Note: This piece is based off of the original Chaos Rising, but there have been some changes. For a project, I was to create something based off of Shakespeare's Hamlet. So, I took the plot and characters from Chaos Rising and merged it in with a similar plot that is existent in Hamlet. As a result, an interesting story was created, which the teacher ended up keeping a copy of. Must've like it! Enjoy!

"I did it! I really did it!" Kaiwyn dashed out of the Military Education Centre flailing his arms about in a joyous panic. He held in his hands a slip of paper containing the results to his Shin Pao Council Preliminary Examination he had taken only a few hours prior to his outburst. "One step closer to my ultimate dream; to be a member of the renowned Shin Pao Council."

Kaiwyn dropped the paper to his side and stood silent in the bustling streets for several moments. He closed his eyes and meditated on the thoughts of being part of that great Council. It was the council that decided every little minute thing about military operations within the Sen`Shyaan Empire that ruled nearly half the entire planet of Teirshard.

Kaiwyn's black hair flowed gently in the night's calm wind. He was quite a calm individual, adept in the art of Shin Pao, a type of martial art used for combat, defence, and usable for other general aspects of daily life. He wasn't even close to being one of the larger students in his class, but his medium build could still pack an amazing punch and his speed was far superior to that of his peers.

Looking into the city sky he could see tall skyscrapers of colossal proportion with thousands upon thousands of lights, both stationary and flashing about as hundreds of sky cars fluttered about their business.

It amused Kaiwyn that he was one step closer to being in charge of protecting this grand city in the name of Shin Pao and under the rule of the Sen`Shyaan Empire. Even though the Sen`Shyaan's had once been the greatest of enemies to those of Shin Pao hundreds of years ago, recent negotiations have united the two to organize global peace operations, and in due time, galactic order.

"My father is going to be so proud of me when he hears the news I have for him!" Kaiwyn folded up his test marks and placed them into his coat pocket.

He was starting to make his way to his Mobile Airborne Transport when Rena Brudwin, a good friend of Kaiwyn's, came rushing out of the Education Centre.

"Kaiwyn! There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" Rena was a good friend of Kaiwyn's and had been for several years, ever since they first met in grade school. She had short auburn hair, an athletic physique, and a strong intellect. She was also quite proficient in the ways of Shin Pao, but no where as close as how powerful Kaiwyn had become.

"Rena, it'd be nice to talk to you right now, but I need to get back home and tell my father the great news!" Kaiwyn quickly jumped into his sky car and the engine started up with a low hum.

"But Kai-"

"I'll talk to ya later! I promise!" Kaiwyn's car began to hover a few feet into the air, "We'll talk over some lunch or something! Call me later!"

"But, I made pilot!" Rena held up her slip of test scores.

"That's great! See ya!" In a quick flash, Kaiwyn sped off into the night sky, heading towards Thirelle Manor, his home that had been given to his father by the Empire for his contributions to the Council.

Kaiwyn's father had been part of the Shin Pao council for nearly 30 years, and now Kaiwyn was a step closer to following in his footsteps. He was hoping his father would be extremely pleased to hear that they could possibly be sitting together at next year's Imperial festival, when he would most likely be part of the council.

Kaiwyn's transport came to a crawl as it approached the pad lot of Thirelle Manor. He set it down easily and turned off the engine, locked the car up, then made his way to the large gates of the castle-like structure. It was a mansion, taking the shape of a kingdom from the middle ages, yet the technology that it possessed was far superior to many of the structures that the common folk resided.

Pressing some buttons for identification, the large gates soon opened the path for Kaiwyn to make his way to the large doors. They were always locked, and unlike the gates, they had no panel for identification, so it was required for him to knock. After several moments of waiting, Kaiwyn was soon greeted by one of the family's servants.

"Oh, greetings Master Kaiwyn Thirelle. How did your examinations go?" The man took Kaiwyn's coat for him and hung it up on a rack.

