Now is the winter, so dull and cold
Summer weeps for the season of old
While biting winds pierce flesh and bone
A sparrow, mournful, contemplates alone.

Once warmth and life were in his song
Now anxious gales doth hurry him along
No time has he to trill as before
No joyous chirps as those of yore.

It do seem his heart might break
He longs for blossoms to awake
For angry winds to waste away
For Zephyrus to venture out and play.

Hesitant now his little wings flap
The flutter masked by a thunder clap
The sky darkens with shades of grey
As fearsome clouds blot light of day.

I watch him brave the violent storm
The gusts embrace his tiny form
He falters not, his path is true
As he flies off into the blue.

He knows not what before him lies
But yet he utters no sobs nor sighs
O brave little sparrow! I envy thee
Though trials and trouble ahead you see
You worry not, and life goes on
Your cares you do not dwell upon.

I wish I could do as you do
And fly away into the blue
And worry not of broken heart,
Nor failing grades, nor friends who part.

O humble sparrow, your secret share
Save me from this meaningless despair
Fly and take my sorrows with you
So my days I can go through.