Title: Gorgeous Author: Me...^_^ Rating: PG-13...a little cussing, nothing big Comments: Please, I need reviews! I thrive on reviews! I own nothing in the story except the characters.

He's my best friend. He's my beautiful best friend. He's my best friend that is supposedly clueless to the fact that his other male best friend is totally lusting after his body. You followin'? Doesn't matter anyhow. You'll understand as I go.

His name's Josh, my beautiful best friend. No last name...I have to protect him don't I? He's blonde, slim, effeminate, gorgeous and the oblivious heart throb of the school. Everyone agrees he's probably one of the best looking guys in the school and I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Even the straightest guys I've known have been known to say, "Josh? Yeah, he is a pretty good lookin' guy.'' 'Pretty good lookin'' my ass. The boy was simply gorgeous. The kicker? He doesn't even know it.

We used to play basketball together. I could kick his ass from one end of the court to the other but it never deterred him from the game. He breathed basketball. All 5'10" of him. He doesn't play it now. I got him hooked on baseball. The practice spandex is killing me. I notice it's killing a ton of people. Mostly the female persuasion but a few males too. Yep...not the only one lusting after his gorgeous ass. Back it up, Maddy, he's mine.

"Jeremy?" Ah, the object of my thoughts in the flesh. I squint up at him, damn Kansas sun. "You all right?" His southern drawl is so damn sexy when he's tired.

"Yep, just thinking." He cocks one beautiful blue eye.

"Well everyone is leaving, you ready?"

"Yeah." I stand up out of my catcher's squat and follow him off the field. We stop at my car. Nothing much to look at really, a black '97 Toyota. I'm kind of embarrassed by it really. Josh has got this tight silver Benz. His parents are so fucking rich it's scary. If they ever found out...I shudder.

"Cold?" Josh leans against the car staring at me.

"How could I be cold? It's fucking ninety-two out here." I bite my lip at how harsh that came out.

"Well excuse me for asking." Josh shrugs and turns toward the predictably unlocked passenger door. I know it didn't bother him but I still feel kind of guilty for snapping. Throwing my gear into the trunk, I move quickly to the driver's side and settle behind the wheel.

"I'm sorry," I whisper. Even his profile is gorgeous. You know what? I use gorgeous to describe him quite a bit, don't I? But it's really the only way to aptly describe him and if you don't like it I suggest you quit readin' now, 'cause I'm going use it a lot more.

"For what?" He cocks his head at me.

"Never mind," I wave him off. "Where to?"

"Home." He points in the general direction of my house. I turn the key and burn out of the school's lot. My house is only a couple of miles from the school but baseball turned to out to be a great excuse for a car.

We ride along, mostly in silence, only breaking the quiet for singing a few bars of whatever song that comes on the blaring radio. I park against the curb in front of my house and turn the car off to comfortable silence. We both sit there, staring out the windshield, reveling in the peacefulness that has consumed us. I love this car.

Josh shifts slightly and lays a hand on top of mine, and he lightly strokes the skin between my thumb and forefinger. "Jeremy, I love you, " he whispers and leans towards me. I meet him half way and my world suddenly narrows to a pinpoint containing Josh and only Josh. His lips are warm and loose against mine, a thinly veiled invitation, which I gladly accept. My tongue gently touches his and he groans. I love his groans. We take it slow and I slowly withdrawal, nibbling on his lower lip. Pulling back farther, I gently suck on it and finally let him go.

"I love you too." I brush his cheek with the back of my hand. He grins shyly and pulls back to open the passenger door. I, too, get out of the car, this time locking it, and follow him to the front door. I hand Josh the keys and he unlocks the door and heads for the stairs leading to my room. I step into the foyer. "Mom? Dad?" No one answers. Good. I push Josh up the stairs and toward my room.

"Eager aren't we?" An impish grin crosses his face.

"Sorry to disappoint but I'm tired, I just want to cuddle and then sleep." I fall on to the bed and he falls next to me.

"Alright." Josh lies beside me and curls instinctively into my arms. He reaches up and brushes a hand through my black hair. Smiling, he brings his hand down to grip mine, fingers curling together. I bring our hands to lie between us and gently nudge his head underneath my chin.

God, he's gorgeous.