Disclaimer: This story is mine all mine. And you can't have it. So there. : P Just kidding.

Authors Note: Well, this might be a little stupid but just read it anyways. I say yep a lot. And don't take things personally in this story. Bye. ~_^

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and Amania was home alone. She had a sore throat so she had to stay home. Her family was out and about doing who knows what so she was having a little conversation with herself like she always finds herself doing when she's alone.

Amania: Rain, rain, come and stay. So you can fill up our reservoirs.

Voice: Uh. Ok. Sure, whatever.

Amania: *Sigh* Well, I'm bored.

Voice: Obviously.

Amania: Shut up.

Voice: Make me.

Amania: Grrrrr..

Voice: Ha, ha, ha. You can't make me. I'm just a little voice inside your head.

Amania: Whatever.

Voice: What now, what now!?

Amania: Don't turn into Stephanie.

Voice: I'm not. But I can sound like her, now can I?

Amania: I already know that.

Voice: Ok, then.

Amania: I'm still bored.

Voice: Well, blah, blah, blah.

Amania: This could be a fanfic.

Voice: Only you could come up with an idea like that.

Amania: yep. That could be my catch phrase.

Voice: Actually, it would be The Dark Enchantress's catch phrase.

Amania: Well, It's a minor technicality. So what?

Voice: Suit yourself.

Amania: *sigh* Like anyone would read it.

Voice: Yep. Cause you suck.

Amania: Well I don't know if I suck, they just don't give me any great descriptive reviews.

Voice: Well, You can't ask for much from your reviewers.

Amania: I guess so.

Voice: Yep.

Amania: Oh well. Oh, and look, my parents are back.

Voice: Ah, I see. Looks like the end is here.

Amania: Yep. I guess I'll talk to ya later.

Voice: Yep. Bye. 'Till next time.