The year is 2180 and the battle for control of the galaxy continues to rage. Forces of the Confederate Dominion and Galactic Space Alliance seem to be forever entrenched in the flames of war. Battles are waged in which planets end up decimated and entire fleets are destroyed. Amidst the stars, space cruisers trade off-blow for blow, while starfighters, quick and nimble, dart through their massive brethren, forever engaged among each other in an endless waltz of death and destruction. Brave warriors place duty over all else, including their own lives, to bring about an end to the fighting, while bureaucrats manipulate others for their own causes.

The Destrega System was once a peaceful, united star system rich with resources. Destrega's capitol planet, Destrega Prime had a bustling economy that relied on technology and natural resources for success. Its magistrate, Septem Eslos, helped bring Destrega into prosperity. Destrega remained as one of the few sanctuaries in a war torn galaxy, a remnant of the Old Era. For those seeking escape from the pain caused by civil war, Destrega was the place for refugees to settle down and begin to build anew, but no longer.

A rogue faction, known as Organization of Zeon, led by Zeon Starbuck began a coup to usurp power from the magistrate of the Destrega System, Septem Eslos. A young group of pilots are left no choice but to fight OZ; a choice that will bring them face to face with destiny…

… this is the story of Alpha Squadron.