"They went perfectly. I scored a 98%. That puts me in line for the next batch of exams that will be next month. I'm getting so close to becoming just as my father has and take a seat upon the Shin Pao council."

"That is most wonderful, Master Kaiwyn."

"It sure is." Kaiwyn walked over to his coat that sat on the rack and pulled the slip of paper from the right pocket. "Is my father here? I would like to tell him of the great news."

"Yes, he was last in the study." The man pointed upstairs where a large door led to the great hall that contained hundreds upon hundreds of books from ages old and new.

Kaiwyn slowly made his way up the red carpeted stairs and eventually found himself standing before the grand doorway. He knocked loudly on it, but there was no response. After a few moments of waiting, he pushed the large doors and stepped into the library.

"Father?" He called out, only to have it call back in an empty echo. "Father, are you here? I have some fantastic news for you."

Kaiwyn continued down the large, dimly lit corridor, looking amongst the shelves of books, hoping to see his father deep in thought as he turned the pages of one of his favourite books. However, that was not the case. He could not be found.

"Perhaps he is not here at all," Kaiwyn pondered, "Perhaps he's-"

All of a sudden he noticed a quick glint out of the corner of his eye. Turning quickly in the general direction of the distraction, all he could see was darkness. It was in the direction of his father's main study desk, but concentrating on it, he could see nothing.

He stepped closer and closer, very cautious as an uneasy feeling washed over him, growing stronger and stronger as he neared. His steps echoed in the vast halls, completely eliminating his chances to rely on his stealth to approach whatever was there. Whatever it was, he could sense that it was not natural and that it was a potential threat.

"Father, is that you?" He whispered, only to hear a slight gurgle as a response.

In a burst of courage, he ran up to his father's desk to see what he was stalking. As the light grew, he noticed a large figure as though it was encased in steel. Its arms were inhuman as they took the form of blades. On one of the scythes was his father, who was quickly released as the beast saw Kaiwyn approaching. In a quick burst of speed the blades retracted back into proper arms and the metallic beast retreated, breaking through the nearby window and freefalling into the night sky.

Kaiwyn was quick to pursue, only to stop at the window to look out and see the creature withdraw on an automotive sky-cycle. In a fit of rage, Kaiwyn punched and smashed some of the remaining glass, soon realizing the situation at hand and dropped down to his father's side.

"Father." Tears began to flood Kaiwyn's eyes.

"I-It , my son." Kaiwyn's father struggled to sit up and find strength to speak to his son.

"No, father, don't. Don't try to get up." He wiped the tears from his eyes, slowly replacing it with anger. "Who did this to you? Who has done this to you? I swear, I will-"

"No," His father interrupted, "D-do any . You guidance, my son. You strong guidance."

"But I am!" Kaiwyn cried out. "I am strong! Whoever has done this shall pay!"

"No!" Kaiwyn's father began a fit of coughing, spitting up blood in great quantities. "Se...Seek.D-Deikon. of Sh-Shin Pa...o."

Kaiwyn's eyes once again flooded with tears as he felt his father's body go limp and his head fall to the side. Lowering his father's body to the ground, he rose to his feet with a flash of anger and hatred flowing through his body.

"I shall seek out Deikon. I shall venture to Kyn Tower. And when I return I shall have the head of those who have slain you, father! You shall be avenged!"

Kaiwyn burst out of the door in a fit of rage, nearly removing it from its hinges. He ran down the stairs and grabbed his jacket.

"Sir, what is-" The servant tried to calm Kaiwyn, only to have himself risen a few feet into the air by his collar.

"This is not the time, servant. Increase perimeter security to maximum and take my father's corpse to the Tower of Shin Pao in twenty-four hours time." Kaiwyn gently threw the man to the side, still with enough force to send the man stumbling and nearly knocking over an antique vase.

"What? What is going on?" The servant questioned. "Your father? What has happened to Lord Thirelle? Kaiwyn! Speak!"

"Now is not the time!" Kaiwyn shouted, a vein protruded from his forehead, his face reddened with anger. "Take him to Kyn Tower where the proper arrangements can be made. Only then will his spirit be set free and then we can all go about our lives peacefully once more."

