La Contess de Mouvement de Delicat

A cheer rings out, 'All hail, your Grace!'
and the multitude vacates quite a space
such respect is hardly ever seen
especially for one so very green
but wait! All's not as it first appears
they're crowding back, expressing fears,
they murmur misgivings about the intended ascent
'it happend once' and 'there's yet time to repent'
before history itself repeats
with amazing, acrobatic feats.
They cannot fly, who do not have wings,
and so the choir a dirge solemnly sings:
Humpty dumpty climbed up a wall
there followed one hell of a fall.
How could all the camp's physicians,
with all their scientific medications
assemble the shattered portions
without resorting to magic potions?

I have a certain friend, who attends what all who know her term a glorified club med.
She then felt the need to demonstrate her gracefulness by attempting to fly, unfortunately, she forgot the most important part...missing the ground. (for further information on this subject, please refer to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.) The title means, vaguely, the countess of graceful movement...didn't want to call her queen, as that might give her a swelled head ;p
Anyway, a near meaningless piece of fluff meant to entertain.
By the way, the title was translated by someone else, so if its wrong, let me know.