It was just another day. Another lunch hour. Another sandwich eaten in the hallway. I sat with my friends in our hallway. No there was no real claim on the hallway but we just sit there, every lunch hour. I sat silently nibbling on my sandwich. It tasted disgusting but I needed the food. I perfer eating gross food to having my stomach growl in class. I swallowed each piece of the sandwich. Not chewing it. I was half listening to the conversation that was happening and half in my own world. That's when I heard footsteps. Footsteps mean you have to tuck in your outstretched legs so someone who can't seem to step over them, can walk by. I decided not to move my legs this time. Screw whoever was coming. I looked up to see my target when I froze.

My target was the most attractive female I had ever laid eyes on. She stood around 5'5'. Her body was slender not skinny. Something to hold onto. She had goregous curves. Ones that just begged to be touched. Her hair hung just below her shoulders. It was a deep brown, and had a slight wave to it. Her eyes were a bright green. Like the grass in spring. Her lips were pouty and a hue of blood red. As if she drank it. She was now looking at me. Our eyes locked as she sat on my lap. She raised a pure white hand. Sliding two fingers between her supple breasts. I bit my tongue. What was she doing? Her fingers slowly reappeared with a paper between them. She handed me the paper and I took it from her gently. Opening it I found a number, a phone number. I smiled slyly.

"You shouldn't give this to strangers. You never know what they may do."

"You wouldn't hurt me." God even her voice was beautiful. A deep yet soft angelic sound.

"How do you know." She didn't reply.

I felt something urging me to prove her wrong. I trailed a finger down her throat. The nail scraping off the skin. She tilted her head back and sighed. I reached behind her and pulled her to me. The mark was bleeding slightly. I don't know why but I licked it off her pale skin. She sighed a little louder and pushed me away. She leaned to the side of my neck. I tilted my head willingly to her. I felt her tongue run along my artery. I shivered then felt something I had only dreamt of. Two fangs punctured my skin. Plunging into my vein. It felt so good. I was being pulled away into the darkness. Something I had wanted for a long time. I was now surrounded by it. Floating on it. Then I heard her voice.

"Open your mouth and drink."

I had read enough to know if I drink then I too would be a vampire. I closed my mouth tight. I was happy in the darkness. I didn't want to go back.

"Please, I promise you'll feel just as good as you are now."

Well I could always kill myself later if I wasn't happy. I opened my mouth. She pressed her wrist up to my mouth. The coppery smell of blood was inticing. I leaned forward grabbing her arm. I sucked on this life liquid. It's taste alluring. I wanted more. It filled my soul with satisfaction. I sucked harder. Then the she pulled away. I reached out for her but found I was too dizzy. I saw my friends just looking at me shocked. Great help they were. I'm dying and they just sit there. Oh well. Then I felt it. I was changing. I heard that vampires become as beautiful as they can when they turn. Though I didn't believe it then. But I did now. My skin was washed away of all faults. My hair waved. Muscles were tightened. Breasts grew until they were firm mounds. My arms and legs were stronger. I was stronger. I opened my eyes. My friends weren't around anymore. It was just me and this mystery girl, my master.