"But sir, I am still-"

"Everything will be answered in time, my friend. Right now I must speak with The Guardian. There is something rotten in the state of Reimora."

Kaiwyn left the manor and hopped into his sky car. As he took off for the island in which Kyn Tower inhabited, the servants began to remove Lord Thirelle's corpse from the study and increased the manor security to maximum, just as Kaiwyn has instructed.

After several minutes of flying, Kaiwyn's onboard computer notified him of the approaching tower. Its position was in the middle of a desert, recently created by the many years of wars that took place on the surrounding lands. Battles had scorched the soil as Sen`Shyaan troops and Emperors of the past tried so hard to destroy the sacred symbol of Shin Pao that housed the Guardian himself, Deikon Astalidan.

Kaiwyn's vehicle slowed as it approached the foot of the colossal tower, kicking up dust as it neared the ground. Jumping out of the cockpit, Kaiwyn looked up as the monstrous spectacle. The tower had a rounded base with one main entrance and rose literally thousands of feet into the air. It looked more like a large cone, yet it ended in several points rather than one with a hole in the top of it, allowing the sky's light to seep into the hollowed chambers.

As Kaiwyn approached the entrance he was met by an enormous barbaric looking man who carried an extremely large and intimidating sword on his back.

"We have been expecting you, Kaiwyn Thirelle." The man spoke in a deep and coarse voice.

"Atsura, I must speak with Deikon immediately!" Kaiwyn remembered the man's name from his studies even though he had never met, nor seen the man in his life. Atsura didn't even make a second thought on how Kaiwyn knew who he was.

Rushing down the darkened halls, dimly lit by evenly placed torches, he finally came to the throne room of The Guardian which sat at the top of a grand stone staircase.

"Well met, my friend." The Guardian spoke. He bore a set of vast wings made of silver that spanned the entire room. He was no bigger than Kaiwyn, yet his appearance was that of a god. His right eye, hued over in shining gold and a scar that passed through it which continued over half of his face, was one of the great symbols of Shin Pao. It symbolized the many losses they had suffered over their past and the strength that they gained to fight back to rise from the ashes. The Guardian was suited in black and gold plated steel armour with two weapons at his side. On his right was the great sword used by the reforming warrior, Jaydrick Kessell. It was commonly known as the Maedenfyre, the weapon of change and resurrection. To his left was the switch-staff he, himself, used in the Age of Sephrin to battle the Dark Lord that shrouded Shin Pao in corruption. So many symbols the tower contained it was no wonder why Atsura, The Guardian, and every living specimen of Shin Pao would lay down their life to protect the Tower of Shin Pao for so many centuries.

"Master Deikon," Kaiwyn went down on his knee and bowed, "I need guidance. I do not know what to do. Something has slain my father. Some kind of metallic beast. He can morph himself into a weapon unlike anything I have ever seen. I feel as though he is not the source of what I seek. My senses tell me that he is some kind of pawn and that there is something much darker behind it."

Deikon stroked his dark beard and pondered the thoughts that Kaiwyn laid out before him.

"So what is it you wish to accomplish?" Deikon leaned forward, his wings retracted back towards him, still towering over the two of them as they were folded. "Do you wish to seek out this thing and slay it? Do you feel that killing it will bring you peace? I sense that there is a great deal of anger within you, my son. Let it not blind you and your goals. I understand that to take the action of revenge may bring you comfort. But, for how long?"

"I want to kill him. I want to kill whoever is behind this. My father's name shall not go in vain!" Kaiwyn rose to his feet, he stood straight and tall to convey his honour in his father's name.

"The passion for your enemy's blood flows strongly through you, Kaiwyn. Though, the question remains: Are you ready?"

"I-" Kaiwyn paused and turned away, "I don't know."

