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bChapter 2
Darkness Fallsb

/What's that sound? Beeping….uh oh, did I fall asleep again? Oh well, Satoru would wake me up, but why can't I open my eyes? And why do I feel so weak? \\ Tenshi slowly opened his eyes and cringed at the brightness of the room he was in; he tried to turn over but he felt found it to be extremely painful, "what's wrong with me" he groaned, returning to his original position. Soon his eyes adjusted to the brightness and he noticed that he was in a white room, no doubt a hospital.

"Oh, you're awake" Tenshi sat up slightly to see who the voice belonged to; he looked over to a kind looking woman, no doubt in her early thirties. She had long teal hair, violet eyes, and fair skin; the woman was beyond beautiful, as though she was an angel sent from the heavens. The woman smiled at him and touched his face lovingly, causing Tenshi to blush from the contact, "how are you feeling son?" she asked, sitting on the bed. Tenshi's eyes widened when the woman said son, /oh my god, she's my mother! I thought about doing my Mom! \\ the youth thought erratically and then blinked. /My mother….I thought she was dead? \\ Tenshi looked up at the woman and furrowed his brow, /she looks real, but I just don't know \\.

"Tenshi, are you all right Shisetsu?" she asked, brushing back some of the bangs that fell over his eyes. Tenshi rose his head up to her and nodded slowly; his back hurt a lot and his neck was stiff, as though he hadn't moved in a while, "Mom, what happened to me?" he asked, finally remembering her fully. The woman smiled sadly and sat back on the bed, "well, you were in class, and some of the students noticed that there was blood dripping from you to the floor, so they called the hospital. When they examined you, they found two long cuts down your back" she explained, staring at him to make sure that he understood what she had said.

"What were the cuts from?" he asked, praying that she would give him a logical explanation, but his hopes were crushed when she told him they didn't know. /That man in my dream, Ukai, could it have been true what he said to me? And if so, do I even want to know what will happen? \\ these questions and more filled the youth, and only furthered his confusion. He looked up when he heard the door to his room open slightly; the person who came in was a man around the same age as his mother, with dark blue hair and eyes the same colours as Tenshi's.

"Are you alright son?" the man, who was now obviously his father, asked while sitting down next to his wife.

"Hai, I'm fine," he said, smiling to prove that he was indeed fine and also so that he could leave the hospital and the infuriating beeping from his bedside. Tenshi's father looked at him quizzically and tried to determine how his son could be so jovial even though he had just woken up from such a bizarre ordeal

"Well that's good, you gave everyone quite a scare, especially us" his father said while he patted Tenshi's head like that of a Saint Bernard, "now what the hell happened anyway!?"

"Kouji clam down, no one knows" Ai said, glaring at the blue haired man, which caused the man to become silent and stare oddly at his son. /Okay then, I have VERY weird parents obviously \\ Tenshi thought, averting his gaze away from his father's questioning glare.

"Ah, I would like much to return home, that is unless of course I am allowed?" Tenshi asked, hoping that his parents would cave and let him leave.

"Well, the doctor did say that there isn't anything wrong with you except the marks on your back, and they seemed to be healing quickly" his mother said smiling brightly and Tenshi suddenly realized where he got that strange habit from. "So I think that if we ask, the doctor will let you leave early" Tenshi watched as his mother left in pursuit of a doctor, leaving only him and his father alone in the room.

"…so?" Kouji started looking out the door his wife had exited, "do you feel up to leaving this soon Tenshi?"

"Yes I do" he replied quickly, "I don't want to fall behind in my studies". Kouji nodded at the youth before getting up, patting his son on the head, and leaving to find his wife. As soon as his father was out of the room, Tenshi climbed out of bed and staggered over to where his clothes were resting. After a few minutes of difficulty with dressing himself due to blood loss, he managed to look presentable.

Tenshi stopped his pursuit to the outside world when the large oak door opened and a familiar man walked in. The person smiled and approached the youth with his hands in his pockets and Tenshi was unable to see the other's eyes because of the dark lenses that blessed the man's face.

"Hey Ten, you feeling any better?" the man asked taking the sun glasses off to reveal emerald green eyes that sparkled mischievously, like a small child hiding a secret.

"Oh, hello Li, um I mean Satoru" Tenshi replied scolding himself for calling the other youth by the wrong name. However the raven-haired youth paid no attention and moved closer to the pale teen before embracing the smaller youth in a comforting hug.

"Are you sure that you're okay man?" Satoru whispered in his ear causing Tenshi to shudder slightly, but the shorter man nodded and stepped away, plastering on his usual smile.

"I know you're lying Tenshi, I saw what happened"


"The blood and this" Satoru rummaged around briefly in his jacket before pulling out a long white feather speckled with blood, his blood in fact.

"I-I don't know where that came from Satoru" he lied trying his best to calm his jangled nerves at the thought that the strange dream with the man named Ukai was actually reality. Satoru lowered his head and placed the feather back into his jacket but continued to stare at the other teen.

