For so long I have dreamt of obtaining the greatest of treasures. A treasure so magnificent that even the gods would be jealous of my overwhelming success. Years have passed and past dreams have shattered, but today I feel as though the time has come when my journey shall end and the sacrifices in which I have made will pour forth in a flowing river of triumph.

I'm set for the journey that will lead me to the greatest of destinies. My pack is strapped to my back, filled to the brim with rations, clothes, and tools that will help me dig the pit that will reveal to me the omnipotent splendour of victory that waits for me. I have waited too long for it and it is my duty to seek it out. Lastly, but not least in the bit, the journal which has recorded my most wondrous of adventures shall accompany me. Oh, how excited I am. Today is the beginning of a new era.

Several hours it took to reach the destination. Through harsh terrain of northern tundra and south toward the infested forests of the savage civilizations of the wild I ventured. Days passed before I reached the valley where my treasure awaited my godlike prowess to raise it from its ancient earthen tomb. When I finally stood atop the soils that I knew held my destiny, I stared at the young and vibrant vegetation beneath my feet. The air was silent and calm with bright sky and colossal mountains bordering my surroundings. I was all alone with no one to guide me but myself. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

My concentration drifted from the outside surroundings and once again focused on the grass which held me up in such high regard. Languidly, yet cheerfully they swayed back and forth, unaware of the fate they would soon meet as I brought forth my strength to push on and plunged my shovel into the innocent carpet of nature. Pulling it up I could hear the grotesque tearing of the little ones' limbs as their roots stretched and snapped under my overbearing might. Inevitably, harm must be done to the young, weak, and small for the strong and powerful to rise up and succeed at what they do.

I tossed the limp ones aside into a pile and continued my drive toward the center of the earth. Larger and larger the pile grew, deeper and deeper the hole dropped. I would soon realize that I would have to find a new place to pile the excess dirt once the neck of the pit reached above the tip of my head. Luckily, I realized this dilemma when I was only knee deep in the damaged earth. I simply changed plans at that moment and made a much wider hole than initially planned. It now began to take the shape of some abstract tomb for multiple corpses. I laughed at the notion as I thought of the people who ridiculed me and my quests believing them to be wasted escapades with the inevitable end of failure, disappointment or even worse. Just wait until they see my true power once this is over. They will experience the same fate Mother Nature's dancing children have felt!

It was getting rather dark, but I had to push on. I must have been digging for many, many hours now. The morning seemed to drift on to twilight in such a short amount of time, yet the depth of the pit argued otherwise. The mouth of the pit was far above my head now. All I could see were the many stars littering the night sky as I looked out. They look down upon me now, but just wait! It will be I who will look down upon them in the end.

The hours of labour worked viciously upon my mind, body, and spirit. All were worn and tired, but I had to move forward. Stuffing some rations into my mouth, I was quick to continue my work on the hole. Several more hours must have passed - but I was not counting - and the pit was, from what I believed, coming closer and closer to its destination.

It reached a point where no sunlight could stretch its lustrous beams to the bottom of the pit. It was pitch black at all times, now. I have experienced many night where it would be an impending darkness, only to have the morning sun pour in and refresh my soul. That was no longer the case. I was in an eternal blackness and rifts of claustrophobia passed through me every once and a while. I was convinced, however, that I must not stop and that I much continue on. I was so close.

I would often sit still and listen intently as I was convinced there was something nearby. It was below me. A calm, slow rush like the drift of a midnight wind through instrumental trees creating the most unique of songs, was singing its own song through the thin, damp layer of soil. Digging a little deeper it was revealed that there was a small flow of water beneath my current position. A most pleasant view, indeed! It was noted that beyond the crystalline gate my treasure would await. This is what the gate must be; this clear, yet potentially deadly stream.

Dig and dig and dig some more I did. It got to the point where I would require several breaths of air to dive under and move sections of mud. I was so close now. I could feel it. The water began to give off a slight glow and a warm sensation flowed through me each time I dove for my treasure.

One last breath, one last dive, I had finally found it. Beneath all this dirt sat a small golden box, engraved with arcane symbols as it emitted a bright, warm glow. I quickly grabbed it and surfaced as my air supply was rapidly diminishing. Once my head pierced the surface of the crystalline gate, I made a desperate gasp for air. It took me a while to recover, but once I put things back into perspective, I examined my new treasure. A rather exquisite gift, it was. It was small, easily sitting in the palm of my hand. A well designed golden box with arcane scripture around its borders and several mythological figures of various civilizations standing in unison around its edges.

