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Chapter 5

The Angel Wakes

"Holy shit…..Tomoe!" I had no other words then the ones that came out of my mouth at that very moment.

I knew this man well, for most of a life that might not even be real, a dream world where I made up people that have turned to reality. The man looked at me with a bemused expression, but decided to forget Tenshi informal out burst.

"Language young man" he scolded me, even if he was smiling "I spotted you and though I'd say Hello, I haven't seen you since you were fifteen, how are you?"

"I-I'm pretty good" I replied, having no clue how I knew this man, but something about him I remembered, but not from two years ago as he said, but like I knew my entire life.

"Well, you'll be happy to know that I'm going to be teaching at your school tomorrow" he said politely, and my mind reminisced. This man I knew, but his approach and attitude was different, kinder. He was originally struggling with his life.

I had heard rumors that the suave man wasn't all he seemed to be; the stoic man was admitted into a hospital for self-mutilation after he claimed a voice was telling him to kill people.

However, the man was not as he used to be, he had received help from the doctors, allowing him to recover and return back to society, given that he take medication.

"That's great that you're teaching sir," I said, locking eyes with the man; his ice blue eyes literally froze me, there was something in them, not normal, twisted and eerie. I backed away from him, my eyes flashing angrily, something didn't feel right about him right now.

Tomoe smiled kindly again, the same as before, not threatening or evil, just kind.

"Well, I hope to see you at school tomorrow, both of you, it will be quite interesting" the older man said, then quickly left. The chill left, the only thing I felt now was this odd hollow feeling, and very tired.

"Tenshi?" I turned to Kaia, she looked scared and nervous, and she obviously felt what I had "could you feel it?"

"Feel what?" I asked, moving closer to her, like she was going to tell me a secret, so I waited patiently. She sat there, unmoving and wrung her hands nervously "Kaia, what's wrong?"

"You'll think I'm stupid…..but have you ever seen things that you can't even begin to comprehend?" she asked, looking away, not wanting to see my reaction right away "I mean, like visions of disturbing things, not from this time".

"You see those sort of things also?" I asked, not believing what I was hearing. So she the visions as well, but did she actually feel them like me? Kaia stared long at me, processing what she was hearing. She put her head down and covered her ears with her delicate hands.

"I not only see these visions…. I live them Tenshi" so, she was like me, seeing things that are impossible to believe, but still somehow exist "these visions…. They're so horrible".

"Tell me what you see" I asked, narrowing my eyes, wanting to know every thing I could about her visions, and I doubt that they were good. She tensed up at first, but eventually calmed, taking her time to remember every detail.

"Alright, it started with me, standing in a charred field and the only sounds were that of the wind" she started, looking at me to see if I was paying attention "It was pitch black, but then this bright light came from somewhere on the ground. I ran to it, wanted to know what it was for, and when I got there I saw you".

"Me?" she nodded, staring into my calming green eyes with her blazing amber ones "what do I have to do with your dream?"

"You stood there silently, with pure white wings coming out of your back" she explained further, pointing to my back "you then slowly turned to me and reached out your hand…. I wanted to run to you but I couldn't, and I never had a chance anyway. This huge mass of flames came out and soon this horrid beast was there".

A horrid beast…no, it couldn't be the same one from my dream, could it? I remembered something now…. A strange man, using another as a vessel to gain strength, turned into a large beast, but who was the vessel? Does he see these visions as well?

"The large demon swung at you, but you easily evaded it" she prattled on "however, he managed to get you and crush you in his hand, you didn't even scream. He opened his hand, but your body wasn't there anymore, only lone white feathers; soon the demon unleashed wave after wave of fire. I felt the flames, cooking my skin, causing thousands of blisters all marring my body, making my skin melt off until the flames charred my bones…. And that was all I felt, like I had died, until I finally woke up".

"Kaia, don't worry it was all just a dream" I assured her, but was silenced when she turned teary amber eyes to me, blazing like the flames she had described "Kaia?"

"It wasn't a dream Tenshi! I know this because look!" she pulled her sleeve down to show her arm. It was packed in gauze and bandages; she removed the wrappings and showed me her arm, I wish she hadn't. Her ivory skin was burned horribly, the black skin cracked and bled as her arm trembled. She hastily wrapped it back up, the air irritating it too much for comfort.

"Just a dream Tenshi…I think not, there's something more to this then we think, and I know it's going to kill us"

***Later that day***

He couldn't get the sight out his head; it was so real that he couldn't deny what he had seen and heard. It was similar to the incident in class with his back, he felt it in his dreams, the searing pain of being ripped in half, the crimson essence spilled on the obsidian ground as the strange man stared down at him with calm aqua eyes.