"Kaiwyn, I have been keeping an eye on you for quite some time." Deikon took the Maedenfyre and placed in into the ground in front of him, keeping his hands rested on the hilt. "Your skills in the ways of Shin Pao are incredible. Your speed, strength, agility, reaction time, it is all far more superior to anyone else I have seen for a long time. You remind me of the great Jaydrick, himself. Yet, there is still much for you to learn. One thing that brings about the downfall of many warriors is hesitation. If you wait too long your enemy will strike another blow. That strike may be the last, and you may never get back up from it.

"The future is in your hands, Kaiwyn. You have the pen and the future has handed you a blank scroll. What are you to do with that pen? What will you write? That you stood back and watched your father perish before your very eyes? Or that you countered the fatal blow and watched your enemies fall by your mighty fist?"

Deikon waited a few moments in hopes to get a response from Kaiwyn, who was still looking away.

"You're right." Kaiwyn finally said. "I shall do as my father has requested. I will run no more. But, I do not know where to look. I don't know where to begin." Kaiwyn looked back towards Deikon in hopes for some answers.

"You already know." Deikon whispered. "You already know who has done this. You already know the motives behind it. All you must do is release it. Concentrate and the answers will flow like water."

Kaiwyn closed his eyes and meditated. Flashes of emotion flushed through him on the spot. He tried so hard to find the answers that he was seeking, but so many obstacles were in his way. Finally, he dropped to a dead calm. Deikon nodded and smiled knowing that Kaiwyn was getting close to what he was searching for. In a quick instant Kaiwyn's eyes burst open.

"I know it now! The creature makes his way to the Imperial Palace! He must be working alongside the new emperor, Kha`shar. Why would he kill my father, though? That I cannot tell. Another step closer I have gone!"

"You know your quest." Deikon smiled. "Now go forth and do not hold back a step, for that wasted time may prove to be critical."

"I shall, master. I shall!" Kaiwyn quickly spun around and started making his way out of the chambers, but he was halted.

"Wait!" Deikon said. "Take this with you. It aided me long ago, and I am confident that it shall do the same for you."

Deikon threw the switch-staff to Kaiwyn. It was only a foot long, and its weight was extremely light. With it in his hand, Kaiwyn hit a small button on the side and with a quick flick it extended to the full size of a battle staff.

"Amazing." Kaiwyn admired over the fantastic weapon.

"Use it wisely. Farewell!" Deikon waved Kaiwyn away as he did not want to keep him back any longer. With a quick nod from both of them, Atsura escorted Kaiwyn back to the exit.

Kaiwyn started up his sky car and fled Kyn Tower to make his way back into the Imperial capital of Reimora. It would take some time to find the man who killed his father, but with his senses it would not take too long. Only then will he know the primary motives behind his father's death and then he could take immediate actions to set things straight.

Once Kaiwyn had made it back into the bustling air-streets of Reimora, he stopped to survey the area. It was this very spot where the creature would be passing through. Scanning every car and every person he could not see the shimmer of the steel.

Things seemed fine for a great length of time until finally it struck him. He was approaching and fast. But where was he coming from? There still was no metallic figure, other than the vehicles themselves. His senses were attuned to an approaching transport, but the man on it was an ordinary man. However, Kaiwyn recognized the vehicle the man was on and it was the exact same sky-cycle that left Thirelle manor just hours before.

Finally, the man was in close enough for Kaiwyn to notice an extremely convincing detail. The blood of his father was caked on the right arm of the man. His enemy was identified and he started up his car to set it up beside the man's cycle.

The cars were stopped and it gave Kaiwyn time to look over to his enemy. The man turned and looked at Kaiwyn and nodded only to notice the anger that filled his face. The man's brows frowned and he looked down at his right arm, then back up at Kaiwyn. He knew Kaiwyn from the study hall where he felled his last victim.

In a quick flash the man's arm rose and formed into a blade to strike at Kaiwyn. Kaiwyn's senses were too quick for him and he clicked open the switch-staff and smashed the man in the chin, sending him flying off his cycle and into a freefall as he fell towards the streets that were thousands of feet below them.

