A/N: I wrote this today, I just learned a boy in my sisters school (yes I knew him, very sweet child) was murdered…I'm watching the news report right now. God, I didn't know I would cry so hard about a kid I barley even knew…I'm so sorry Chris…we REALLY miss you…

Lives are taken from so many, each day

The grief, the pain, it's too much to bear.

No one ever notices how special he or she is,

'Till people are weeping over their death.

I wish people could love,

Instead of hate,

Hug instead of kill.

God, the reality of it is too much.

Every day, you see a homicide case on the news,

Do you care? Maybe, but I know I never took it seriously

But now I know the people aren't lying,

That they're telling the truth.

But if you know the victim,

How can you not care?

An innocent life, taken unjustly

It's not fair!

He could have been the president, not anymore.

She could have discovered a cure to cancer, not anymore.

The cases on the news are not a joke.

Somebody actually DIED.

An innocent life was taken, but WHY?

Who can have such a small heart, that they go and kill?

Go and kill an innocent child?

Or a grown enemy?

I just want you to know,