Kitty Poems
Haikus on Zoe

Disclaimer: I own this, and my mom owns Zoe, and I own Moonie, and you can't have my Moony-baby or my Zoe-kins!


Zoe's fat belly
Drags on the floor, mops the floor
She's a furry pig

When she gets stretched out
She looks like a cucumber
Because she is round

She is my fangirl
She follows me all the time
Meows like she'll die

She obsesses a-
bout me, thinks she must be in
My room at all times

She is storing food
For the winter in her gut
But I dun she'll starve

She must drink from the
Dripping bathroom faucet and
Not have food in dish

The embodiment
Of fatness and stupidness
My Zoe-baby-girl


Me: *Dubbed Zoe's favorite kid*
Zoe: *Feels that it's necessary to sit behind or on me at all times*

Hehehe. If you want more, reeeeeeeviiiiiiwwwwwwww!

~*~*Jo Jo Bynx*~*~