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Book the Second: Marriage

Chapter One

"Oh this lonely world is wasted

Pathetic eyes high alive

blind to the tide that turns the sea"


The next day, Lara and Mark returned to his trailer. Lara had only what she brought from school, so there really wasn't much moving in to do. She maintained very firmly that she didn't need anything from her parents' house. She didn't ever want to go back there again. After all, that was the point of being an adult, wasn't it? Freedom from crappy parents.

As soon as they made it through the threshold, Lara made a spit-second decision. She turned swiftly, and her mouth met his. His breathing grew heavy. She took him by the hand, and led him to the bed. He kissed her lips, her eyes, her neck, her breasts...She tembled, and wrapped her knees around his waist. She felt him, hard, against her thigh... Then, suddenly, her head was filled with screaming. Harsh, painful, cries. She covered her ears against the sound, but it continued, and she realized it was her own voice. and her good leg was kicking, her arms were flailing, she tasted blood and bile... Then, abruptly, it left her. She opened her eyes. The blood was gone, the vomit was gone, the terror, gone. But the look on Mark's face made her want to cry. He was afraid to touch her. Slowly, she stood up. Slowly, she walked to the bathroom. Slowly, she drew a bath, let the water shock away her dirtiness.

Carla was still tormented by her betrayal. But poor Lara would never beleive her. She wished she were catholic so she could go to a preist and confess, then say some Hail Marys and be absolved. But she stood by her scorn of G-d. But then again, if she had the chance to take back her actions that night, would she? How could she ever fully regret what had given her her child? When Lorelei was born, Carla's love grew, something she had not thought possible. She now didn't care that she was missing out on going to college. She wouldn't let her family hire a nanny for her, she wanted to be close to Lorelei every single minute of every single day. She actually pitied her freinds, who knew nothing of her joy. Especially Lara. Now Carla understood what Lara must have gone though to leave Ama at her aunts' house, to only see her in the summertime. Poor Lara.

Ten minutes later, he started to worry about her. She had left the bathroom door open, so he went in and sat on the floor by the tub. Her eyes were closed. "I'm sorry" he said.

"It's not you," she answered quietly.

"Your're cold," he said suddenly. She folded her arms over her breasts, and didn't even open her eyes. he tested the water, and swore quietly. It was ice-cold. "Lara," he said sharply, "Get out of there. It's freezing." She opened her eyes slowly, and looked at him blankly. "C'mon," he said, and started to pull her out by her shoulders. As he helped her to her feet, she let out a single dry sob, and was silent. he wrapped her tightly in an old towel. "I'm making you some coffee." It wasn't a question.

She followed him into the kitchen. "I'm sorry," she said, as he shoved a mug of steaming sludge into her hands.

"You?" he said, "I'm the one who-"

"I told you, it isn't you. It's just..."

"I know," he said quickly.

She sipped at her coffee. It was tasteless, but it warmed her.

The telephone rang. Mark answered it, then handed it to her. She took it in surprise.

It was her mother, begging her to come back home. Lara was furious that her mother thought a phone call could fix everything between them. She hung up in the middle of her mother talking about how everyone wants to run away at some time...

Lara sat down at the kitchen table and tried very hard not to cry, while Mark held her hand.

College. How shall I describe it? It was much less of a change than I had expected. In fact, all that was different were the people. Teachers here in highschool had worked to make us miserable. Here, they didn't care. Students, too, were different. There were clubs and organizations everywhere, and time seemed to have no meaning, because people joined these organizations, apparently free from the endless endless homework Holly and I had. I told Holly we must learn this mastery of time, and she told me it was easy because time was not a distinct phenomena, but really part of Spacetime, and that if one could manipulate Spacetime, which obviously one could... I was so tired that it actually took me several confused moments to realize she was kidding.

Lara got a job at a local resturaunt as a waitress. Mark worked doing odd jobs at the supermarket, which mostly consisted of unloading trucks. He did not drink much anymore, because when he did, he didn't stop until he passed out. Lara, however, drank regularly, whenever she thought he wasn't watching. She hid liquor bottles where she thought he wouldn't find them. They never had consummated their marriage. Whenever they tried, Lara would inevitably slip into the past, and start screaming as if she was being murdered. Then she would wait until he wasn't around, and slip into an icy bath.

Kwan was doing a steady stream of shows on broadway. Her name spread through the theater world, until even I caught wind of her reputation in the newspaper. I exclaimed aloud, though no-one was in the room. Kwan was famous! Of course, I knew her voice to be the most beautiful I had ever heard in person, but that wasn't saying much. I called to her congratulate her on making the paper, and she just laughed and said she had a long way to go.

August and Maria were getting along beautifully. August became a photographer for a small newspaper, and spent all her free time immersed in her art. She even sold a painting, but found out later it was because the man had liked the way she looked (a first for August). Maria found police training to be very difficult, but also exciting. She looked forward to the day when she would be issued a badge and sent on her first assignment. August didn't entirely agree with the whole police thing in the beginning, but she kept her thoughts to herself when she saw how happy Maria was.

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