The Girl and Her Friends

A small, innocent, bright little girl, was one day brought into this hateful world.

Her family and relatives loved her dearly, but no one else did, clearly.

while other girls told their friends of their love and lust, she made her own friend: Distrust.

here and there she would have a "friend", one whom she thought would be like her and think like she did.

But she was always mistaken, and the spots on her friend list remained vacant.

One day they decided to move away from it all, their relatives were sad, but smiled and said to call.

She smiled and waved, thinking they were going to a better place, but when she saw what the people there were like, the smile left her face.

She walked sadly through the halls, and after squeezing past a giant bunch, a boy popped up in front of her and asked "would you like to have lunch?"

She was too astonished to speak, and simply nodded her head. He grinned, said he'd look for her, and left her to think about what he'd said.

As she was about to walk to her class, a girl ran by and said "hey!" she waved back, not knowing what to say.

She walked into her class thinking "what a strange character" But as she sat down, she knew she'd made two more friends: Happiness and Laughter.

She treasured each of her friends in a special way, Distrust for keeping her from making a fool of herself, Happiness for keeping her from drowning in misery, and Laughter for having something nice to say each day.

These three friends together gave her hope for the world, and she prayed each day that they would help another little girl.

For Michael Massey and Angelina Starnes, my happiness and laughter. Thanks for sticking with me through the rough times.

Many thanks to Michael Massey for inspiring me to write this poem.