"Oi, Tenshi!" he didn't have to turn to know who it was, it was Satoru coming over to him. He didn't stop though, he continued on his way knowing the other man would catch up to him. The other youth managed to reach up to the erratic pace of the other teen and wondered what was wrong with his friend.

"Satoru, do you see visions?" Tenshi asked in a hauntingly monotone voice that made Satoru shiver. Satoru thought for a moment, did he see visions? Did his dreams count then? They were pretty screwed up though.

"Well, I have strange recurring nightmares that leave me in a cold sweat" he said stopping when he saw the look on Tenshi's face. It was chilling and unnerved Satoru greatly; the only time he had seen that sort of face was in a horror movie.

"Satoru, tell me what was your dream about!?" Tenshi asked, shaking Satoru roughly, needing to know every detail possible. The ebony haired youth nodded grabbing Tenshi's hands to cease the shaking.

"Okay, um well there's this huge explosion of fire and this demon creature holding what looks like an angel in his hand, but I was so far away I couldn't see it" Satoru began, feeling a little strange about regaling this dream. "There's nothing left, the only thing that is standing now are the skeletons of the ones that were hit by the flames, nothing more. I'm still alive though, but soon all the corpses move, coming at me instead. I try to fight them off but there are so many of them".

Tenshi leaned against the wall, listening to the story of Satoru's dream, processing everything for later use.

"Then, something else happens…a man with black wings comes towards me, his skin is cut and bruised, and his dark hair covers most of his face making it so I can't see him clearly but I know he is not a man. He commands the bodies to kill me…. They are on me all over and I can feel their hands grabbing at me, slicing at my flesh, until they disemboweled me, and the last thing I see is the confident smirk of the winged man".

"Hmm, that's very disturbing Satoru, are you ever scarred when you wake up?" he asked quizzically, approaching the older man. Satoru nodded and pulled back the collar of his shirt enough so that two long red marks could easily be seen from his neck down to his chest.

"They almost got me this time" he whispered, putting his clothes back in place "Listen, I have to get going Tenshi, but don't tell my mom about this, it will just worry her okay?"

Before Tenshi could answer Satoru had left, leaving Tenshi all alone to think about what he was being told about.

/Is this all just some horrible coincidence? Or is it something else? \\ Tenshi thought as he slowly made his way home, not even worrying that the sun was setting /the burn on Kaia's arm, the scratches on Satoru's neck and the claw marks on my door, could these all be related? \\

~*That night: Ishu Household*~

"Kaia!" a woman with long, flowing brown hair stood at the top of the stairs and called down her daughter "Kaia!? Are you home sweetheart?"

"Yes Mom" the said girl replied, looking at her arm and shaking; the burn that she had shown Tenshi just that afternoon was now nothing more than a red spot on her arm. She checked the bandages and the only thing on it was a little bit of blood, no black pieces of charred skin like before.

"Kaia! Come here for a second please!" her mother asked; Kaia sighed, throwing out the bandages and heading downstairs to see that her mother was dressed up and ready to go out.

"Wow, you look beautiful Mom" Kaia said sincerely watching as her mother Akina fastened her earrings on and smoothed out her dress.

"Thank you dear, your father and I are going out tonight, so I need you to watch Sorata" Akina said, grabbing her purse "he can stay up until 9:00 on account of the weekend, but then it's straight to bed and he can have ice cream if he's good okay?"

Kaia nodded and watched as her father came from the living room, dressed nicely and opened the door for his wife. The couple waved to their daughter and left, leaving just the two siblings alone.

"Neechan, where did Mama go?" Sorata asked from the top of the stairs.

"She went out with Dad tonight, so it's just the two of us" she explained; Sorata smiled and ran to his sister, jumping up and down like he was on a sugar high.

"Can I play games please! Keitaro gave me a new one to try, please, please, please Neechan!" Sorata pleaded, still jumping up and down again, until Kaia had to stop him.

"Okay, but don't tell mom" the little boy squeaked with happiness and ran into the living room, nearly knocking down lamps in an attempt to get to his Playstation 2 as fast as he could.

"Sora-chan! What do you want for dinner?" Kaia yelled from the kitchen, going through what was expired or fuzzy.

"I want pizza!" he yelled from the living room, and Kaia busied herself with making the meal as her brother played. Sorata waited until he could hear his sister moving around in the kitchen before opening the game Silent Hill 2 that his friend had borrowed from his older brother.

The little boy laughed at his great luck, he knew that he should play as quickly as possible since he was more than likely going to get caught by Kaia anyway. He hastily turned on the television ready to turn on his game when the picture on the screen caught his attention.

The picture looked old and was yellow with age; the background was pitch black, and there was nothing else about the screen, it wasn't even moving. Sorata moved forward, finally seeing that the woman in the picture was moving closer to the screen each time he blinked, until the woman's face took up the entire screen.

