You told me to be kind

and that's what I tried to do.

So when I saw him stranded on the road

I thought immediately of you.

I figured you would be proud

that I was helping this man out.

I never even anticipated

what his intentions were truly about.

I didn't want his to get in the car

I wanted to speed away.

But I reluctantly let him in

when I recalled what you had to say.

You told me to be safe

and wait until I was prepared.

But he made up my mind for me

Mommy, I was so scared.

He ripped off my clothes

never gave me a chance to run.

I wouldn't have anyhow

I was too afraid of the gun.

He took from me what I never offered

assuming I wouldn't care.

Took the one thing I wanted to keep

and left me stranded there.

Stole my innocence, my youth, my beauty

stole my friendly smile and me gentle touch.

Stole my purpose for living this life

all the things I loved so much.

You told me it would be okay

that the pain would slowly fade.

But hard and hard as I kept trying

I couldn't stop reliving that fateful day.

I turned my life around

in the direction it needed to be.

But I could never forget this man

and what he did to me.

So in order to escape the pain

and truly be free at last.

I have thought of a final way

to fully escape my past.

It's not like I actually want to go

and I'm not very good at good-byes.

But I'm going on to a better place

where the pain will ease and the joy will rise.

I want to be buried under the maple tree

right next to where Poppa lays.

So the autumn leaves can fall on top

to remind you of better days.

And I want written on my gravestone

right above my head.

So my final words will be remembered

each time it's read.

"Just when you think the world has turned good

and there's nothing by which you can be hurt.

Take a cautious step back from life

to think of my daughter and what happened to her.

A life is a life and handle with care

because some things are too precious to lose.

Just remember to always speak your mind

and to your heart be true."