Kaiwyn stood atop his car and put the staff away, watching the man continue his transformation as the metal formed over his whole body. Kaiwyn knew this fight wasn't over and jumped to chase after his enemy.

The steel creature ended his fall as he secured his bladed hands into the back of a large transport. Pulling himself onto the roof, he looked up to see his adversary chasing after him. Kaiwyn firmly planted a landing on the back of the transport, sending it nearly tilting end over end.

The metallic beast raised his blades high in the air, preparing for an attack as he took a strong fighting stance. Kaiwyn, too, took a fighting stance, although a more defensive one than what his enemy was preparing.

"Kaiwyn Thirelle." The man hissed. "You know, your father cried out your name as I slaughtered him like an animal. Too bad you were a just little late."

Kaiwyn's face contorted to one filled with hatred and anger and his stance switched to a more offensive style. The man at the other end of the transport laughed evilly.

"Don't be so mad. We're all friends here!" The metallic substance dissipated from the man's face to reveal who he was to Kaiwyn.

"Vyncent?! Vyncent Du`Gaar?" Kaiwyn shouted.

"That's right! You should really try the highlife, my friend. All that studying just isn't good for ya! S'why I dropped out of those stupid Preliminary Council Classes anyways. It's all bout the Seppalium. Ya really should try some."

"Never! You-"

"Don't let your guard down!" Vyncent went for the first attack slicing wildly at Kaiwyn. Back and forth Kaiwyn dodged from side to side, the blades nearly hitting him with each swipe. He could not find a spot to get an attack in as Vyncent was on full offensive and the amount of space he had was getting smaller and smaller as he stepped closer and closer towards the edge of the transport.

Finally, a spot! Kaiwyn dropped low and launched a fist at Vyncent's stomach, only to have it bounce off with a large clang. It stunned Vyncent for a few seconds, just enough time for Kaiwyn to click open the switch- staff again and take his turn at attacking.

Over and over Kaiwyn attacked, only to have it parried by the large bladed arms of Vyncent. One of Kaiwyn's attacks was thrust aside by Vyncent, leaving him open to an attack and the opportunity was taken as he found a large blade seer across his chest, forcing him to stumble back a few steps. The blade did not go deep, but blood began to stain his jacket.

In a quick counter-attack, Kaiwyn focused all his energy into a single fist and smashed it into Vyncent's abdomen, sending him flying to the driver's end of the transport and knocking him down.

Vyncent struggled to get up, "Now it ends!" Vyncent shouted as he plunged a blade down into the hull of the vessel. The transport shuddered and began to descend at an alarming speed. Vyncent pulled his blade from the cruiser and Kaiwyn noticed that it was covered with fresh blood. The driver had been slain.

Kaiwyn stood up, holding out the staff horizontally with a hand on each end. Vyncent rushed forward, slicing upwards to hit the staff square in the center, sending it flying into the night sky. Defenceless, Kaiwyn was clearly open for Vyncent's crashing kick to his chest forcing him to fall over the cruiser's edge. Holding on by the strength of his hands, Kaiwyn struggled to get back on top of the transport.

Vyncent looked over the edge and peered at his vulnerable foe, laughing at how weak he seemed. With his right blade he gently cut Kaiwyn's left hand, forcing him to let go. Now holding on by only by one hand, Kaiwyn was powerless to do anything. It would be the end if he couldn't think quickly.

The transport continued on its downward plunge and Vyncent realized he had little time to do much else so he fled to hop onto a passing car, throwing out the driver and sending him to fall to his doom.

Kaiwyn looked about and could see nothing but defeat. Then suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he spotted the falling switch-staff that had been hurled away shortly before and he let go to dive after it.

Vyncent was quickly speeding off so he had little time to react. In mid-air he finally caught up to the falling weapon and grabbed onto it. He quickly retracted the staff then threw it with all his might. The foot long projectile flew towards its target and smashed into the car Vyncent was piloting, sending it into a violent spin and it crashed into the side of a building, flinging its occupant into a several hundred foot fall.

