Note: This is a type of fantasy/mythological short story I created nearly two years ago for a school project. Still a good piece so I decided to display it. It is a myth of how the world that I've created for a multitude of my stories - both created and pending creation - was created. Enjoy! And please review.

Long before there was life, even before there was light, there was nothing but blackness. The universe as we know it was simply a vast space of emptiness and endless darkness. It would forever remain in this idle state until the first light was born and the darkness was broken. Twelve enormous stars of unimaginable mass would grow out of the darkness, giving birth to the first glimpse of light.

Each star shone proudly as it illuminated the universe with its wondrous light. Each star ruled its own corner of the universe and even though they were separated by an endless amount of space, each could clearly be seen from one another.

However, not every star was so splendid. There was one star, the twelfth star, that was dying. It continuously grew smaller and smaller, its light grew dimmer and dimmer. Over time the star would finally shine its final beam of light as it would but out but in its place would lay a large, shining egg.

The egg would be the most wondrous and perfect egg to be created. Its diamond-like shell sparkled with beauty as it reflected the light emitted from the other eleven stars. For millions of years the egg would lay dormant, never to move from its nest in the universe.

After years of remaining in its inanimate state, it would finally crack and from it sprung a great beam of glorious light containing the colours of the universe. Over time the egg would crack more and more, releasing more colours into the vast skies of blackness until the shell would break completely.

As the shards of the diamond egg fell away from what was contained inside, a large explosion with unimaginable force flowed from the egg, filling the universe with a shattering tremor. The energy and force contained in the explosion was so great that it shattered the other eleven stars, spreading the millions of silver shards across the blackened skies, creating the stars we know today.

As the great disturbance calmed, what emerged from the egg began to spring to life. What was revealed was what seemed to look like a giant sphere of shining red steel. Its surface was layered with several thin, oval shaped plates of glorious red beauty, fashioned in such a way that it looked like a scaly shell. The shining red star then began to move, opening itself from its spherical position to reveal its true form.

What was revealed was a glorious bird of fire named Teirnova. Her beautiful wings, outlined with flaming steel, could envelope the galaxies. Her chest was decorated with bronze, silver, and gold feathers that glowed with mystical energies of glorious magic. A single platinum feather sat atop her head, known to contain the most of her godly powers and had enough to make anyone, who was in possession of it, a god themselves.

Teirnova was the more glorious of creations. With her head held up high, she looked upon the vast amount of space around her. She felt that the emptiness must be filled, and with that thought, she spit out a small egg. Immediately, it began to crack and from it emerged a small star. However, it wasn't like any other star. Since its birth, it continued to grow and grow, its light grew brighter and brighter. Shortly after, the small star grew to become the biggest and brightest star in the universe. Thus, the twelfth star was reborn, and it still sits in our skies today as the brightest of all stars.

Teirnova then began her first flight to venture the newborn stars to create things to fill the empty spaces. She soared through the blackness as flames danced off the tips of her wings in a trail that she travelled, dissipating as she continued.

After a long flight, Teirnova would slow to lay several eggs. They'd shine with unimaginable beauty and would hatch almost immediately after its place in the universe was set. From the debris of the small tremors they created would emerge planets, usually lifeless, with several smaller companions - these being the moons.

Every once and a while a silver egg would be laid, and from it would emerge a planet that had the possibility of supporting life. Teirnova would return in the distant future, once it had matured, to place on it its first breath of life.

For centuries upon centuries Teirnova would venture the shadowed skies laying eggs that would hatch into more planets and more moons. It continued until Teirnova would lay her final egg.

She would lay the more perfect eggs as her last. Coated in a golden shell, it stood out from every other egg that had been created by the colossal bird of dancing inferno. The light emitted from the other stars glistened off its wondrous shell as it perched in its designated place, full of pride. Soon, like every other egg, it would hatch and reveal the most perfect of worlds. Thus, the Earth was born.

The Earth was unlike any other planet created by Teirnova and was capable of supporting life. This planet would have already been matured and was capable of supporting life immediately. Clean water flowed from its streams, fresh air blew through the trees, and the vegetation grew with enormous beauty. Earth had life growing within it immediately, but all it needed now was the creatures to bring the life to its full potential.

