UnDeaD Souls

Part 1

Chapter I

"What the hell!?" Jacob screamed. "Wha-What's going on?" Jessica said shakily. "Run!" Nitro hissed. The three started running down the halls at full speed. The flesh eaters behind them. Then, Wham! Jacob slammed straight into ! The 7th grade teacher dropped the books in hand. And Jacob went sliding backwards down the hall. Jessica and I turned are heads, and twisted are body to face Jacob. The undead zombies were gone. Now there was something even more dangerous near them. There was an angry teacher. "Uh-oh." Nitro mumbled under his breath. They new they were busted. The terrible trio turned around slowly. The terrible trio was a nick name the teachers had given them. Because they were always getting introuble. But it wasn't there falt. The three of them have a special power. One like no other. But this power doesn't take place all the time. It happens every few hours for a significant amount of time. Anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. They have the power to see the dead! That's right. You heard me. They see the dead, it is amazing! They finally reached the point when they were facing right infront of the frustrated teacher known as Mrs. Hewitt. Her face was extremely red with anger. It seemed like there was steam coming out of her ears. She didn't say anything. All she did was pull out a piece from her pocket. She wrote there names down, and handed them all a detention slip.

Chapter II

They all sat in detention after school. Jacob was in for 45 minutes. Jessica and, nitro were only in for 30 minutes. After they got out of detention, around 5:00 they all met up at the park. That's when it happened again. They were sitting on the curb when a huge flash crossed there minds. When the flash cleared away there were three zombies headed straight for them! There were two male zombies and one female. The male on the left looked like he died in a car accident on the way to the prom. He was wearing a tuxedo, and he looked to be around 16 to 18 years old. It looks like he crashed pretty bad because he's missing an arm, and there is blood almost every where you look. The male on the right looked like he died playing basket ball. He looked pretty normal except the fact that he's dead and he has a hole in the middle of his stomach. The female in the middle had no signs of dying. But she was drenched in water, so im guessing she drowned. The terrible trio jumped up from the curb and started running the opposite way of the zombies. All three of them started screaming at once. Everyone else who was playing at the park looked at Jacob, Jessica, and Nitro like they were some kind of idiots. Well what would you do if you could see the dead and they were headed straight for you? Then, out of no where another flash blurs through all of there heads. They were back in the normal world. With no undead souls.

Chapter III

All three of them started looking around. They saw nothing chasing them. There were people at the park, playing. Everything looked normal. Nothing was trashed or deserted. It was daylight again. They looked at each other in confusion. "What just happened?" Jacob asked. "What the hell do ya think?" Nitro exclaimed. "We were chased by dead people again dip-ship." Nitro said in a Duh! voice. "we gotta find out why we are the only ones who can see dead people. But how do we find out?" Jessica mumbled to herself. "Maybe there is someone else who can see them. I saw this article about this gay weird dude who claims he can see the dead. At that time I thought he was insane. But who else is there to ask?" Jacob said proudly. "Then let's hurry." Nitro said. The three of them ran to Jacob's house to look for the magazine. "Aha!" Jessica shouted. "I found it!" She said even louder. The terrible thrio flipped through the page to find the number. "Here it is at the bottom of the page. (503) 625-5121." Nitro barked. They all ran to the phone, dialed the number, and scheduled an appointment in half an hour. They used Jacob's car to get there. And finally they arrived at the man in the add's house.

Chapter IV

They all sat down at a table. The man's name is Joel. "So what's your story?" Joel asked. Nitro gave the other's a glance to show he will explain. They nodded back in agreement. "Well," Nitro began. "Since about a week ago all three of us have this little flashy thing in our head about every two or three hours. And when it clears away everything is dark and deserted and there's tons of dead people heading towards us. After a few minutes there is another flash and everything is back to normal." Nitro ended. "I see." Joel said. "If you really want to know I will tell you the story. About what happens when people die." Joel stated. "We would love to here it." Jessica exclaimed kindly. "I am going to give you a short summary. When someone die's, they are still alive. They don't know they died. They continue living there lives. But know- one can see them. Except for the strange and unusual..." "There's nothing weird about us." jacob interrupted. "Maybe you are. There might be something strange about you that you don't know about. Now, may I continue?" Joel asked annoyed. "Yea-yea." Jacob mumbled in a bored voice. "As I was saying. Dead people see only what they want to see. If they want to get married, they will. And that's about all I can tell you." He ended.

Chapter V

"That guy is freaky." Jacob said after they left. "No kidding" Jessica agreed. " Let's go home,I'll see you all tomorrow. They all walked each other home. And went to bed getting ready for the long hard day of school that is coming up in a few hours. Also, getting ready for any more of flash nightmare the terrible trio has been having for the past week.