On top of a hill
In the park of Kay Place
Sat a 16 year old girl
Dressed in white lace

Her Brilliant blue eyes
Glinted with pride
A copy of Hamlet
Lay by her side

All down her back
Cascaded gold curls
And hung round her neck
A string of white pearls

She was head of the squad
With millions of friends
She knew all the fashions
She kept with the trends

To sum it all up
In one simple word
She was cool
anything else was absurd

Sot his beautiful girl
Sat on a hill
Reading her book
Quiet and still

But the peace was disturbed
By a rustle near-by
The girl called out
But heard no reply

Then from behind a Bush
as quick as a flash
A wolf jumped the girl
She was dead with one slash

The at her funeral
The whole town arrived
Touching speeches were said
Eyes constantly dried

But lets just say
In a parrelel world
It was the same situation
But a different girl

The girl in this world
Was shy and unknown
She was the girl people picked on
She ate lunch alone

She didn't have friends
An outcast at school
She didn't know why
The kids were so cruel

These two were so different
From two different classes
One had great looks
The other wore glasses

The girl with no friends
The unpopular one
Was picked on and teased
But still her heart shone

She was kind and sweet
with plenty to say
But no-one would listen
They'd just walk away

But when she died
her funeral was bare
No speeches were made
Only her parents were there

Compare these two girls
And you can decide
should it matter how you look
Or what is inside?

So next time don't judge
A book by its cover
You never quite know,
What you may discover...

The Chocolate Chicken