i kind of 'flip'ped when i read marga's poem for me. i made this poem before but never really had the guts to post it here. it's kind of stupid to juz keep making sad poems. i gez this will be, if not the last, second or third to the last sad poem i'll be submitting here in ffnet. i mean, sheesh.. it's not as if i really can't get over an obsession of some sort. it's juz so damn crazy!

The Love You Never Returned

For months I have waited for your sweet reply

but there came none and I just needed to cry

The love I gave, you had broken apart

It feels as if there's an empty space in my heart.

It just makes me wonder if my feelings were true

Why had I fallen in love with someone like you?

There were still others whose love was so dear

Why did I love you? Indeed it was queer.

It makes me regret ever setting my eyes

on a guy so insensitive yet somehow still nice

I should've loved someone better than you

'coz I couldn't let go, my love for you grew.

It should've been better than what it is today

I even ignore what others might say

I feel so unloved, unwanted, uncared for

How could you just treat me worse than before?

The love I gave you became nothing but waste

I wish I had left you in so much haste

You may say I'm stupid and so insincere

Well news flash ?* #!%$, I won't shed a tear.

wut? i like the ending of this one. did you figure out the word that was in symbols? it's an easy one, believe me. marga [alex'z death chic] and chy [gazing dreams] are the ones who knew it first (well, that's basically coz they were the only ones who read it in school from the first place). anywayz, i swear i will get over 'it' (i refuse to refer to 'it' as a person). oh yeah, REVIEWZZZZ... luv that. don't forget, k?