

She is pretty
Black, white, gray, and tabby stripes
Shiny silky coat

But her head's empty
She gets mad when you mention
But it's rather true

Getting jealous of
Zoe, my other neko pet
Then gets cranky

She want food at least
Twenty-four/seven, a pig
Somehow not yet fat

But I love her still
Even if she's rude and dumb
She's my Moonie-chan!

The End. *Bows*


And as a bonus...a one-way conversation I had with my cat:
"Hey. Hey you. Yeah you. Hey buttface, stop licking the fridge! *insane giggles*"

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