Teirnova would then shrink herself to a reasonable size to land on the earth, yet she still remained much larger than any bird that exists today. The monstrous bird of fire landed on the fresh soils of the earth, ready to create the most wondrous of creatures to rule her planet while she was gone. With that thought, she spit out four small eggs of equal size in front of her.

From these four eggs would emerge four creatures that would endure several tests to determine which would be the dominating species while the rest would live under them. The first to hatch was a creature, created in the image of Teirnova herself. It looked just like Teirnova, only smaller, and it did not emit the flames of the bird goddess.

The second to hatch was a hulking beast, created in the image of Atsura, the Lord of the Lands. He donned thick furs and sharp teeth, yet his arms and legs were bare and instead were scaly and green. He was the most intimidating of all creatures that were created.

The third to hatch was a smaller creature, created in the image of Sephrin, the Lord of the Depths and Darkness. He was the finest of all swimmers as his skin was smooth and he sported several fins, which allowed him to maneuver through water with ease.

The fourth to hatch was a creature who the weakest of all the creatures when it came to special skills. The one created in Teirnova's image could fly, the one created in Atsura's image could run with great speed and was vicious, and the one created in Sephrin's image could swim and see perfectly in the darkness. This creature was created in the image of Craowin, the Lord of Intellect and Knowledge.

All four creatures had legs and arms, and they could stand upright. They also all had the ability to speak, so they could address their gods in proper manner. Now, it was time to test them all to see who would be the dominant species and who would rule the world while Teirnova was gone.

"Come forward, all of you!" She said, "You shall all endure several tasks that will aid you in your survival. I shall put you to the test of such things as building a shelter, hunting for food, mating, nurturing your offspring, and several other things that you will require. These skills shall be passed down through you and your children as well as their children and their children's children. These skills will come to them naturally once you have learned them so their survival is ensured."

She gave them all simple instructions and the basics of what to do to harness these skills they needed. After several months, they all returned.

"You have all successfully completed your tasks," She uttered proudly, "but you shall now endure the greatest of tests to determine the dominating species. The one who shall succeed will get the platinum feather on my head."

All four of the creatures stared in awe at the shiny metallic feather atop the colossal bird's head.

"The one to succeed shall get this feather," She continued, "and while in possession of this feather, you shall become a god. And with your powers, you shall create more like yourself and you shall take care of this planet."

"What of the others?" The bird spoke out.

"It shall be up to the one in possession." Teirnova replied, "They may become much lower than the one who succeeds, or the successor may choose to make you as demigods."

"All right, so what is our test?"

"You shall complete the Test of the Elements." Teirnova stated, "Each one of you shall be responsible for one of the great elements that hold this world together. The one who becomes successful in containing the element shall get the platinum feather. If more than one succeeds, the one who contains it the most efficiently shall get the feather."

Teirnova looked around at her creations and made sure they understood before carrying on. Once ready, she began to assign elements to each of the creatures.

"Bird, you shall be in charge of the element of Wind. Contain it so that no winds shall flow uncontrolled. Ensure that no winds will pull my perfect trees from their roots." With a simple nod in acknowledgment from Bird, Teirnova gave him a small globe with the element inside it.

"Beast, you shall be in charge of the element of Earth. Contain it so that no lands or rocks shall cause tremors. Ensure that the soils shall stay pure and the grounds will never crack or cause disaster." Beast, too, nodded to the fiery goddess as she gave him a small globe containing the element of Earth.

"Fish, you shall be in charge of the element of Water. Contain it so that no flood shall consume my creatures or drown the vegetation that decorates the land. Ensure that the flowing waters remain calm and enough can reach my vegetation so they shall remain living." With that, Teirnova gave Fish a small globe containing the element of Water.

"Finally, Human, you shall be in charge of the element of Fire. Contain it so it does not run wild and burn those which I love. Ensure that it is forever contained until summoned by those who wish to use its powers." Teirnova finished by giving Human a small globe containing the element of Fire.

"Now go!" She concluded, "Go and do as what I have instructed. Soon, one of you shall become ruler of these lands!"

All four of the creatures split up and went off to complete their tasks. After many years of trying, none had completed what they had been told. Their tasks were just too difficult. Although, Teirnova never expected them to finish anytime soon due to the amount of difficulty involved.

