It's early mornin' wish I could die.

Fly away into the abyss, you're there… and I'm here.

I'm so hurtful, no one understands my soul yet

You are there, I am here…

Why must I be so up tight?

Control Freak in lonely nights

You're are here, in my mind.

Wellness doesn't describe me,

Sadness and epiphany,

But not love, love to me.

It's mid' afternoon. Someone come to wipe,

Away these tears, that are here.

Early evenin'. Wish I didn't yell at you,

You are there, I'm so scared.

Poison in my brain,

Pourin' acid rain.

Aggravated, Educated.

Understand nothing,

What the future sings,


No reason,

For treason.

No flying,


It's almost midnight.

Voices in my head

Scream and shout.

"What's this about!?"

Almost four now,

Rings around my eyes keep me awake

What a mistake.

I wish, that all my friends could know my secrets…

And I'd know theirs.

I wish, I could wash away my evilness… and all my secrets.

Welcome to my world, in my distress and my pain, now you're here

But you're still there.

Nobody, knows but if they did, would they still love,

Me for who I am?

Please be a Bad Dream, And go away.

Don't let them drag you down,

Put your face in the sand

And hold on tight, thru the night...