Enough of the examining, I was too eager to crack it open. I took my pocket knife and pried at the small lock. For being thousands of years old, if not longer, its lock was in pretty good shape. The whole box itself was neither weathered nor worn by time or nature which reflected its godlike qualities.

Several minutes passed by until it finally cracked open, only to be followed by many crackles and snaps as it healed itself. A rather fascinating experience to look upon. Luckily, I had opened the lid a slight bit and unknowingly prevented it from sealing shut again, saving me several more minutes of my time.

Slowly and cautiously I lifted the lid to reveal a brilliant light that joyfully bounced off all the walls. So many valiant colours danced about, taking my breath away. For a great deal of time I was fascinated by such a mystical show, unaware of the small, marble-like orb that hovered gently in the center of the box. Once I realized its existence, I looked deep into it. There seemed to be cloud-like wisps gliding about within it. It started as a slow, gentle movement but rapidly began to move faster and faster, spinning about and shaking the shell in which is was encased. The marble danced violently on its shining pedestal and before I could protect myself against it, it quickly lashed out at me, smashing into my temple and knocking me unconscious.

Much happened in my limited and suppressed state, but there was one thing I can most easily recall. I can remember seeing a winged creature before me. It was no angel, however. It had a harsh physique. It was male in gender, large, well built, bearded in grey, armoured in black and gold steel which shielded nearly everything except his head and arms, and enormous metallic wings that could have consumed me and hundreds of others in a single swoop. What disturbed me most about the creature, however, was its right eye which was hued over in gold. It was hauntingly beautiful, but its power was uncomfortably existent as I felt it piercing my soul. It was searching for something. I know not what, exactly, but it was digging deep. It dug further than I had driven into the crust of the earth. It was seeking out the core. I could not withstand it anymore. I wanted out. I wanted free from this omnipotent burden. I wanted to return home. This was all a mistake. I should have never gone on such a ridiculous quest in the first place. I should have listened to those who ridiculed me so long ago. I soon felt at ease as the piercing sensation subsided and the creature began to communicate without mouthing a word.

"Why have you come?" It said. Before I could utter a response, it quickly continued, evidently understanding my motives and reasons for being here. It must have collected such information during its intrusive interrogation into my soul.

"The Box of Kothru`Gal is what you seek? A dangerous tool, you must understand. It is yours you believe? An acceptable assumption." It continued to ask and answer its own questions, leaving me no chance to speak. I tried to interrupt but my speech was faint and airless. I could not breath, but I felt no strain on my lungs.

"The box shall be yours. You have earned it. But there are consequences in which you failed to perceive as being acceptable. The pit in which you have constructed shall be your home. It shall be your tomb. You shall forever inhabit this Pit of Eternity. From your failures, mankind shall succeed. You have done a great virtue to your people. Let this victory be bittersweet."

My heart sunk. Was I to be stuck for eternity in this hell? From my failures mankind shall succeed? What was he talking about?

"Your inability to contemplate the negatives of a given situation is your flaw," He replied, "You began a quest littered with hardship, troublesome barricades, and inevitable failure. You failed to consider the wrong that could come of it. From each journey, quest, adventure, there is always the potentiality of error. You were ill prepared for such inconveniences and as a result, you shall suffer for it. To be prepared is to understand the ultimate form of error in any given situation; the possibility for anything to go wrong; the possibility to be caught off guard with negative energies. Your failures shall be mankind's successions to becoming the perfect beings they may someday develop to be. Farewell."

In a quick flash he was gone and I had control again. I was in the pit, still; alone and cold. Looking up I could see all the stars looking down upon me. For a short instant I looked down upon them and now they ridicule me each and every night. Had I brought a ladder, a rope, or even dug on a slant I would not be in such a situation. Perhaps my fate was inevitable. I could not avoid it. This was my destiny I chose to chase. Oh, how I wish I could be out of this pit. I wish I could be among men and do again what I had taken for granted for so many years. Why can I not be proud of it? Perhaps because I feel that I have not benefited from it. Now mankind benefits from the hardships I have endured. Each day I think back to the day the Guardian of the Box spoke to me and how I could interpret it differently. I cannot find any way, though. That was nearly five hundred years ago. Now I sit here in my home, my tomb, my pit of eternity as I stare upon my box. I now stand beside the many other mythological figures that decorate my treasure. What more negative can come of this?