"Well, I heard your mother asking the doctor to let you leave early and he said that you could, so that's got to be a plus ne?" he asked, placing his sun glasses back on, "so how's the hospital food?"

"I wouldn't know, I just woke up" Tenshi replied trying his best to remain happy as to not worry his friend.

Satoru smirked and walked to the window that Tenshi was standing in front of; Tenshi realized that Satoru had become quiet, something that he remembered he was nothing like. Without thinking Tenshi placed his hand on Satoru's shoulder and asked him what was wrong.

Satoru turned to him and Tenshi could see something in his eyes despite the dark lenses that hid them. The raven-haired man moved to face Tenshi and approached him slowly causing the shorter of the two to back away in caution. Tenshi stopped when he came in contact with the bedside table, cutting off any source of escape.

"S-Satoru, what are you doing?" Tenshi whispered, feeling fear creep up his spine as the tanned youth got so close to him that he could smell the cologne that clung to Satoru's body.

"Soon Chouwan you as well as the others will die" Satoru said in a low whisper, "it's impossible for you to protect them now"


"Hmm, you know that this place is not your world, why don't you realize that you pathetic child"

"Satoru, why are you saying these things!?" Tenshi asked backing away and covering his eyes from seeing any change that might come over Satoru. /Please, anyone, leave me alone! \\ Tenshi screamed out loud and thrashed out at Satoru.

"Tenshi what are you doing!?"

Stopping his actions, Tenshi opened his eyes and looked up to see that Satoru was standing in front of him about a three feet away. Shaking his head lightly, Tenshi realized that he had again spaced out into a world that wasn't his or the other Ukai had spoken of, but soon all he needed to know now, was why these strange visions came to him all of a sudden.

"Ten, what the fuck is wrong with you now?" Satoru asked, approaching the silver-headed teen, "Why is this all happening to you now? What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" Tenshi seethed, storming away from the window to sit on the bed and tie up his sneakers. Satoru sighed deeply at the reaction from Tenshi; pacing himself he walked next to Tenshi and put his hand on the other's shoulder.

"Man, you know I don't want to scare the shit out of you or anything, but I think you need help" Satoru said, searching his pockets for an object. However he ceased his efforts knowing that he would get in trouble if he started his habit in the middle of a hospital.

"Hey, Ten, come on, let's get out of here" Satoru demanded, smacking Tenshi lightly on the head and walking towards the door. Without a second thought Tenshi stood and followed Satoru out the door, passing his parents on the way out.

Once outside Satoru searched his pockets again and produced his favorite object and placed the paper to his mouth before lighting it and breathing in the nicotine smoke.

"Ah fuck, I thought you quit that?" Tenshi asked, stepping away from Satoru as he smoked contently, whom all the while smirked even as the cigarette hung limply from his lips.

"I did, but then I moved back in with my father, and all hell broke loose" Satoru stated, dropping the cigarette to the ground and stepping on it, "so I started again because it makes me content".

"So, false security?" Tenshi asked scrunching his nose in disgust as Satoru lit another cigarette.

"Yup pretty much" he responded, smirking at the other teen and taking a long drag from the tobacco product. Tenshi sighed and took the cigarette from the other man's mouth before bending the stick in two.

"If you keep it up, girls won't want to kiss you" Tenshi stated, smiling slightly at Satoru.

"Well Ten" the raven-haired you started, walking towards the silver headed man and smirking like there was no tomorrow, "what if I wasn't interested in kissing any girls?"

"Um…what do you mean?" came the shaky reply from Tenshi.

"Nothing, come on, we should get back into the hospital before someone thinks I kidnapped you"

"Um, yea, sure thing Satoru"


It was strange, the usually light cream coloured walls were warm and inviting, perfect for a teenager of any gender to feel right at home with, the thin rice paper walls to the outside allowed light to shine through slightly. However to Tenshi it seemed unlived in, and empty regardless of the many pieces of furniture that were scattered about. Tenshi stood still in the doorway, unsure of what to do at that moment; it was just too weird. Usually his room was in the back near the garden and koi pond, and he loved it, but he felt awkward being in Sennen Temple now for some reason.

"Tenshi? Is there something wrong dear?" his Grandmother asked; he shook his head and smiled at her before entering his bedroom. The elderly woman smiled sadly before sliding the door closed and walking down the hall to the kitchen where he daughter and son-in-law sat drinking tea.

"What's wrong Mom?" Ai asked looking up from her tea with concerned eyes but her mother waved to calm her and sat down.

"Well I'm a little worried about Tenshi" she replied sadly, "he doesn't seem to be himself lately, ever since his accident".

"I know, it's like he's not even that same person anymore, he's always so cautious and speaks in that odd language all the time now, his eyes have even began to change colour" Ai cried.

Kouji lifted his eyes from the table to look at his hysterical wife and the normally calm older woman.