Kaiwyn evened himself out, setting himself up so that his landing would be as painless as possible. He hit the ground with a deafening crash and the concrete ground crumbled under the forceful landing. Kaiwyn's legs shook for a few moments then he fell to his knees. After a few moments, Kaiwyn composed himself and stood back up.

"All that training sure pays off." He got up and limped over to where Vyncent had fallen.

As he approached he could see a pile of rubble in the darkness. Stepping towards it, he noticed Vyncent moving only slightly, moaning under the amount of pain he was going through. The steel flesh that has encased him was melting away, revealing the man underneath it.

"Vyncent," Kaiwyn walked over to him and grabbed him by the neck of his tunic as he pulled his right fist back, "the time has come."

"No." Vyncent struggled to force out his words. "Don't. Please, spare me."

"Why should I?" The anger flowed easily through Kaiwyn's voice. He had no reason to let Vyncent live. "You killed my father, and now I shall avenge him."

"I was hired!"


"It was a job! I was hired to kill him!" Kaiwyn eased his grip on the man's collar.

"Who hired you? I want names."

Vyncent paused and tried to straighten himself up.

"Well, you see." Vyncent hesitated.

"Names!" Kaiwyn tightened his grip and raised his fist again.

"It was Kha`shar! Emperor Kha`shar! Said something about killing off the council to get some lackeys to replace em so they could be easily manipulated to approve of some grand army!"

Kaiwyn threw Vyncent back down into the rubble and started to walk off to make his way to the Imperial Palace.

"Wait!" Vyncent out after him. "Help me out here!"

"You're on your own." Kaiwyn continued on, leaving Vyncent to die.

The Imperial Palace was a grand structure. It bore large pillars of marble and a triangular roof that had the names of past Emperors inscribed along the sides. Kaiwyn rushed up the large steps that connected itself to the wooden archway that led to the main halls.

Two guards moved in to stop his siege on the palace but quickly found themselves face down unconscious as Kaiwyn's motives to take out the source of his problems fuelled his rage.

It wasn't long before Kaiwyn broke into the throne room, blasting away all the Imperial guards that stood in his way with an impulse rifle that he had retrieved from a fallen guard.

Finally, he set his aims on the Emperor and began firing, only to have the shots slapped away by Kha`shar. A quick green flare shot from Kha`shar's hand sending the gun flying to the side and Kaiwyn back into the wall.

"Kaiwyn Thirelle," The Emperor stood up. His dark robe flowed in a shroud of darkness. His features reflected his dark ambitions: greyed hair, a shadowed and wrinkled face, a thin and sharp goatee, and thick black brows across his forehead. "I expected your arrival. I didn't think your father's death would go unnoticed."

"Why, Kha`shar?! Why?!"

"It really is quite simple." The Emperor slowly walked towards Kaiwyn. "You see, the Shin Pao council has received too much power over the past decade. For many years they were simply a symbol of false hope for the people of Shin Pao. It was suppose to stay that way. Shin Pao and Sen`Shyaa were never suppose to be allies. Since the beginning of time we have been separate and opposite.

"The people of Shin Pao are weak and pathetic as they concentrate their inner energy and focus it into the body to do such things as increase their strength or speed. It is worthless. Whereas the people of Sen`Shyaa have learned the proper way to harness our energies. We concentrate it into our minds and spirits to do things such as this."

Kha`shar began to emit a red orb from the palm of his hand and threw it at Kaiwyn, forcing it to explode as it impacted on his chest.

"Our powers are not limited to that, however. I could easily destroy you with a single blast. However, I am intrigued by your strengths. You have proven yourself to be quite the combatant."

"What are you getting at, Kha`shar?" Kaiwyn hounded, clutching his chest in pain.

"You could make quite the addition to my army. You have met Subject 541, I am sure. Vyncent Du`Gaar was the greatest of experiments and the result of his experimentation shall be the source for my grand army. You see, I recently discovered a fascinating way to increase the potential of a person's inner energies to morph them into super human warriors, although brainless as well leaving them quite easily to put them under my control. However, Subjects 1 through 540 had a completely different result than Subject 541, Vyncent Du`Gaar.

