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Courtney pulled her bruised, left hand through her ear-length dyed jet black hair. She let out a big sigh and tried to relax. It's not like he's Brad Pitt, She tried to tell herself. And it was true, but she knew she was more nervous around him than she would be around Mr. Pitt himself.

Sitting on the other side of the club, alone no less, was Dory Sullivan. This wasn't just some guy she had a crush on, this was Dory. The 29-year old lead singer and guitar player from the most popular local band anybody could name, Writing Pharaoh.

Dory was backed up by Jake Lachman on bass guitar and Bryant Jenson on the drums. They were younger, and attractive themselves... But something about Dory made Courtney's insides scream.

She stood on the other side of the room, just staring at what she could see of his eyes from across the room. She was completely lost in them.

Only a few days earlier, she'd been at their concert. She could still feel Dory's passion and hear his voice singing.

I'm sorry Helen for the hell that I caused
I'm sorry for breaking up your happy home
You know I never meant to make you scream
But your voice is all I'll ever need
I swear I never planned on breaking you apart
I was gonna grow up
I was gonna get along
I'm sorry Helen for the hell that I caused
I'm sorry for corrupting your perfect vision
You know I never meant to make you cry
But you're like an angel; takes me to the sky
I swear I never planned on wasting your heart
I was gonna grow up
I was gonna get alone
I was gonna grow up
I was gonna get alone
It's gonna be hell without you, Helen

Courtney remembered the performance of that song, and how perfect every note was. Writing Pharaoh was an amazing live band, and that was rarer than people realized.

She finally took a step forward and started walking towards Dory. She needed to talk to him, it felt like something she was meant to do.

She pulled a chair back from the otherwise empty table he was sitting at, and sat down across from him. Dory looked up at her but didn't say anything. He took a sip of his beer and set it back down.

"You're not surrounded by groupies," Courtney regretted her observation as she said it.

He looked up again and smiled this time. "Nah, I don't go in for groupies." Hinting to her, he whispered, "Most of them know that."

Courtney laughed, "Nope, I'm not a groupie. I'm not pretty enough, anyway."

"Sure you are," He laughed, "Groupies aren't usually all that beautiful anyway."

Courtney laughed too. "So, what are you doing here anyway?" She asked, still in shock at her own good fortune of having run into him.

"Drinking like a rock star," He joked, but Courtney realized it was partly true.

"How about Jake and Bryant? Where are they?"

Dory shrugged, his beautiful brown eyes and shaggy dark brown hair screaming at Courtney to stay cool. "Practicing, probably. I don't need to do that as much as they do. They were so off last night. And the night before."

"They're messing it up, yeah. But you're amazing. You have so much passion. When I saw you singing Helen a few days ago, I was completely blown away. The rest of the songs were so intense too." Courtney stopped when she realized she was starting to sound too much like a crazy fan. That wasn't who she wanted to be. "As an artist myself, I can totally relate to that."

"You're an artist?" He asked.

"I write." She said. "Mostly short stories and poems and things like that... they're not great, but I completely connect when somebody else has that kind of passion. It's such a rush."

"That it is," He agreed, taking another sip of his drink. "And what brings you to a place like that? You couldn't be drinking, I doubt you're 21..."

"I'm not. Well, I'm 19. I really just didn't have anything else to do, that's all. I just started college, so I don't really know anybody yet."

He smiled at her, "You know me."

"Yeah, I guess I do."

Dory finished his beer, and put a twenty down on the table. "That'll cover my tab," He told her, standing up. "Hey, why don't you come back to my place with me? We could talk."

Courtney's heart sank and she was really uncomfortable, "Oh, I don't do stuff like that... I mean, I don't really know you."

"Hey, relax, we could just talk, like I said. We don't have to do anything." He assured her.

Courtney wanted nothing more than to spend the night talking to Dory Sullivan, so she agreed.

She got in the passenger side of his car and felt goosebumps down her back. She was in Dory's car. It felt like a dream. A beautiful dream, the kind that never came true.

They talked about music the entire way there, and Courtney couldn't stop rambling about how much she loved Dory's stage presence.

Getting out of the car, she looked up at Dory's apartment building. It was plain on the outside, not what she expected. Although she had to remind herself that no matter how popular they were, they were still local talent. Not many people outside of Atlanta had heard of them.

They stepped inside the building and rode the elevator to the second to the top floor of the building. They got out silently and Dory used his key to get into the room marked 801.

The place was bigger than Courtney had expected. It was nice and neat, she couldn't picture a rock star living there. She immediately sat down on the sofa sitting near the entrance and leaned back a little bit.

Dory stood in the kitchen part of the huge main room, and grabbed two beers from the refrigerator. He walked back to the sofa where Courtney was seated, and sat down next to her. He handed her one of the beers and opened his own and took a sip almost instantly.

Courtney held her bottle in her hands, leaning over her folded knees. She didn't open it.

"Do you want to hear one of my poems?" Courtney asked, realizing neither of them had said anything yet.

"Sure," Dory answered as he leaned in and started to kiss her neck. At first, Courtney didn't respond.

Still talking, she told him, "Alright, I've got this one called Firefly that I really like..." Dory wasn't responding, he just kept kissing her neck.

Courtney stopped talking then, and found herself kissing him back. His mouth moved from her neck to her mouth, and they were both kissing each other. Pushing her backward, Dory started to get on top of Courtney and started to take her top off.

Immediately, Courtney's hands rushed to stop him. She pulled her shirt back down, and grabbed his hands. "Come on, stop it. I told you I didn't want to do this."

Dory didn't listen. His gentle touch suddenly became hard and forceful, and he held her arms down. "But you really do."

"No, I don't! Stop it!" Courtney tried to fight back as hard as she could, but Dory was stronger than she was. He was violent in a sudden flash, and she couldn't stop him from forcing himself on her.

"Stop it!" She screamed again, but then realized her words were falling on deaf ears.