One day, Fish, Beast, and Bird got together and discussed their situation. "This is pathetic!" Exclaimed Beast as he pounded on the Earth's crisp soil.

"No, can do this! We just need to work together!" Suggested Fish as he clapped excitingly, the fins on the ends of his arms slapped sharply.

"What do you mean?" Bird questioned, a feathery eyebrow perked up.

"We can use each of our elements against each other!" Fish explained, "You see, the water I am responsible for keep flowing and it won't stop! We need to contain it with something. If we use Beast's earth like a bowl, we can contain the water!"

Beast grinned convinced that Fish's idea was flawless and that it was certain that it would work.

"But what about the winds? It continues to flow like the water, but you can't contain it in a bowl!" Said Bird.

"I can hold it up high in the sky with the earth!" Exclaimed Beast as he jumped up and down exhilaratingly.

With that, the three took their elements and did as they said. Water would hold up Earth, as it would lay in bowl like craters where it would remain, continuously flowing calmly. The Wind would be held up high in the sky by Earth, flowing freely and calm like the waters. However, there was still something missing and some unanswered questions.

"Wait a second!" Bird perked up, "What about Human and his fire? Aren't we going to help him too? And what about the platinum feather? Only one of us can have it!"

"Calm down, calm down." Beast whispered, "That's no problem! We don't have to worry about Human! Let him suffer. He doesn't deserve to be the dominant species anyway! I mean, look at him! He's simply just skin and bones and he can't do anything special like us! He can't fly, he can swim that well, and he doesn't have claws and thick skin to hunt. All he has is intelligence and who needs that? We can do anything he can, sometimes better!"

Fish nodded in covenant, "You know, you're right. Who needs Human? Him and his species can live below us! But."

"But what?"

"But that still doesn't explain the platinum feather. Only one of us will get it. Only one of us will become a god and will be able to rule this world."

"Don't worry about!" Beast said comfortingly, "One of us will definitely get the feather, right? Well, with that power, the one in possession can make the others demigods and create the ultimate species! It will have the characteristics of Bird, you, and I!"

"All right! Let's do it!"


"Sounds good to me!"

The three trotted off, convinced that their plan would work flawlessly. However, little did they know, Human was nearby the whole time and heard the whole conversation.

"Curse them!" Human said, enraged at the group's decision, "I'll show them! They think they turn on me?! I'll just take a bit of each of their elements and control mine without them knowing! A perfect plan!" He snickered as he took a small piece from each of the other elements. Little did he know, those little pieces were all it needed to make the elements unstable.

He took a small piece of earth and covered the element of fire; suffocating it and putting it out, yet the fire grew back and continued to burn. He then took some winds and blew out the fire. Once again, the flame grew back and continued to burn. Finally, he submerged the inferno in water and it finally went out. It would remain like this until it was to be summoned by another.

Later that day, the four creatures approached Teirnova to let her know they had all completed their quests and that the selection for the new ruler of Earth should be done. She slowly approached the group then began to speak.

"You have all embarked on a very important quest. Now, I must choose the most successful of the bunch." Slowly, she paced back and forth, eyeing each one of the creatures that stood before her.

"Unfortunately," She continued, "You have all failed. You have successfully contained the elements you were given, but they are unstable. Because of that, the elements are now able to leak into the world, randomly causing destruction. I am very disappointed."

Grief stricken faces could only be seen from the group. Bird, Beast, and Fish were convinced that their plan was flawless. As for Human, he too was stricken with grief, thinking that his plan should have worked.

"I shall all give you another chance," Teirnova interrupted the group's time to think about what had just happened, "This time it will be different. There will be no helping others, as you have this last test. Surprised? I know everything. I know how you all aided each other in containing each other's elements. Even you, Human." At that moment, Human lowered his head as he could feel the icy glare of the other three strike him down.

"Human?!" Beast muttered under his breath, "He used our elements to contain his own?! It is his fault the elements are unstable."

Teirnova perched herself on a large rock and continued to explain about the next test.

"I shall think of another test for you all to complete. They will be done individually, with no aid from the others. I shall have it ready for you all tomorrow morning. Until then, rest up." She grinned at her creations as if to wish them luck, then took off into the night sky.