"You see, he was addicted to a narcotic known as Seppalium. Highly illegal, it is the by-product of a mined steel that is often discarded after the production of the metal. Some miners have found a liking to the substance when it is injected into their bloodstream. Vyncent was one of them.

"The extremely high concentration turned out to alter our experimentations and instead of turning the subject into a super human warrior, it turned him into a metallic beast as the Seppalium particles expanded, covering his body in a steel shell. In time, he learned how to mould himself in a pure weapon, taking the shape of blades and blunt weapons. It really was quite simple. My powers and intellect manipulated him into the ultimate killing machine. He was powerless to resist me. Now, operations are beginning to collect vast amounts of this narcotic to inject into future specimens that will soon create my grand army."

"Grand army? For what?" Kaiwyn continued to struggle to sit up.

"To destroy Shin Pao once and for all, of course." Kha`shar grinned evilly.

"That's impossible! You cannot destroy Shin Pao! It cannot be done!"

"Oh, it can." With a wave of his hand, Kha`shar revealed his ultimate weapon as the wall behind his throne began to rise. "This is the Maedenfyre. A grand cannon that shall bring about a new era. No longer will the Maedenfyre be a sword that brought about change in the Shin Pao Empire. Now, it shall be this fantastic piece of machinery that shall begin the ultimate reign of the Sen`Shyaan Empire!

"Along with this, a grand army of troops identical to Vyncent shall siege Kyn Tower, destroying it and The Guardian. Only then shall Shin Pao be completely obliterated!" The halls echoed in laughter as Kha`shar went into a hysterical fit, empowered by his diabolical schemes to create a new age; The Age of Kha`shar.

Kaiwyn remembered back to what Deikon was telling him. His future was handing him a blank scroll. He would not let Kha`shar create history as he saw it.

In a burst of strength, Kaiwyn rose to his feet and started shooting at Kha`shar, only to have the shots deflected. He threw down the rifle then spun around, kicking the wall with all his might. Cracks started to form as they crawled up the walls and to the ceiling. The halls started to rumble as the room became extremely unstable.

"What are you doing?!" Kha'shar looked up, taking his attention away from Kaiwyn and watched the ceiling begin to crumble.

Now was his chance! Kaiwyn quickly dashed forward, planting a firm kick to Kha`shar's chest, forcing him backwards and hitting his head on the foot of his throne. Stunned, Kha`shar opened his eyes to see a large chunk of the ceiling fall off. He had no time to react before it crushed him.

"It is done." Kaiwyn muttered to himself and he quickly made his way out of the Palace as it collapsed in on itself.

Back at Kyn Tower, Kaiwyn, the servants, Atsura, and Deikon all stood outside as an alter was built and Kaiwyn's father was placed upon it.

"He was a great man." Deikon stated. "He paved the way for people to commit to change. He was a leader, a councillor, a father. The Shin Pao Council shall miss him dearly. Now, his spirit shall be set free."

Deikon held out the Maedenfyre and gently placed it across Lord Thirelle's chest. Atsura began to step forward with a lit torch but Kaiwyn rose up his hand to halt him.

"Wait, give me a moment." Kaiwyn walked up to his father's body and took his hand in his own. "Father, I knew you would have been proud of me. I shall become a great councillor to the people of Shin Pao. I shall make sure that no one like Kha`shar will ever rise in power again. The people of Shin Pao shall be safe. Father, you have been avenged."

Kaiwyn took a step back and lowered his head, the tears once again filling his eyes.

"Kaiwyn shall lead us to victory." Deikon said. "The name of Thirelle is too powerful to be felled by the blade of a beast. It shall be honoured until the end of time by the people of Shin Pao."

With a nod, Deikon signalled for Atsura to set the flame upon Lord Thirelle. His spirit was finally free.

"You have been avenged." Kaiwyn spoke under his breath.