"Miyako, did he say anything to you when he went into his room?" he asked, sipping his tea again but keeping his eyes fixated on the woman in case he missed anything.

"He just said that he was fine, and then he went in" Miyako replied stoically as she stared down the hall to the room her grandson occupied. She sighed as she remembered her grandson, when he was little and how he used to pull at her dress at Christmas in hopes of getting a treat when his mother wasn't watching. However her beloved grandchild was becoming eerie and indifferent lately, like he was unsure of whom, but oddly enough, what he was to the world.

"Oh Tenshi, what's wrong with you?" she whispered sadly as the sunset and the wind blew cold.


*iSome days I sit, staring out the window, watchin' this world pass me by
Sometimes I think there's nothin' to live for. I almost break down and cry.
Sometimes I think I'm crazy. I'm crazy, oh so crazy. Why am I here? Am I just wasting my time But then I see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy. It all makes sense when I look into her eyes

Cuz sometimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders. Everyone's leaning on me

Cuz sometimes it feels like the world's almost over, but then she comes back to mei

Tenshi sighed as the words from the American rap song by Eminem floated to his ears, /it kind of reminds me of myself \\ he thought sadly as he turned onto his back and stared at the ceiling /what is my problem lately? I can't seem to remember my life here \\.

Giving up on these thoughts for now, Tenshi closed his eyes and listened as thunder roared in the sky, indicating that a storm was brewing in the night. Rain could now be heard falling onto the cozy temple as the storm raged on. The soft patter of the water was beginning to lull the teenager to sleep, but only after he dozed off did he feel a strange presence within the room of someone or something he found that he knew.

"Hello? Is anyone here…well?" he asked calmly, keeping his eyes on every corner in the large furnished room. He could hear creeks of the floorboards outside his room, as if a stranger was lurking about on the veranda. Tenshi felt fear creep into him as a silhouette appeared on the sliding door to the outside; the figure, obviously human, reached up and with a long swipe, drew a line down the rice paper.

Tenshi gasped lightly and backed away from the door as the shadow, which had now taken on the form of a man or a demon, slashed at the paper, and crept inside the room. The silver haired youth scrambled away and tried to open the door, but strange as it was he was unable to slide the door open and the strange entity stalked closer, the things legs seemed to bend outward as it walked, as if they were broken. The thing was completely black, and white specks, almost like the look of stars swirled in the creatures black body.

"W-what are you?" the boy asked completely in shock and unable to move any further, "you're a Moktiere". The creature said nothing and advanced on Tenshi, not even making a sound, but simply stumbling along to reach its destination. Tenshi stood up and backed away to his dresser where his hands grabbed a hold of his rosary and he twinned the beads in his hand in an attempt and hope that someone would answer his prayer.

Tenshi stumbled blindly in the dark, but he still managed to keep his luminous green eyes onto the creature's sad, almost melancholy ice blue eyes. The youth stopped in his tracks as the creature approached him and stood in front of him, their faces only inches apart.

"I-I know you" Tenshi whispered, his voice light like a feather as the creature touched Tenshi's face, as if trying to remember what human skin felt like. The strange touch brought chills down the boy's spine and he watched as the shadow opened his mouth to speak and out came a sound.

iRing, ring, ringi

Green eyes snapped open and looked about the brightly lit room; the eyes focused on bright lights shining on the desk and the strange ringing sound radiated up from the machine. /It's was just a dream….and the phone woke me up from it \\ he thought slowly before dragging himself to the desk and picking up the receiver.

"Hello?" he asked, half expecting to hear a disturbing voice or a horrible wail, but instead the smooth, deep voice of Satoru was on the other end.

"Hey Ten" the raven-haired youth beamed, "I was just calling to see how you were feeling".

Tenshi sighed and laughed lightly at his stupidity, "yea I'm fine Satoru, I just, well I had a really weird dream" he replied scratching the back of his neck before lying back down onto the floor with the phone resting in the crook of his neck.

"Oh, what was it about?" Satoru asked, mischief evident in his voice, which indicated that he believed that Tenshi must have had a sexual dream.

"Nothing of that sort you little hentai" Tenshi scoffed back, eliciting a chuckle from Satoru.

"Yea, you're right Ten" was the hesitated reply, "well I better let you go, you need your rest".

"Yea, I am tired, so I'll talk to you later"

"Right, and Tenshi?"


"Be careful, and keep an eye out for what isn't normal, I worry about you man"

"I know, and thanks"

"No problem Ten, see ya"

"Good bye"

Tenshi sighed and placed the phone in its cradle before stripping down to his boxers, and putting on black sweat pants and a white, blue vertical striped shirt on. He stopped by his bed and turned on the lamp next to it and looked over at the sliding doors that led to the outside.

"What the fuck!?" he cried looking at the door and what his eyes were staring at where three long claw marks etched into the rice paper.

End chapter 2

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