Sorata watched as the woman mouthed the words "Hello Sora-chan"; his eyes widened and he backed away slightly, but the woman's face still got closer to the screen.

"Neechan!" he called, looking to the kitchen and back to the screen to see that the woman now had a 3D effect to her. Kaia meanwhile placed the frozen pizza on a pan and was about to turn the oven on when she heard her brother's distressed voice.

She was about to ignore it when he yelled to her again, this time his voice cracking and scared. She ran out and saw what had frightened him and she couldn't help but scream.

The television was warped and the image on the screen was getting closer to her brother. She quickly ran to her brother and pulled him away from the screen. Soon she watched in horror as the woman started to tremble.

Kaia watched as the woman's skin began to crack and bleed and soon it was melting off in large chunks, falling onto the white carpet of the house. Sorata screamed as the woman began to slowly decay; Kaia screamed just as loud and covered her brother's eyes as the woman continued to fall apart, leaving only muscle tissue hanging off the yellow skull beneath.

"Neechan!" Sorata cried, still able to see the woman through his sister's fingers as the screen manifested itself as into a real arm, reaching out to the two siblings. The woman in the screen began to fall out of the television as Kaia moved back, holding her brother close.

"What do you want!?" Kaia screamed, standing up, holding her brother close as he screamed in terror as the woman was now on her knees, crawling closer to the two. The corpse reached up and managed to grab Sorata's shirt; Kaia grabbed one of the lamps on the table and smashed it across the woman's head and hastily ushered her brother to the door.

Just as they were about to leave the glass in the living room shattered and they were able to catch a glimpse of a strange looking black creature thrashing about. Kaia grabbed her brother's arm and ran out of the house, seeing that there wasn't just one black creature trying to get into the house and after them.

The siblings ran from the house, knowing that soon the strange monsters would some for them.

"Kaia, where can we go!?" Sorata cried, holding his sister's hand so tight that she was losing circulation, but she didn't care.

/I don't know! Why is this happening to me! \\ her mind screamed as she heard the high pitched wails from the strange black creatures /Where can I go! \\

"Neechan! Over there!" Sorata yelled, pointing to Sennen Temple. Kaia immediately felt relief and ran to the house. She saw black shadows stretch across the walls and yellow eyes peering out at her as she got to the door to the shrine gate.

"Neechan hurry!" Sorata screeched as the shadowy figures loomed closer to them, their claws scraping against the concrete walls. Just before he creature could swipe at Kaia she managed to break the lock to the door and get in.

"TENSHI!" she screamed as she ran to the door, hoping that someone was home and would hear her cries. She banged on the door relentlessly, looking back to make sure nothing was coming; she screamed again as the creatures began to climb over the wall and advance towards her.

Tenshi opened the door quickly upon hearing screams and was surprised when Kaia fell into his arms, hyperventilating, as was Sorata. Kaia screamed again and Tenshi finally saw what she was looking at.

/The creature from my dream! \\ He thought, pulling the two Ishu siblings into the house /this can't be happening! \\.

Tenshi closed the door quickly, making sure to lock it tight before he found a pile of barrier spells on the table and placed them around the door to ward off the demons.

The three of them moved away as the door was being pounded on relentlessly by the demons, and a loud screech from the old woman could be heard on the other side of the door.

"Kaia, what's going on?" Tenshi asked, looking at the petrified girl and her brother. Kaia just shook her head, shaking from head to toe "Kaia?"

"The souls of the dead are coming into this world" all three people turned to see the mysterious Ukai leaning on the doorframe, staring at them with calm eyes.

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Tenshi asked, grabbing the rose haired man's collar, demanding to know what he was going on about. Ukai smiled slightly, removing the other man's grip from his neck and throwing him back.

"Don't you see yet Tenshi, all these visions, all these demons, they're people and events that are happening now in our world" Ukai said curtly, advancing on the silver haired youth. "This world is nothing more than a façade, it doesn't exist, all you're doing is prolonging the inevitable, you're not saving them Tenshi, you're killing them!"

"Shut up! I'm sick of what you're saying! None of this makes any god damn sense to me!" Tenshi yelled, moving away from the wall and ready to attach Ukai if need be "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Remember the people on the ground, staring at you as Akuryou squeezed the very life out of you!?" Ukai barked back, standing his ground "You yourself said Please don't let them die, Mihara terou okatou misara... please, save them, Remember?!"

It hit Tenshi like a ton of bricks, he remembered now, the single prayer that he was told brought his thoughts back, reminding him of what he had done when he hoped to save everyone.

"Now I remember…. So, all these creatures are because of some spell I cast?" he asked; Ukai nodded and pulled back his cloak. He withdrew a long sheath and sword.

