A Little Magic...

Where has all the magic gone?
Where could it have went?
Could it be it just moved on?
Or is it all spent?

Where have all the pixies gone?
That shimmered in the eve
And danced all night from dusk to dawn.
Does no one else believe?

Where have all the dragons gone?
With their pride and might?
Who's menacing, ferocious yawn
Has disappeared from sight.

Where have all the witches gone?
Who now will cast the spell?
Or chant he secret witch's song,
Who now? I cannot tell.

Where have all the wizards gone?
With their books of lore?
Secrets they have kept so long
Are gone forevermore.

Where have all the dreamers gone?
With all their creations?
No one knows, but they passed on
A gift...imagination