"Look what I have found!"
I spoke only to myself
and gently knelt down in the weeds.
As I sat there, near crying,
my heart filled with pain
at the suffering I witnessed that day.

"What a poor little thing, I'll
mend that sad wing,
so you can soar off among your bright friends."
With exquisite care I held my find,
and soothed it with a song.

This broken friend,
who had savaged its wings
on a fall from heavenly heights-
came to know me, and like me,
and welcome my love,
every night we chatted til late.

Finally came the day
that I dreaded the most,
when my friend was healthy and whole.
I had to let my friend go,
let it soar back where it belonged.

My eyes shone with tears as I pointed the way,
up past the clouds and the sun.
My friend left that day, spread wings wide,
And my fallen angel found its gates.
The angel's friends frolicked at its return
while I sat in my home and I cried.

One day a knocking pounded my door,
I listlessly opened it wide-
and who was there, but my angel!
Grinning and holding me tight.

I found a broken angel one day,
while looking for peace for my soul.
I took this angel home with me,
then sent it back to heaven.
Now this angel stays with me,
in both heart and memory.

Who could have known that there are human angels out there? Not I...