Forgetting the Little Things

I sat on the small bridge that over looked the river, throwing small bits of bread into the flowing water. The bridge was made out of a light colored wood and was smooth against the palms of my hands. It was hardly a structure to boast about: it was 5 feet above the small stream that was about 3 feet deep and 8 feet wide.
Echoing calls of owls could be heard in the distance of the moonlight. I gazed into the water as the ripples caused by my small bread chunks looked insignificant to the rushing water. The faint scent of wood burning wafted into my nose, and I searched for a source of the smell, but no houses were visible this deep into the park. Thick woods surrounded the river and the small children's park that many people visited during the day. The night, on the other hand, was a completely different story. I was alone in the soft darkness with only the moon and the cooing owls to keep me company. As a soft breeze tousled my long brown hair, I pulled my jacket closer around my neck. Although it wasn't winter yet, the weather was far from the humid and hot days that the summers in New Jersey often provided. The late October leaves rustled in the brush as a squirrel or some other creature of the night found its final resting place before it went to sleep.
I glanced at my watch and realized it was almost 7:45. He's late I thought to my self. Jacob and I met at our secret spot away from the world to talk every Wednesday night. It had become almost like a tradition since we had first became a couple almost a year earlier. Since we lived in different towns, he had to drive to the spot, where I could just walk to. I sighed deeply as I slowly stood up. I quietly scanned the darkness for any sign of life besides my own and the few creatures that had not gone home yet. I picked up my purse and stopped to look up at the stars. They twinkled like glitter and filled the night sky with their brilliance. In the distance, an owl, let out a gentle coo, signaling me that it was time for me to return home.

I placed my keys back in my purse as I shut and locked my front door. I was greeted with the delicious scent of apples and cinnamon. I suddenly remembered that it was the day that mom started her baking. Once a year, always near the end of October, my mother started to bake apple pies to give to the family and her coworkers and family friends. She spent all day making pie after pie and insuring that they were all perfect.
"Mom, I'm home," I called in the direction of the kitchen, "Did anyone call for me?"
My mother emerged from the kitchen in a cloud of flour and spices. Her shoulder length dirty blond hair was kept back with a loose clip. She swept her bang out of her eyes as she eyed my rosy cheeks.
"No, Emily, no one called. You look cold; do u want some tea or anything?"
"No, I'm good. I am just going to go lay down or something. I am feeling kinda tired."
"Are you ok? Is it Jacob?" She asked, sensing the forlorn tone in my voice.
"No, we are great. He was there right on time and we just sat together and looked at the stars and talked. It was nice. I'm just a little tired. All I need is a good night's rest and I will be back to my old self." I lied. I was already on the verge of tears and I didn't want to make it worse by having to talk about it. I would tell her about my troubles when I was sure what was going on.
"Well, when you want to talk about it you know where to find me." She said, returning to her hot ovens.
I turned down the hallway and leaned my head against the cool wood of my door. Where was he? How could he have forgotten? I asked my self as I scrunched my nose to hold back the tears that tugged at the back of my eyes. It seems like he is forgetting more and more… maybe he is forgetting to love me… At the end of my last thought a tear streamed down my face and I sighed as I opened my door.
I entered my room and shut my door tightly behind me. As I unbuttoned my gray pea coat and threw it over my computer chair, I headed towards my bed. I sprawled out on the soft blankets that covered my bed. My finger traced the splashes of teal, magenta, and turquoise that decorated the warm comforter. Ever since Jacob started to work two jobs, I began to see less and less of him. We used to spend all the free time we had together in the summer, and I often missed the days that we would lock our selves up in his room, away from the world for hours at a time. We were content with him holding me close, while we watched TV, or talked, or wrestled for the remote controller. I missed the times that he would call me every night to say good night or just to see how my day was. Now that he was working two jobs, he barely had time to sleep and do his homework, let alone worry about keeping his girlfriend happy. My eyes trailed from the colors and to the phone that lay on my nightstand, waiting patiently for me to weaken and use it to call Jacob. I reached for the handset and held it in my hand for a few seconds before I began to dial Jacob's number. After four rings he answered.
"Jacob? It's Emily… where were you tonight?" I asked, trying to sound like it didn't bother me.
"Tonight? What was I supposed to do?" He asked in confusion.
"Um… it's Wednesday. I thought that we were going to meet in the park like usual." I said trying to hide the distress in my voice.
"Oh… I'm sorry… I lost track of time. I have a really big English paper due Friday, and you know that I need to do good on it so I can pass. I guess that I was working so hard that I forgot. I could leave now and meet you there… I could finish my paper tonight." Jacob offered with a note of sincerity in his voice.
"No," I said, "Don't be silly. Finish your paper and I will just see you on Friday or something I guess."
"Well, if your sure… I love you and I am sorry and I will see you soon." he answered, suddenly sounding in a hurry.
"Of course I'm sure. Get back to work and try not to stay up to late. I love you too."
I hung up the phone feeling amazingly better. I laughed at my self for thinking that he would be so as careless to forget that we were supposed to meet. He just lost track of time with his paper. He didn't forget. I am such an asshole for thinking that he would do that to me. He loves me. I thought as I smiled at the last thought. Although I knew that he had a reason to not come, I still had a tugging at my heart that said something was not quite right. It is just because I was looking forward to seeing him and I didn't get to. Maybe I will stop by his house and help him, just so I can see him and prove that I am only being a fool.
Liking my new idea, I stood up and got my coat and car keys. I stopped by the mirror next to my door to smooth my hair and reapply my eyeliner. I put on my coat, and grabbed a scarf as I remembered how chilly the night had become. I flicked off my light and headed out to the hallway.
"Mom, I'm going out. I'll be home later." I called out as I waked out the front door and to my new black Honda Civic that I had received as my present when I turned 17 in June. \
I unlocked the doors and hopped inside. I started the engine, and turned on the radio as I waited for the car to warm up. I hope that I am doing the right thing. I thought as I pulled out of the drive way and into the road.