"A gift from home" Ukai said, tossing the sword to Tenshi, whom caught it with ease. He pulled the blade from the sheath and remembered it as the one that he and Kaia had fought with, the one that they had purchased that day Satoru, no Li, was challenged to a fight.

"Now, those creatures that you're seeing won't disappear, if anything they'll get worse, but until then, use this to ward them off until it's time to go back, so fight" Ukai demanded, walking back to where he was before.

"Tenshi, what is he talking about?" Kaia asked, hugging her trembling brother as close as she possibly could "why does that look so familiar?"

Tenshi was about to respond when a hand came through the door, trying to grab at Kaia and Sorata, whom both screamed in union. On sheer impulse Tenshi unsheathed the sword and sliced off the appendage coming through the door.

The silver haired youth didn't hesitate, he opened up the door and ran out, despite the warnings from Kaia. When he got outside he saw dozens of the demon creatures coming closer to the house and all looked the same except the strange woman from the TV.

"OH YEA! Look at that Tenshi" the said boy looked to the source of the voice was saw who it was and glared at the assailant "did you miss me?"

"Mizu! What the hell is all this!? I thought you wanted to help me?" Tenshi yelled to his lookalike.

"What makes you think I brought them here? I simply followed them from the archer's house" Mizu beamed, sitting on the shrine walls and smiling as the creatures advanced closer "now, you best be stopping them Tenshi"

"Ass, I thought you were a good person!" he managed to just dodge one of the creatures before it could claw at him.

"I am a good person Tenshi, and I told you before I'm not responsible for these demons, you are" Mizu replied, watching the other boy with inquisitive crimson eyes and saw a demon ready to attack Tenshi from behind.

Tenshi had not noticed the demon sneaking up behind him, but instead continued to cut through the others with the silver blade that he wielded. The black mattered creature leapt at the unsuspecting youth just as he turned around.

However, the creature never got to his destination, he had exploded into a black mist, nothing being left behind. Mizu smirked and pulled his hand back, seeing that it still held some of the black mist from the creature.

"Mizu?" the said man smiled at Tenshi's expression, relishing in his reaction.

"I couldn't very well let you get hurt now could I?" he asked, regarding the boy briefly before another demon came at them, which he destroyed effortlessly. Together Tenshi and Mizu had managed to rid the entire temple from the demons, but the strange woman was no where to be seen.

"She's gone, but she'll be back" Mizu stated, heading towards the house, with a confused Tenshi following "they always come back, don't they?"

Kaia's jaw nearly dropped when she saw a man that looked exactly like Tenshi step through the door and smirk at her "Hello" he said seductively, which was matched with a glare.

"Well, I think they're gone for now" Ukai said to Kaia more than anyone else "so, you guys can go home".

Kaia's eyes widened; she reached over and grabbed Ukai by the throat "there is no fucking way I'm going back home now!" she screamed at him, shaking him violently.

"Kaia, calm down, just stay here with me," Tenshi said, placing his hand on her shoulder. Relief washed over the hotheaded girl at the request. Tenshi smiled and led the girl into one of the many spare bedrooms, but she tensed upon entering it, she didn't like the idea of being alone.

Just before Tenshi could leave the room, Kaia reached over and grasped his shirt, holding it tightly and forbidding him to leave "Please, don't leave me alone" she pleaded, shaking slightly and still holding her sobbing brother.

"Okay, um…then you can stay in my room with me, but we need to put more scrolls on the doors just in case" he explained, hanging the pieces of paper on the doorframes and windows.

Kaia joined in and started to apply the scrolls all over the house, not missing a single crack in the door. Sorata watched his sister run about the house, putting little slips of paper all around. His vision traveled to Tenshi, he was leaning on the door examining the sword the man Ukai had given him.

"Okay, that's all of them," Kaia said, sitting down next to Mizu, whom smirked and moved closer to her. She looked between Tenshi and the darker half, seeing how much they resembled each other "so, what's all this about?"

"Well, Tenshi is actually an ancient warrior angel known as a Chouwan, Mizu is actually one of the Chouwan gods but his real name is Yuusha, I'm just a half-breed sent back to get him and you're actually an archer" Ukai explained as if it was nothing.

"What the shit! I do not believe that!" Kaia yelled, pushing Mizu off her, making his attempts to grope her futile "There's no way!"

"Well, whether you believe it or not Kaia, until the day of the festival when Tenshi goes back, those creatures will continue to show up they kill you and Tenshi" Ukai stated, standing over her and glaring "you, Tenshi, Mizu, and even I cannot stop it"

Kaia backed down, looking at the people in the room; she knew somewhere deep in her heart that what Ukai said was true, she just hoped that nothing unfortunate would happen until that time.

"Alright…..what do we do now?" she asked, making Ukai smile sadly.

"We stay alive…"

End of Chapter 5

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