Human could still feel the icy glare from the others as it kept digging deeper and deeper into his soul.

"I-I'm sorry everyone." He whimpered.

"Sorry?! Is that all you have to say, Human?!" Fish hounded the poor man, knowing that he was crushing him with every word that left his tight lip mouth.

"I-I have a name, you know!"

"A name?!" Bird laughed, "How can you have a name? You're a mere mortal! You cannot have a name! Only gods have names! You can only have a name once in possession of the platinum feather! Either that or a god must give you a name! Human!"

"I-I have a name." Human continued, stuttering constantly. "It' . I named myself. I don't like being called Human. It's too general. I want to be recognized as an individual."

"Pssh, this is pathetic! I'm going to get some rest for the new quests tomorrow." Beast waved off the Human in disgust and trotted off into the distance.

"Yeah, we've had enough of you."

"Wait for me!"

Once again, Human was all alone. However, when alone his intellect and wisdom often kicked in giving him outrageous ideas.

"I am not only Human," the man clutched his hand, making a fist to ease his anger towards the group that had recently ridiculed him, "My name is Deikon, and I shall become a god. There is no need for anymore quests."

Later that night, Deikon climbed the tallest of mountains where Teirnova was perched. With great stealth, he was able to sneak up to the immense goddess without her waking. With a quick tug, he pulled the platinum feather loose from her shining crown.

In a burst of light, a ring of fire shot with lightning speed from the top of Teirnova's head as the feather was removed. In the blink of an eye, Teirnova woke and flew up several feet to look down upon the Human, now growing in size as he gained his godly powers.

"No! Do you know what you have done?!" Teirnova shouted. "You have received the platinum feather in an improper manner! Because of this, we are doomed! You have brought hate upon us!"

High in the blackened skies, another star began to grow to enormous sizes. This was the thirteenth star. It grew to its full size, and then with a sharp burst it exploded revealing a black, shining egg. It did not remain dormant long as it cracked and another bird emerged, much like Teirnova. However, this bird was of pure evil. The black flames that emitted from it scorched the skies creating craters of nothingness within the empty space. Thus, Zhanex, the bird of death, was born.

He approached the Earth and saw a great opportunity for destruction. He began to curse the perfectly created universe by destroying several planets but creating flying rocks of fire and ice that he called asteroids and meteors.

Turning back to the perfect world known as Earth, he placed his deadly claws upon the world. Several curses plagued the lands including hate, greed, death, disease, poverty, famine, and many other hexes that would forever corrupt the Earth.

Finally, he turned to Teirnova's creations and saw the perfect opportunity. His grim smile struck fear into all, even Teirnova. With a flap of his wings, Fish, Beast, and Bird were minimized to more harmless creatures. Their humanoid features vanished, and they lost their ability to speak. Beast was also split into several pieces as some retained their furs and the other scurried off with its scaly skin. These creatures would be the beginning of several, new creatures that inhabit the world today.

As for Human, his godly powers were diminished, but not entirely. He still retained his humanoid features and was still able to speak. His powers to rule the world, however, were ostracized such that his ability to rule would be a difficult and humiliating task.

Teirnova looked up at the darkness that shadowed the world. She knew it was only up to her to stop the terror. With an enormous burst of energy, she propelled herself towards the hulking beast and pushed him towards the small sun that supported the life on the Earth.

As the two great forces collided with the burning titan, a large explosion caused a colossal tremor forcing the planets to shift, even the Earth. The sun also grew to such a size that its energies clawed at the Earth in an abnormal way. The balance was off and the sun would scorch some areas, while other areas would become frozen wastelands as no energy from the sun could reach it.

"What have I done?" Deikon fell to his knees, looking towards the sky, "What have I done?"

Looking back towards the Earth, he noticed the elements, as they were too unstable to contain. Fires burned, winds blew, floods rushed, and quakes crushed.

"What have I done?" Deikon repeated, "This is my fault, and I must live with it. I have been given a gift, though. Intellect, wisdom, knowledge. I can use it to fight the curses and defend myself and my people against these hexes that Zhanex has placed among us. We shall survive." Deikon turned back towards the skies as he smiled, knowing that there was still hope.

"We shall survive. This is our planet and we shall mold our future properly. We shall survive."