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Just for fun, ill post the first conversation I have had with the original Kristen in over a year. Here it is:

::flameluvr, Kristen, and michelle (a friend of both flameluvr and Kristen) are walking around school to get to class::

michelle: hey flameluvr, you know Kirsten has a new boyfriend?

Flameluvr: really?

Michelle: surprised, huh?

Flameluvr: heh. Yeah, I was expecting a girl instead. *flameluvr smirks* *michelle and flameluvr laugh*

Kristen: hey!

*flameluvr walks ahead* michelle: Kristen, did you hear about Katrina? Greg's her new boyfriend!

Flameluvr: *calls over shoulder* I was surprised at that too. I mean, seeing its greg and all, I was expecting to hear him dating jeromy.

Kristen: *does a slow boil and gives flameluvr's back the evil eye*

That's all. Just thought the readers would be interested. Id better get on to the actual story now, so here it—wait, I forgot to do the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I, flameluvr, do not own any characters, homes, or places (they own themselves). Any reference to actual people or places is either intended or accidental, and any information about them is not necessarily true. I do own the plotline and the aliens, therefore, anyone who steals/borrows them without my permission will be seriously injured.

There, I did the disclaimer. On to the story then.

~~~~~Chapter 2: The Kidnapping (or rather, the DFG*-napping)~~~~~

The next morning, Kristen awoke from a pleasantly explicit dream involving herself, Greg, a beach, and very little clothing. Sighing, she rolled over and promptly fell off the edge of the bed. "Ooow!"

Slowly getting up, Kristen stumbled over the pile of textbooks as she walked into her bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she reemerged, looking more awake and presentable, considering she had brushed her teeth and unbraided her hair. Then the agonizing search for an outfit began.

Half an hour later, Kristen walked out the door of her room. Stacey, who was leaving his room at the same time, gasped and pretended to fall over dead. Sniffing disdainfully, Kristen stepped over him and continued on her way down the stairs, kicking him a little with the pointy tip of her alligator skin high-heeled boot. When he whimpered, she said, "Serves you right, Mega-Brat."

When she passed the mirror on the wall in the hallway that led to the kitchen, she stopped to pat her hair and appraise her outfit once more. She was wearing the alligator skin boots, and very short denim shorts that showed off the full lumpiness of her un-toned thighs. On top was a tight, pink baby T-shirt, stretched across her large bosom and round stomach, exposing a sliver of jiggling fat at the bottom. To top it off, there was Greg's green and silver letter jacket, and an alligator skin headband. Kristen smiled warmly at her reflection. I always feel so superior when everyone sees my outfit and their mouths hang open. It must be because I have such great fashion taste.

With that, she walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

After breakfast, Mrs. Klinger called out, "Kristen! Stacey! I'm leaving! Come on, get in the car if you don't want to be late!" A minute later, they were all seated in the car: Mrs. Klinger in the drivers seat, Kristen in the passenger seat, and Stacey in the back. Mrs. Klinger started the car, turned on the radio, and in ten minutes she pulled up in front of Pioneer High School. As she got out and pulled up her shorts (heaven forbid they lower themselves a centimeter), Kristen said, "Bye Mom" and walked off towards her first class.

After saying hello to Michelle, and cringing from Amy's icy stare, she realized she needed to use the restroom. On her way there, she encountered Greg, and stopped to give him a peck on the mouth, say "hi" to his best friend Jeromy (commonly known as Germy), and mention something about "did either of you do the homework for Ms. Fittzore?" Then she continued on her way to the bathroom.

In front of the two miniscule mirrors on the wall were two of the most popular girls in school, Libby Carlton and her sidekick Taylor. After staring blankly at her for a moment, they returned to their primping, applied layers and layers of makeup. Rolling her eyes (don't they just wish they had my complexion?), she opened a stall door and swiveled to lock it.

The moment the lock slid in place, there was a blinding flash of light, and everything disappeared. There was nothing in the void, just a tingling sensation in limbs that Kristen wasn't sure were there. She felt as if she was walking along a path, that led nowhere, and yet took her everywhere. She saw someone through a hedge, whose profile seemed vaguely familiar, but she didn't recognize it. She didn't recognize anything.

For an endless amount of time, Kristen walked through that void. She tired, but could not stop. And no matter how far she walked, the landscape never changed. She was fine, relaxing and reveling in the fact that her body moved even though she wasn't consciously moving. The scenery continued to be misty and unclear, and then grew paler and paler until she was in a void again. There was nothing, and she was nothing. She was only a flicker of consciousness, along with a small sense of pain, and of something being not right. Then, her consciousness flickered and went out, leaving only the whiteness of nothingness.

DFG stands for Delusional Fat Girl

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