A/N: This is supposed to be from a kid's point of view. It's also supposed to be (kind of) funny, sad, and maybe even sweet. It's based off of a true story which, fortunately, did not happen to me. ;P

~ blue rain cloud


I watched Sally go away. She was my babysitter. She told me to be good. I decided to play with Hamster. Sam said that was good. He said he made up a new game. We wrapped Hamster up in shiny silver and put him the microwave. Sam pushed a button and a light went on. Hamster spinned around and around. I think he must have gotten dizzy because he stopped moving. The room started to smell funny and Hamster falled apart. Sally came back in. She didn't say anything, but then she started to scream and yell when Sam took out Hamster and played with him. He falled apart more. I guess Sally didn't really know it was Hamster, so I told her. She screamed even more and put Hamster in the trash can. I guess he was broke, like my truck. She told me and Sam to go to the bathroom and wash our hands. We had to go to the corner after that. Sally got to stay in the kitchen. She picked up the other parts of Hamster and washed the whole room-the ceiling and everything! It took a long time. I got really bored and me and Sam played trucks. Sally came back in. She was really mad. I asked her if we could fix Hamster and she cried a little bit. She said she's sorry and she knew it's hard, but Hamster's gone. I nodded, but I thought Sally was silly. Mommy could always take me to the store and buy a new one. Sally just doesn't understand sometimes.